Happy Krampus Day

A lot of my friends use an Elf on the Shelf to promote good behavior in the weeks before Christmas. Like their kids will quit acting up for fear the elf will tell Santa.  
Sure, it’s a classic fear tactic, I get it, but wouldn’t it be more effective if the kids were really scared? 
Like, what about, instead of elf, they used a goat-horned demon with a foot long tongue carrying rusty chains and bells, wandering the town and wailing for the souls of naughty children?
I think that would do it.


  1. nutbird says

    Peanut Brittle! What is the expression? Meh? Meh! Brown sugar ice cream with gingerbread pieces and caramel swirls. Heaven on Earth! My grievance is that you couldn’t try it! My other grievance is that I have to visit Florida on Festivus, But then again, I can certainly Best the Old Folks in the Feats of Strength. Back next week to act like an elf and make things for my bloggy friends. I have a book with every Seinfeld episode and I can garuantee? sp? that most of those episodes are true. A Seinfeld writer wrote in our local NYC suburb paper that most of the episodes came from the writers’ lives. Some writer’s father ACTUALLY invented Festivus. What a guy!

  2. Elizabeth Berget says

    This. is. hilarious. What do you think they would do if I introduced this to my 1st grade students at school? Love it!

  3. storagegeek says

    Reminds me so much of the Supernatural Christmas episode!

  4. J Hill says

    Most of my great-grandfamily hails from Bavaria. We know how to keep those Kinder in line. 😛

  5. AnnW says

    Isn’t is just about time for Festivus? Is is December 11th? I love the grievances part. I am so sorry that Ben and Jerry’s has sent Festivus Ice Cream to the graveyard. A few years ago we got an independent ice cream maker to make it for us. Ann

  6. Charlsmith says

    ha-ha! Love your wicked sense of humor… 🙂

  7. April Cole says

    LOL… very clever idea!
    You made me smile today :]

  8. Stacy says

    Now this makes more sense! Wish I had that when my kids were little.

  9. Kara DeCarlo says

    I enjoy the look of “I TOLD you so” on the girl’s face.

  10. PeachesFreund says

    haha! It’s true! She is very smug about escaping Krampus and watching her brother suffer the consequences…

  11. PeachesFreund says

    Say What? FESTIVUS ICE CREAM? I had no idea. And I track Ben and Jerry’s. Maybe it didn’t make it to us in the midwest. Have you tried their peanut brittle? It’s amazing!

  12. MovinForward1 says

    Can I just say you crack me up? I save you for Thursday or Friday afternoon (when it’s quiet at work & I have a few minutes to myself) and then…start reading and usually start laughing. Out loud. GREAT posts (and I started at the top so – love the outside decorations, love the fruitcake CD labels & well… you’re just too much fun!!)

  13. Tamra_stiffler says

    Holy s&*t! That’s hilarious! And creepy. But mostly hilarious!

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