Conversations on Christmas: Pajaki

Pajki ornament. Museum of Science and Industry, December 2010

Real Conversation Between Myself and a Co-worker Over Lunch Today
      So, any big plans for making holiday decorations this year?

Yes! I am determind to make a pajaki. Maybe out of water bottles. Or cardboard. I’m still deciding.

     What’s pajaki?

It’s a traditional Polish spiderweb. 

      Why would you want Polish spiderwebs for Christmas? 

The spiderweb isn’t for me, it’s for the baby Jesus.


The baby Jesus comes in the Christmas tree and scares out all the spiders, leaving behind a beautiful web of paper flowers. You hang it from your ceiling.


      You are making that up.

No. It’s true.

      That’s crap.

No. Serious. I read all about it. 


In a craft magazine. Or something.

     Hate to tell you, but I’m a lot better versed in the whole Christmas thing than you are, and I am pretty sure there was no Biblical mention of Jesus scaring out the spiders, and I’m positive there was no mention of paper flowers.

No, I’m serious. Look at these pictures of pajakis on the Polish Christmas tree at the Museum of Science and Industry last year (I pull out my phone–see photos above and below)

      Those are nice. Where are the spiderwebs?

Those ARE the spiderwebs.

      No, those are candy or chandeliers or something.

They are candy spiderwebs.

      So let me get this straight: On Christmas Eve, the baby Jesus comes up the Christmas tree and scares out the spiders and leaves behind miniature candy chandeliers.


      So you are going to make a candy chandelier, but out of water bottles or cardboard, not candy, and hang it from your ceiling.



  1. storagegeek says

    Your patience knows no bounds.

  2. Jamie Seibert says

    LOL tell her there are COUNTLESS Christmas traditions and stories that aren’t in the bible and she should get her ignorant head out of her ass. Santa and his elves aren’t in there for one… the German pickle ornament tradition is another….

  3. says

    Well, what do you know. I’ve seen these but didn’t know what they were.

  4. says

    Delectable and funny! Oh, definitely, you must make pajakis. I think you need to make one extra for this doubter. Merry Xmas, doubter!

  5. mary jo at Trustyourstyle says

    You never fail to disappoint me with your craftiness, and of course my inner lazy diy-er is completely inspired…but lazy. I really want to make one of these though!
    xo Mary Jo

  6. says

    That. Is. An. Awesome. Conversation. Hee-hee! Last year I made my pajaki from pixy stick wrappers and cupcake liners. This year it’s gonna be newsaper all the way!

  7. PeachesFreund says

    PHOTO? Me want photo! Me want photo!

  8. April Cole says

    These look fantastic!
    Nothing better than handmade tree ornaments of all kinds *hugs*

  9. Vixie says

    They are incredible – I cannot wait to try my hand at making some this year – and looking forward to seeing yours too! Perhaps we could do a pajaki swapsie!?

  10. says

    Too funny! I love the straws…that would definitely be welcome on our Christmas tree!

  11. Kathryn says

    LOL…can’t wait to see your non-candy pajki!

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