Merry Thank You

Warm and glittery holiday wishes to you this holiday weekend. This year I have so much to celebrate and appreciate, including you.

If I never said thank you for coming by to poke around, well this is the time of year for it. This blog started as a whim in 2010, and over the last year, has since grown into my surest and brightest dose of daily sunshine. And that is entirely because of you.

Thank you.

BTDubs, I sent you a gift and stuff. If it’s delayed, don’t look at me — Lola was driving the sleigh that night. She isn’t as efficient as that Rudolph guy.



  1. Mich L. says

    Absolutely the sweetest Lola post EVER! Merry Christmas, O Peachy One – thanks for a great year of your fabulous sense of style and fun!

  2. nutbirds says

    You are an inspiration to us all, dear Peach. In 2012 I am going to finish my garbage flowers and produce a Christmas CD. Maybe even a Fourth of July one. I have a lot of marches. I used to play the bass drum and glockenspiel. I was better at the bass drum.

  3. ajp2020 says

    Merry Christmas Peaches! Love that Lola is trying to deliver all the goodies, even if they are delayed. What a wondercat she is! More power to her. Enjoy your day.

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