Yellow Snow

There was a crap ton of snow yesterday leaving everything blanketed in downy puffs of white.



One of the neighbor’s statues got her self a hair hat, and, for a moment there, she looked like a Victorian princess.

I remember when I used to rat my hair like that.

Because you know what they say: The higher the hair the closer to God.

But what you don’t see in this picture is the following minute when an Australian Collie decided to use her as his morning fire hydrant. 
Moral of the story: Not even princesses, even the Godly ones, can avoid yellow snow. 


  1. Judithahall says

    I would think they are/were both rather “frozen princesses”!

  2. says

    Poor lady does look a bit dismayed. Bet it’s not the first time she’s been used as a fire hydrant!

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