05 December 2011

Giftwrap Challenge: Loofah Net Tubes

Awkward shaped gifts can be a pain to wrap. Do you buy a special box? A fancy bbag? Wrap it in tons of paper and scotch tape? All options seem like such a waste...
Then last week, I had an "ah ha!" moment while watching the guys at the home center wrap fresh cut Christmas trees in net tubes. I don't have access to some fancy netting machine, but what about net onion bags? Or better yet, what about loofahs? Just one loofah from the dollars store has yards and yards of colorful, highly flexible, nylon tube. Perfect way to shrink wrap awkward shaped gifts. I experimented with a pot and a cat bed --both came out great and required zero tape or special materials. Cool beans!


  1. What a great idea! Do you know how many of those loofahs I have sitting around my house right now?!


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