21 March 2012

On Art and Cats

George Washington takes a lot of credit for leading troops across the Delaware river. Too bad he never credited his secret weapon: Lola.

I have found that most cat people are art people.

And likewise, art people are cat people.

I have also found that dog people are movie buffs.

And ferret people are unusually fond of tattoos.

But I digress.

If you like cats and art, you have to check out Great Artists' Mews, a website featuring a Russian cat named Русский, who is described as "Ten kilograms of pure undisturbed joy."

I can't help asking, why didn't someone think of this sooner? 

Many thanks to Hillary for introducing me to weird and wonderful world of Русский.


  1. Adorable idea! Lola is perfection in that picture.

    Must try it with this pic I took of Bailey!

  2. That is funny stuff.


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