Let the throw pillows begin

The orange couch finally arrived.

Slightly more red than I expected, but just the same, it is glorious.

The photo doesn’t do it justice (my camera struggles with saturated colors–details and lines just blur), but as you can see for yourself, the thing is massive. Double row of back pillows. Deeper and longer than a twin size bed. It’s like sitting on a giant, squishy, velvet tomato.

Let the throw pillows begin! 



  1. says

    Love it! It fits perfectly with everything else you already have in place! (BTW: I’m with you on the camera issues – which for me is more likely user error than anything else – I think a 2012 resolution for me needs to include reading the camera manual!)

  2. ajp2020 says

    ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!!! Worth the wait and I hope you enjoy it every time you sit/lay/sleep on it. Lola approval is extremely important too. Must make cats happy. If cats aren’t happy, they sure show it.

  3. says

    Awesome, I want one. And furthermore, I need one because the sofa I have right now was bought about 12 years ago at a yard sale for $10 and is slowly disintegrating as we speak.

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