Gift Wrap Challenge: Cardboard Tube Tuffets

I’m not buying any wrapping paper this year. Stop by every Monday until New Years for an easy gift wrap idea featuring everyday items. 

Between stocking stuffers and Chanukah gifts, it seems like everyone I know is always hunting for easy ways to gift wrap little things. I thought it might be fun to address the problem with one of my favorite materials –coffee filters, and something everyone has around the house –cardboard tubes. 

This is a fun, munchkin-freindly project that does not require special skills to come out looking fancy schmancy. No tape. No glue. No mess. You like it already.

The coffee filters are starchy enough to stay in place without the sticker, but a good Santa sticker never hurt anyone. Plus, it will keep away any pre-holiday gift peepers.

Not that I have any experience with gift peeping.

Confession: One time my cousin John left town a week before Christmas and had to deliver my gift wrapped up in a bike chain and a combo lock just to keep me away. The plan was to prevent pre-Christmas peeping by waiting to deliver the lock combo via phone on Christmas morning (clearly, John knows me a little too well).

Another Confession: Shortly after he left I used a screw driver to scrape away some of the paper between the chain links to see what was inside. Sorry, John 🙁

No coffee filters around the house? Use tissue paper.

Gifts too big for 2″ tubes? Use larger tubes from paper towels, or, *gasp*, wrapping paper.

Dear Person Who Found My Site by Googling “Grateful Dead groundhog tuffet” on November 17:
I have no idea what you are looking for, but I feel compelled to meet you half way. Here is a batch of Grateful Dead style tie-dye tuffets.  Pretend the groundhog is on the inside.

Happy Holidays!



  1. says

    Thanks, I can do that. And I have lots of coffee filters since I have gone back to using a percolator

  2. ajp2020 says

    Again, I think they are beautiful AND do-able. And easy with things we have around the house.

    HOW COOL someone found your link with those combination of words?! But, you do talk about some interesting topics, which we enjoy listening too, and they make us laugh. Keep ’em coming.

  3. rachel pines says

    holy crud, i almost peed when i read “Dear Person Who Found My Site by Googling “Grateful Dead groundhog tuffet” on November 17″ – totally AWESOME! and thanks for the great tutes and ideas! 🙂

  4. April Cole says

    Look’in good!
    The coffee filters, such a clever idea… love it! *hugs*

  5. Sarah says

    I think that was me that searched for that…. I dont know for sure though it was a while ago 🙂

  6. Nicki Soller says

    My favorite wrapping paper is from original artwork by my BabyGrands. I’ve a huge newspaper-paper pad they love. If something shows extra promise, I scan a portion and make a matching card. Thought of you yesterday, Auntie Peaches, when I made flowers for my Gran’s treasured, ancient bowl… on my blog, just a couple down. Browsing problem has vanished, thank Goodness… not sure if it was my Net issue or yours. Happy Everything. ‘Tis the Season. xo

  7. Jean Wren says

    I like it! I have empty paper coffee cans from Trader Joe’s that I think I’ll be using for this. Maybe cut them in half and give them a more supportive bottom by fastening on a paper plate…hmmm. Thanks for the great idea!

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