It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas.

My Aunt Annie and Uncle Tom live on the edge of a river overlooking a small, school bus sized island covered with evergreens and marsh grass. Yup. It’s amazing. For years, my cousin John has talked about decorating one of the trees with Christmas lights. Great idea, right? But, as you can imagine, running electrical […]

Giftwrap Challenge: Plastic Bags

 I’m not buying any wrapping paper this year. Stop by every Monday until New Years for an easy gift wrap idea featuring everyday items. Despite my best efforts to bring my own reusable shopping bags, I always accumulate plastic bags. Always. They are good for scooping kitty litter, but not much else. What to do? […]

Wearable Muppet Flair

Today is the day! You can now see The Muppets in movie theaters across the USA. Who is going tonight? If you are cooking up a turkey storm for tomorrow, I’m guessing the answer is no.  If you aren’t doing the cooking for tomorrow, I suggest you do the cook a favor and get out […]

Muppet Party

Muppet Baby Shower anyone? I know. Amazing stuff right? The food, the decorations, the Rainbow Connection cake, the KERMIT PINATA. Wow and WOW! All of these projects come from one of my new favorite bloggers, Alicia Policia — you have to check out the full posts on her site. Prepare to be amazed!  Original images […]

Rebecca’s Muppet Wonderland

My heart be still, THE MUPPETS ARE ALMOST HERE! I have been waiting for months, no, years for the return of my beloved friends. It’s been far too long. And the day is almost here.   It’s time to play the music. It’s time to Light the lights…In celebration of this momentous occasion, I am […]

Happy Weekend

The trees are bare but the Screcrow is still standing. I fear this weekend marks the end of Fall. Sigh. Winter, you better be nicer than last time.   

Scented Pinecones 101

This is one of those super easy craft projects that I assume everyone learned in kindergarden, or girlscouts, or from their Aunt with the exceptionally long nose hair. You know the one. However, I see folks buying these things at the grocery store for $5.00 a bag. It takes all my might and muster not […]

Conversations on Christmas: Pajaki

Pajki ornament. Museum of Science and Industry, December 2010 Real Conversation Between Myself and a Co-worker Over Lunch Today         So, any big plans for making holiday decorations this year? Yes! I am determind to make a pajaki. Maybe out of water bottles. Or cardboard. I’m still deciding.      What’s pajaki? It’s a traditional Polish spiderweb.  […]

Heart the Hedgehog

I love hedgehogs. Less than I love possums, but perhaps even more than I like beavers. So that says a lot. Tangent: Beavers are rad. And dangerous. And industrious. If you are a Netflix subscriber, watch this sometime. Last spring I predicted chickens would be the new owl, but now I think I was wrong. […]