Broken Ornaments = Feathered Bud Vases

I’m not hosting a Christmas feast at my house this year, but if I was, you would find one of these babies at every place setting. Not only are they an easy way to snazz up a table, they are a good way to use up all those ornaments with missing top thingies. That’s a technical term, folks.

Do you see me in the reflections?

It’s just like one of those Where’s Waldo puzzles except I’m wearing periwinkle instead of a striped shirt.

And it’s totally obvious.

Tip: use an old jar to hold the ornament while the glue dries.
Another Tip: Fill with greens, feathers, berries, dried flowers…whatever you want, but be wary of using fresh flowers or anything that will require you to clean the inside of the ornament afterwards. The rim will snap right off. I speak from experience on this one. So does the bandage on my finger. Owch!

 You need one next to your soap dish. I know you do.



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