Giftwrap Challenge: Confetti Bomb

I know, I said would post these on Mondays. I’m late this week. I’m also not even going to present my own idea. It’s OK though, because this one is better. And timely, too–it’s New Years and you will be dragging a bottle of champagne some place or another…even if it’s your own kitchen counter, […]

Aunt Izora’s Pink Flocking

Legend has it, my Great Aunt Izora was fond of pink flocking. Back in the late 1950’s she was kind enough to send her sister, my grandmother, Pumpkin, a pink flocked wreath to hang in the front window of what was my mother’s childhood home. Side Note 1: Those names are 100% real. I couldn’t […]

Merry Thank You

Warm and glittery holiday wishes to you this holiday weekend. This year I have so much to celebrate and appreciate, including you. If I never said thank you for coming by to poke around, well this is the time of year for it. This blog started as a whim in 2010, and over the last […]

Happy Hanukkah Y’all

Happy Channukah! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Hanukah! Or as my old boss used to say, Happy Jelly Doughnut Week. He was the epitome of cultural sensitivity, that one. I’m still unpacking my menorahs (Yes menorahs, I have several. And yes, I am still not done unpacking)…but I caught a glimpse of Lola peeping up in the […]

Hello House Paint!*

In writing this post, it occurred to me  that, over the years, I have spent a lot of time painting rooms. To be precise; 35 rooms in 12 years. Four of them in the last three months. I’m planning on painting another six rooms in the next four months. Whoa. That is a lot of […]

Giftwrap Challenge: Custom Photo Paper

I’m not buying any wrapping paper this year. Stop by every Monday until New Years for an easy gift wrap idea featuring everyday items.  Do you know the hallmark of a talented gift wrapper? It’s when the recipient spends more time examining the wrapping than the gift inside. They feel special just looking the present […]

Happy Weekend

Plans this weekend? I’ll bet you do. Don’t know about you, but somewhere between the baking and the eggnog, I plan to sneak out to gawk at other people’s Christmas lights. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. I’m nosy like that. Anyone else out there plan on taking pictures? Here are 1, 2, 3 […]

Lunchtime in Nuremberg

One of the best parts about my job is working right smack in the middle of downtown Chicago—a city I adore and praise to no end. If you have not been here all I can tell you is come. We have so much to offer! In December, when I can, I like to spend my […]

For Next Year: Stamp Cards

I need to make some holiday cards so I went trolling through my old stacks…aren’t these cute? I made them a few years ago. They look like vintage holiday stamps, but really, it’s just a piece of wrapping paper I cut up into squares. Can’t find the wrapping paper anymore though. Poo. Next year I […]