Swedish Easter

*+-As if ABBA wasn’t terrific enough, the Swedes lay claim to the coolest Easter tradition of all: Påskris, better known as Easter feather trees. The custom goes back hundreds of years and involves tying colorful feathers to the ends of birch twigs as a way to encourage the branches to sprout green leaves. When you […]

Edwardian Easter Eggs

*+-Inspired by the Fred Astaire and Judy Garland movie, Easter Parade, I decided it was high time I made some eggs with old fashioned flair. If you have never seen the movie, you should. It takes place in 1912 New York and the Edwardian era costumes are superb. The hats alone are worth the price […]

Thank You For Being a Friend

*+-My latest art acquisition is a tribute to The Golden Girls. I can’t even talk about it. It’s that amazing. Granted, I like any art that elevates favorite characters to mythological demigod status (Hello Inigo Montoya.).  I like it even better when I can buy a whole set of linoleum block prints for $7.50, courtesy […]

Golden Seismograph Easter Eggs

*+-  A couple years ago a friend told me about dyeing eggs with silk ties – an idea she picked up from Martha Stewart Show staff member, Jackie Manzolillo, who picked it up from her Great Aunt Helen, who picked it up from her grandmother. It’s a family tradition. And if there is one thing […]

How to Make Hollow Eggs Last Ten Years (or more!)

*+-Every year I blow a new batch of colorful Easter eggs, and every year people tell me I am crazy for spending all that time on something that “will never last.” But here is the thing: they do last.  Or, I should say, they can last if you take a couple extra steps. Last year […]

On Art and Cats

*+-George Washington takes a lot of credit for leading troops across the Delaware river. Too bad he never credited his secret weapon: Lola. I have found that most cat people are art people. And likewise, art people are cat people. I have also found that dog people are movie buffs. And ferret people are unusually […]

Craft Fail: Hunger Games Mockingjay

*+-I was so psyched to make something fun to wear to The Hunger Games on Friday. I thought I was sooooooooo clever making a pin out of puff paint. Ha! Because, not only am I nerdy enough to puff paint my own movie themed jewelry, I am nerdy enough to wear it when it. Even […]