Shades of Pink: Happy Weekend

Confession: I finally painted the kitchen pink last weekend.

Sort of. 

Guess which one I chose. I want to see how the tide turns. (Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you like one I didn’t pick, I’m just curious if my hypothesis is correct. It takes a lot more than paint preferences to offend me!)

My methodology for narrowing it down to these three was actually really interesting, at least to a color nerd like me, but I’ll show you how with the results on Monday. I need another weekend to finish up.

Last weekend was bonkers.

In addition to the paint, I also did something crazy to the cabinets.

And not like Beyonce Kind of Crazy.

It was more like It’s 3AM And You Want To Mix Solvents? Kind of Crazy.

You’ll just have to wait and see…

Happy weekend!


  1. Guineverekay says

    Flamingo is my favorite, but I have the feeling you chose Watermelon Smoothie.

  2. Mizz Joe Moxie says

    Flamingo is the safe choice, but I too am hoping for the watermelon!!

  3. ajp2020 says

    I first chose Flamingo, but I like pink and the name, but then the SALMON color blew me away. I LOVE red and it is so like your couch. If your living room is near your kitchen it would be awesome! So, I am choosing SALMON, which is not like what the others have chosen. What did you do to the cabinets? Paint them or paper them???? Looking forward to the unveiling…..

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