Friday Flowers: Fiesta Flowers

Festive much? I finally got a grip on how to make tissue paper flowers. It took a while, and a lot of torn tissue, but thanks to some great directions from Vallen Queen and my friend Tracy, I finally have it down.  Tip I wish someone told me ten years ago: When it comes to […]

$1.50 Curtain Skirt in 3 Minutes

Bad News: My ultra fabulous thrift store skirt did not fit. I could get it on and button it up, but my hips bust out from under the pleated waistband and gave me the look of a rainbow striped Elizabethan bar wench. Hot. Good News: The skirt only cost a $1.50, so I didn’t mind […]

For Rainbow Likers

Major score at the thrift store this weekend. My haul included a Marimekko print comforter (in my all time fav Uniko pattern, no less), an ultra rad rainbow skirt (silk!), and spanking new pair of orange leather driving moccasins. Y’all, I don’t even own a car, but I think it might be a sin to […]

Royal Blue And Barbara Cartland Pink

Vogue Magazine documented every outfit Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth wore for 12 months.  This is what they concluded: Blue is royal for a reason. Beige, not so much. Personally, I like to see the queen in pink. Barbara Cartland Pink, to be precise. Note, Barbara Cartland, world famous and prolific romance novelist, was Princess Diana’s […]

Friday Flower: Tissue Pom Failure

Confession: I cannot make tissue poms. Also known as tissue pomanders or fiesta flowers, it’s probably the easiest and most popular, readily available craft idea on the internet, involving nothing more than tissue paper and a simple accordion fold…and yet, I cannot make them. At least, I cannot make them nice.  They come out squashed […]

The Not-So-Somber Sombrero

Courtesy of That Cute Site Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and I am fixin’ up around the house. The holiday also happens to coincide with Lola’s birthday, so obviously, it must be unparalleled in cuteness. I’m thinking sombreros. 1. rainbow  2. sequin sombreros  3. red and green sequin 4. velvet red and […]

Reading Material

Guess what came in my mailbox?  Thank you amazon! Now that summer reading season is upon us, the prowl for good books has begun. I need something to snack on. Any recommendations? My lit tastes are pretty diverse, so long as it doesn’t include teenage vampires or a Jonas brother. So what do you say: […]

Kitchen Chronicle: Bag Cache

So here is the thing: I hate plastic baggies. Yes, they are practical. Yes, they come in handy. Yes, I still use them from time to time…BUT…if I can get the job done with something else, or better – something snazzy, you better believe I am going to do it. And now, after years of […]