02 February 2012

The Swap is On!

If you are one of the 234 people who signed up for the valentine swap in January, 1. Hooray! 2. you should have received an email from me by now with the addresses of three partners.*

If you signed up and did not receive an email, 1. Check your spam folder, 2. Forward me your initial sign up email so I can track backwards. I think I got everyone, these things happen. I don't wnat anyone to miss out on my account :)

Try to get them in the mail by February 5, but don’t freak out of it’s a day late, just so long as you send something. Think of the smile you will put on the recipient’s face – that always spurs me to get a move on!

Speaking of people getting a move on, look at these! I was so excited to see these --Jill and Bonnie sent me pictures of the Valentines they are sending out today and they are SO COOL. Jill made these frayed ruffle hearts and Bonnie made these wonderful collage cards. I know six people who will be so tickled to see these pop up in the mailboxes next week!

If you are sending or receiving Valentines as part of the swap, feel free to take a picture and send it to me, or link in the comments below. I would love to see what you guys are making :)



  1. Dang it, I should have taken a picture of mine before they went out in the mail today.:-( Can't wait to see what others will be sending me! :-) Thanks for coordinating the swap!


  2. Geez, mine are going to look like chopped liver compared to the ones you highlighted! Maybe some of the makers would have instructions on theirs, so we can get a jump on next year.

  3. Hey! I got Bonnie's too cute Superman card!! Thanks Bonnie! http://buttonsmcd.blogspot.com/2012/02/first-card-and-its-super.html

    I made mini garlands here: http://buttonsmcd.blogspot.com/2012/02/so-got-my-valentines-done-and-sent-out.html

  4. I agree with Bonnie (my fairy card-mother). Your cards are already special because you crafted, with your own little hands, an expression from inside you. Handmade stuff is the BEST!!

  5. I posted photos of the Valentines I made and the two I've received so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jude_the_obscure/sets/72157629274214451/with/6857914177/

  6. Those puffy hearts are so cute. the cards you received are fun!


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