Zombie Lanterns, Hayo!

Know what I love? Kittens. Sunshine. Chocolate Ice cream. Zombies.

Yes indeed, zombies and zombie heads are rad in general, but these crafty-as-a-beaver Zombie Lanterns are the best. And so easy to make. Just get a rubber mask of your favorite deposed political leader, spray paint their face, strap it over a pumpkin, and BLAMO you are ready to go.

If I really had my act together, I would have made ten of these and strung them from the porch rafters come Halloween night. Trick-or-treaters love scary swinging zombie heads. Love them.

Say, why not take this to next level? Swap the electric candle for a low/no heat LED light bulb and keep it on display all year round.  Nothing keeps the home fires burning like Richard Nixon’s zombie head on your night stand. Nothing.

Don’t like zombies? OK, what’s wrong with you? Oh, I get it. Well, a Yoda lantern might look awesome too.  

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    I have a creepy baby head strapped to a weird pedestal right now. I’ll be adding a light behind it tonight! Fantastically scary, Peaches. I love it, as always.

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    love it. p.s. we have the same pumpkin bucket, and guess what? it was made in the USA!

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    BAhaha that is hilarious! I have a soft spot for zombies too, the best costume the hubs and I ever did was when we went as zombies last year. we legitimately scared a few people LOL. This year however we’re going with another couple as a Mariachi Band! Will be epic 🙂

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    “Nothing keeps the home fires burning like Richard Nixon’s zombie head on your night stand.”
    Please use that quote as a months motto once, will you? 🙂

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