Kitchen Chronicle: Spoons

Did you know that ice cream tastes better on a pink spoon? Well it does. I have been collecting miniature rainbow spoons in a baby food jar for years with the specific intention of pairing them with certain foods; pink spoons = ice cream, green spoons = peanut butter, yellow spoons = yoghurt…and so on. […]

Wrapping Paper Statement Wall

If I had to guess, I would say 30% of the people I know have a room in their house with a big empty wall. And not empty like Let’s Embrace Our Buddhist Calm Space empty, I mean empty like Dude Don’t Distract From My Totally Awesome Big-As-A-Car Television With That Thing You Bought At […]

Polka Dots: The New Chevron

sources left to right:  washing machine | elle fanning | nails | shoes | tape | rainbow pillow | satchel | peach curtains | plate | genifer goodman sohr | vintage photo My first grade teacher, Miss DeMoulpied, was beautiful. Stunning I would say. She had big and bouncy Miss America hair with a waxy rhubarb […]

Advice from my boyfriend

My boyfriend, Ira Glass, is the nerdy dream host of NPR’s This American Life, which is pretty much the best hour of broadcast you will find any given week (no offense, Downton Abbey). He doesn’t know he is my boyfriend yet, and I think he might be married, and I sort of doubt he is […]

“What is REAL?”

Stuffed animals are funny things. Recently I was testing out some camera tricks and decided to use Pooh, my beloved and most favorite stuffed animal, as model. This was no big deal until I was looking through the resulting photos and it occurred to me that I had never bothered to take a single photo […]

Hee Haw

I spent a day in Nashville this weekend and I am feeling seriously outspangled. Seems like everyone in Nashville is either wildly talented and/or has great hair. Some of them yodel. Many of them wear rhinestones. It is glorious.  Saturday night we to the Grand Ole Opry (check mark on the bucket list) and saw […]

Sparkle Me Elmo

I’m prety sure my family thinks I’m trying to turn my 2-year-old niece Abigail into a drag queen.  First I tried to dress her as Priscilla Queen of the Dessert style flamingo , now I’m making disco balls out of her favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo. Now, I should say, I’m normally too stuck up […]

It’s a Flying Pig. Literally.

I know, I know, I know. Yesterday I said I was going to curb my cat lady ways for a while. And you guys, I totally meant it too! But then, yesterday, I came home and found that my cat was recipient to what might possibly be the coolest package ever. It’s a pig. And […]

Reason #134 Why I Want a Dog

Yesterday I ran a wordle on my blog and it told me my most prominent word was “Lola.” Which is really just the internet’s way of saying “Whoa girl, you need to chill it with the cat lady thing.” So it occurs to me that some of y’all might not be cat people. Some of […]