Friday Flowers: Shannon’s Peony

You have to feel a little sorry for flowers in my neighborhood. Last week they were blooming their hearts out, basking in the sunshine and getting a tan. If someone was serving umbrella drinks, they’d be all in. Then, unfortunately, this week happened. Yesterday was cold enough to drag out the winter coat. Again. Now all the brave little tulips who came out to play last week now find themselves frozen and soggy, their limpid heads pointed toward the ground. Like the tulips lining our street, my neighbor’s beautiful white peonies have also peeked, wilted, and faded away with the bitter cold.

This is what the peonies looked like last week.

Since we won’t be seeing them again until the fall (fingers crossed) I thought I would try making some peonies on my own. These peonies are far more tolerant of the cold!

I first heard of customizing bows from this Martha Stewart tutorial. They look super cute on a package, but I was thinking about using these as place settings or on a wreath. I can’t decide just yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

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Did you know, in the middle ages, peonies were “recommended to cure gall stones, control epileptic seizures, soothe teething pain and cure jaundice” or that it is the unofficial national flower of China? Click here to learn more about Peonies.  



  1. PeachesFreund says

    They were your idea, Shannon!

  2. Michelle L. says

    Oh em geeeee! That is simply amazingly cool! I love how simple it is. Yes, would absolutely make gorgeous home decor – hope you show us what you come up with!

  3. Shannon Holmes says

    So beautiful and it looks easy too! Thanks, Peaches! You rock!

  4. Shannon Holmes says

    :O) Thanks Peaches.

  5. Melly says

    Hello Peaches. I only recently (in the last few wks) found your blog…whitch, by the way, I TOTALLY love! Girl, you have got it goin on! I read somewhere on here that you brought back Friday Flowers b/c of an eleven yr old girl. Well, I’m thir….not eleven…..but I love your Friday Flowers! I’m not good with fb, so I want to make my suggestion here. What about Lillies? I dont know what kind of Lillies of thinking of…5 points I think, several color varieties & little dots on them. Tiger Lillies? Idk. P.S. I posted a comment on your coffee filter roses that I really want you to read.

  6. Mynnette Kitchen says

    TOTALLY fabulous use of old bows!!! Pinned! 🙂


  1. […] that they are consolidated, it’s quite the collection. The sad part is, even though I have made some into peonies, I don’t even remember the last time I gave a gift with a bow on it. Why am I saving […]

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