Edwardian Easter Eggs

Inspired by the Fred Astaire and Judy Garland movie, Easter Parade, I decided it was high time I made some eggs with old fashioned flair.
If you have never seen the movie, you should. It takes place in 1912 New York and the Edwardian era costumes are superb. The hats alone are worth the price of a movie rental. And, seriously, people, it’s Judy Garland. And not the coked out and bloated Judy Garland, I mean the doe-eyed and vulnerable, gorgeous with a butter voice Judy Garland. You need to see this movie.
These eggs were super easy thanks to some previously tie dyed eggs, some Mod Podge, and some German paper scraps.
(der Osterhase is German for Easter Rabbit)

The bunnies required some crinkling and snips in order to get them to adhere to the curved surface, but they found their way in good time. After all was dried I added some gold ink, a few sequins and a ribbon. Tada!


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