19 December 2011

Giftwrap Challenge: Custom Photo Paper

I'm not buying any wrapping paper this year. Stop by every Monday until New Years for an easy gift wrap idea featuring everyday items. 

Do you know the hallmark of a talented gift wrapper? It's when the recipient spends more time examining the wrapping than the gift inside. They feel special just looking the present on their lap. And what could be more Christmasy than that?

A present like this is sure to look good under your tree. And if you have old holiday photos and access to a copy machine, them wham, you are in business. Use oversize paper if you have access, but letter size paper will cover most handheld items like books, music, etc.

I saw a similar idea in an early 1980's Better Homes and Gardens Magazine using pictures of a birthday boy or girl --cute idea, but I like it with a holiday twist. You could also use old Christmas cards, or Christmas Music. Look closely at the photo above and you might see and image from Donny and Marie's Christmas poking through. Don't hold it against me. I'm a sucker for those Osmonds.


  1. And i spied a Senior-type magazine at the opthamologist's office yesterday... with DONNY on the cover... Asked for permission to take it home with me! From one Osmond fan to another - Happy Christmas!!

  2. That's awesome! I just plastered one of my walls with newspaper....I'd rather do this instead.

  3. I was VERY upset when Donny got married. I thought he should have married me.

  4. This is great! I'm going to use it for my office party and wrap each present with really bad photos of everyone! :) At least then we'll never have a lapse in the conversation!


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