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My latest art acquisition is a tribute to The Golden Girls.

I can’t even talk about it. It’s that amazing.

Granted, I like any art that elevates favorite characters to mythological demigod status (Hello Inigo Montoya.).  I like it even better when I can buy a whole set of linoleum block prints for $7.50, courtesy of Rachel Wallis.

I acquired these as a set of greeting cards, but paired with $1.50 frames from Target they make a lovely little composition. It makes me sad to think that three of the four Golden Girls have passed, but it makes me happy to look at my little quadrant here and know that these ladies are popular as ever.

If you ask me, the best 15 seconds of television can be found on The Golden Girls. Actually, it can be found on every episode of The Golden Girls: it’s the 15 second overture music following the theme song leading into the start of every show. Most people miss it, but observant types will recognize the classic late 1970’s theme music with a string orchestra, flutes and a harp playing to the image of the house in Miami, lush with palm trees and green grass. Like buttered bosaa nova, but better. I could listen to a loop all day long.

Here, watch the first couple minutes and listen for yourself:

Anyone live in LA? Go drive by  the real Golden Girls’ house for me!

Did you know Sophia was actually younger than her “daughter” Dorothy Zbornac? Click here to read more fun facts.

Interested in reading more about real-life fabulous ladies of a certain age? Order an advance copy of Ari Seth Cohen’s new book, Advanced Style (powerHouse Books, 2012)


  1. says

    LOVE these four prints almost as much as I love the golden girls. Watching the golden girls, drinking tea and playing checkers filled the afternoons I spent with my nana. When she passed away I didn’t know if I could watch GG again without overwhelming sadness. But I can! The GG ladies are the best…remember the jingle they wrote? Miami is nice, so I’ll say it twice….Miami is nice Ahhh Miami is nice.
    -random nicole

  2. PeachesFreund says

    Oh man, I hooked someone of Golden Girls? This might be my ticket to Heaven right there.

  3. The Geek Anthropologist says

    You stunned me again! What a great show, I never knew about it! I’m hooked now!

  4. PeachesFreund says

    Good gravy! You sold cookies to Bea Arthur? AT HER HOUSE? Omg.. What was her cookie pref? I’ll bet she liked Thin Mints. She looks like a thin mint kind of gal. I am so impressed. I mean, I have seen plenty of celebrities but BEA ARTHUR is an icon. I am so jealous.

  5. says

    I blame you. Here I was working on my calculus homework when you go and post this. I didn’t watch the first few minutes. I watched the whole show. I’d never seen the pilot episode before. So, if I don’t get this homework finished in time, I blame you. (Although, I have to admit it was more fun than the calc.)

  6. says

    We actually sold her cookies at Vicente Foods, a local market in Brenthood. I don’t remember her preference but I could see her being deep into Trefoils. Her family randomly moved next door when I was no longer a girl scout, haha!

    Oh but I did run into Betty White and chatted her up in a liquor store parking lot back in ’09, right before she became an internet meme. Dreams DO come true!!

  7. says

    These are amazing! I am so getting these cards.

    My love for the Golden Girls is deep and lasting. I grew up in La-la land and those ladies were all over my hood. I lived next to Bea Arthur’s family and sold her girl scout cookies in the 90s, plus the original Golden Girlz house was right up the street from my elementary school. Memories!!! <3

  8. Mandy says

    This is five minutes from my house – I think I need to go see it.

  9. Tonya Kaushik says

    Auuughhhh! These are AMAZING. The Golden Girls was one of my favorite shows. I wonder if it’s on Hulu or Netflix? Hmmm….

    ETA: Crap. Netflix has the discs, and Hulu just has excerpts. =/

  10. Heather says

    WOW, that is a smokin’ deal!!

  11. PeachesFreund says

    Oh man! I love Sophia’s purse 🙂

  12. rachel wallis says

    Thanks so much for the awesome pictures and kind words! I’m so glad you love the cards as much as I do! – Rachel Wallis

  13. PeachesFreund says

    Thanks Rachel! Your cards are the best. Everyone loves them — I hope this prompts a new sale or two 🙂

  14. PeachesFreund says

    They lived next door?!?! And you chatted with Betty White outside a liquor store?!?!?! Oh, Jacquie, You are like geriatric fame magnet!

  15. nutbirds says

    You surprise me at Least Twice a Week. I think my favorite was Ricky Nelson, and then Sky King. But I did like Pat Buttram on Roy Rogers. He had a nice Jeep.

  16. says

    At my parent’s cabin the tv only got one channel and it really only worked during The Golden Girls. Every time I see a rerun I think of the cabin!

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