14 November 2011

I was 45 seconds in before I realized it was a joke.

This clever video is making the rounds across the blogosphere. Here, I'll add to the pile:

Sad part is, I was 45 seconds in before I realized it was a a joke.

...yeah, so, I guess the joke is on me :)

See, I have been using the internet since 1997. And in fourteen years, I cannot recall a single occasion when I said no to a cat video.

And really, why would I?

They make me happy.

And that's more than I can say for anything that came with a receipt.

See, I like to think I am a reasonably savvy consumer when it comes to my purchases. I do my homework and avoid ad hype. I do not exercise brand loyalty. I do not know the name of the company that made my shoes, or where I'll buy my next big-ticket electronic device. Nor do I care.

But I'll tell you one thing: if a company advertised via cat video, I wouldn't be able to say no. It's like my wallet would fly out of my purse, flip open and bust out a flashing neon sign that read OPEN FOR BUSINESS! TAKE MY MONEY! YOU LIKE CATS AND I LIKE CATS SO I TRUST YOU! LET'S DO BUSINESS! EXCEPT IT'S NOT REALLY BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST TAKING MY MONEY AND I'M NOT GETTING ANYTHING I NEED IN RETURN! EXCEPT A NEW CAT VIDEO! YAY CAT VIDEO! TAKE MY MONEY!

...yeah, so, I guess the joke is on them :) 

Update 11/15/11: Thanks to Ann's comment, I have just been sucked into Japanese Youtube sensation, Tomomama. Click here to get sucked in with me.  See, case in point: If someone had put an Olive Garden bib on that kitty, I'd have no choice but to drive to the suburbs and eat there for lunch today. It doesn't look like Tomomama is eating Italian food, and I seriously doubt they even have Olive Gardens in Japan, but I would trust his endorsement just the same. This is the power of indirect persuasion advertising. This is why cats make the best spokespeople.

I'm thinking about getting Lola an agent.


  1. I love it, and feel the same way!!
    I will sit at my computer looking up different variations of "silly cats" or "funny cat videos." I'd work for that firm in a heartbeat, if it existed.

  2. Loud chortle. Hilarious post Peaches. :)

  3. Me too. I'm pretty sure Maru could sell ice to an Eskimo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_5tpLjUcrE&feature=related

  4. Ahhh! This is so great, thanks for sharing! Just made my day :)

  5. The Japanese have elevated the cat video to award winning levels. My favorite is tomomama3 a really fat almost white cat that has his own little people bed, armchair, and table and chair. He eats dumplings and has a beer after work. If I could attach it here, I would. My second favorite is Guilty Cat, a Russian or Eastern European cat that is in trouble. I think his name is BoNzo. Ann

  6. I am sooo with you! I think it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out it wasn't a joke! Thanks, I loved it!


  7. OMG. Now I'm in trouble! I think I will have to add one of the links you sent me as a case in point. That Japanese cat eating dumplings is beyond cute. Lola will be seething with jealousy!

  8. LOVED the video and enjoyed Maru too. I enjoy catching my little ones doing cool fun things on video. My Taz is so shy, I've had him for two years and the only way I can show family is by video or picture. Otherwise, when they are over, he hides.

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning, peaches.

  9. I have discovered an unfortunate addiction to squirrel videos....


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