Hello House Paint!*

In writing this post, it occurred to me  that, over the years, I have spent a lot of time painting rooms. To be precise; 35 rooms in 12 years. Four of them in the last three months. I’m planning on painting another six rooms in the next four months.

Whoa. That is a lot of paint!

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  1. Lynne says

    I spent FOREVER choosing a color for one accent wall in my kitchen. I eventually found EXACTLY the shade I wanted — a blue-green (green-blue?) that was a combination of Lake Michigan on a particular early morning walk and the leaves on a vintage tablecloth. No, my contractor didn’t strangle me, and the wall makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen. Every other wall in my home is a different variation of white that only I can see. For example, my studio is “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore, but I’m sure nobody realizes that it is a different white from those in other rooms.

  2. Jamie Seibert says

    My husband and I just had 3 rooms painted in our house too! but we had it professionally done – this being our first home purchase together, we wanted it avoid all the inevitable mistakes we would have made! I am happy to say my color choices came out great too! A gorgeous soft golden Bee’s Wax yellow for the kitchen (to cover the awful Hospital Scrub Green that was there before!), a medium olive-grey for the hallway and a darker shade of the same olive-grey for the great room, which extends clear up into the loft. I was worried the yellow might end up too bright, or the dark grey would be too dark, but they look awesome! I kept telling myself DON’T BE AFRAID OF COLOR lol.

  3. nutbirds says

    Well, you have nine rooms or halls or closets? Now that you are on your own I would bust out and take some chances. I have had rooms almost every color but black and purple. My laundry room is a pale lavender. I picked it because it was different and it matches a lot of my western desert eBay paintings. It used to have wallpaper that was a border of Cowgirl cats with buttons for the main part. Strange.
    It seems that there is a dichotomy between your festive approach to everything and your desire to have a neutral background. My favorite color is a Martha Stewart Beach glass. My living room is called lamb’s ear, the plant, not the animal. I think the best article about color is the one in House Beautiful every month. I used to save them, but they are in a book now. My guest room is a medium apple green. It is a nice strong color. Dark furniture looks good with it. Have a painting party and invite people over to help. Or, I guess you’ll have to have several.

  4. says

    Hi, I am a very late-to-the-party fan, and discovered you only about a week ago. I have been going through your earlier posts, ran into one called “hello Housepaint”, and when I clicked to read more, I was curtly told by the next screen that “I wasn’t invited to read that page”. Well, it is something I said? Shall I apologize? May I pretty please with glitter on it read this page, or is it locked away forever?

    • says

      Sorry, this sucks. You are the third person to bring one of these posts to my attention. Blogger, the platform I use, does this sometimes to consolidate space or something. It has also eaten a few old posts that I know about. VERY annoying. One of the many reasons I’m moving to WordPress soon. Sorry about that!

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