Friday Flowers: Tracy’s Daffodils

Did I mention I am bringing back the Friday Flowers? 

Rewind: the first few months I started blogging I posted a series of paper flower projects every Friday. Then I ran out of room and my friends got tired of me pushing them, so I stopped. Then recently Emma wrote me an email and asked if I would do some more because she had already attempted every one of the projects from the first round of Friday Flowers “…and I could use some more.”

Emma is eleven.

If an eleven-year-old can get it together enough to make paper flowers, so can I.

So here we are, Emma. I’ll be keeping you busy every Friday until you are, well, you are, ummm…. well, old enough to get bored of it. And let’s leave it at that.

Heads up: some of the Friday Flowers will be dimensional flowers, some will be items simply improved with the help of flowers, some will be flowers made by other people….Who knows? All I can tell you is I will plan on publishing a post every Friday. So if you like Flowers, you will know where to get your weekly fix. And you can thank Emma for it.

With that in mind, I asked the folks on Facebook what sort of flowers they wanted to see, and the first person to reply was Tracy, who said “Daffodils.” Actually, Tracy said “Daffodils, Hydrangeas, and Daises” but y’all will have to give me some time to make my way down the list. We will get there eventually, I promise.

So, without further adieu: let’s get started on Tracy’s daffodils.


  • Yellow Cupcake Liners (I happened to have two shades of yellow cupcake liners laying around, but any color will work)
  • Plastic Drinking Straws
  • Frog Tape ripped into 10″ pieces (Frog tape is a fairly new product, but you can easily find it in the painting aisle at the hardware store. Runs around $5 a roll, depending on thickness)

Start out by dividing your cupcake liners in two piles: One pile will be the ‘outer flower’, and one will be the ‘inner flower’ (if your daffodils will be two-toned, now is the time to decide). 

Take the cupcake liners you will use for the outer flower, fold into thirds, then snip off the rounded edges, forming a mild V shape in the center. Here, the picture will explain:

Also use your scissors to cut a small slit in the center. The end result will look like a six pointed star with a small hole in the middle.

Now take your ‘inner flower’ cupcake liner and pinch the middle.

Pull the tip of the pinched inner flower through the slit in outer flower.

Now pinch them together. Secure with the first 1″ inch of a 10″ strip of frog tape. Then proceed to use the other 9″ to adhere the flower to the plastic straw, rolling downward as you go.

That’s it. Keep rolling downward…

Now gently pull the inner flower upward, and the outer flower down. That’s it!
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Have you ever seen a solo daffodil? No. They came by the dozen. Luckily these only take a minute so you can populate a whole field of daffodils!

Did anyone else read the “Real / Not Real” and think of The Hunger Games?

Wow I am a dork. 

Happy weekend 🙂


  1. Michelle says

    Lovely! After reading the comment from Ellicia, I am glad my very first REAL daff was followed by several others the next day. Thanks to Emma (and you) I can have a bouquet every day.

  2. says

    oh my gosh……♥ I love you dearly!! it is officially spring, I have seen my first daffodil! xoxo

  3. Shannon Holmes says

    I still need to read those books. Beautiful flowers Peaches!

  4. Julie says

    Flower queen! I absolutely love your blog and am out here reading, daily…but had to stop to comment on your paper flower tutorials…fantastic! I think these and the very awesome paper glads must be made!!! Thanks!!!

  5. Ellicia says

    In the language of flowers a single daffodil means misfortune, several signify joy and happiness. These boisterous beauties fill the bill.

  6. says

    So excited to see Friday Flowers back in the mix! (still keep meaning to try the drip dried coffee filters, btw) These are right up my alley in that they are simple, fast and pretty. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. says

    I am really going to have to read ‘The Hunger Games’.
    I love how Lola pushes her way into your photo shoots. Pedro tries to involve himself in mine, and there was a great (albeit blurry) picture of him knocking my little coffin off the table which I accidentally deleted. Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t tried to get into the recent ones. He’s offended.

  8. Lovina Freed says

    Love your glads. I have always loved making flowers from every type of material. love your blog

  9. Jessie Payne says

    Thank you so much for beginning to do Friday flowers again! I’ve never commented before, but I am a devoted reader. And to boot, the daffodil is my favorite flower!

  10. PeachesFreund says

    I’m so glad yp hear you are following along. The daffodil is one of my favorites too 🙂

  11. Mary says

    peaches, these knock out so fast and look so awesome! i made a half dozen for a friend and they’re loved. thank you for the tutorial!

  12. Kim says

    I really love all the flowers that you make and post. I just done one of these and it is so pretty. I only had white cupcake filters so i had some yellow ink pad and i just went over the cupcake filters. It turned out beautiful. I also used a green pipe cleaner for the stem. Thanks for posting such beautiful crafts. Kim

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