For Rainbow Likers

Major score at the thrift store this weekend. My haul included a Marimekko print comforter (in my all time fav Uniko pattern, no less), an ultra rad rainbow skirt (silk!), and spanking new pair of orange leather driving moccasins. Y’all, I don’t even own a car, but I think it might be a sin to take a pass on orange leather.

Grand total: $8.85. 

Dude behind the counter looked at me with his one good eye and declared “You must like rainbows. I can tell!” then proceeded to try and sell me electric blue guitar from behind the counter. And not electric like it plugs in, I mean electric like it’s Cookie Monster color. 

I may be needing guitar lessons. 


  1. allie! says

    What thrift store was this? I live in CHI, and am looking for good thrift stores!

  2. PeachesFreund says

    The Salvation Army on Oakton. I also recommend the Salvation Army on Dempster just East of Waukegan Road. You need a car for both of those — if no car — the Salvation army on Clyborn just south of Fullerton — place is a warehouse. Also, all Unique Thrift stores are 50% off on Mondays — worth looking into. And if you are ever out by Ikea, there is Goodwill in Schaumburg that is crazy good for housewares. Have fun!

  3. Sarah Belle says

    Those are amazing scores! I’m jealous to the tips of my unmoccasined toes!

  4. says

    that skirt!!! we need a picture of you wearing it. love love love

  5. Rita says

    Oh, how funny. I love your finds. The one-eyed dude sure tried, didn’t he?

  6. Michpacey says

    Passing on orange leather. Pretty sure that’s in my mom’s book of sins. I’ll ask, and get back to ya.

  7. nutbirds says

    That’s a great deal, everyone needs a shot of orange this season just to keep current. I even ordered some orange wedge sandals. I’m not to sure what I’ll wear them with, but my daughter suggested it. You can wear the skirt with a black body suit tank top thing for one of your backyard soirees. Plus the fake nail necklace! I’ve just found out about T shirts made by the Spanx lady and Bliss, and also by bike gear companies that are really tight, so you look better. I’m even thinking about getting an $80 sports bra that’s guaranteed to make you stand up taller. Intelliskin. I had two Marimekko fabrics framed on the wall in the early seventies, but not that design. Does it go in your bedroom, or does it matter? Ann, the nut bird.

  8. Springdaleperson says

    Great finds!! Did you get the guitar or are you going back for it?! Sounds like it would look good on the wall…maybe Lola would like it if you learned….I have some Neil Diamond sheet music………….

  9. Debra Immergut says

    Marimekko quilt for under $8…WOW. Major score!

  10. ajp2020 says

    GREAT BUYS!!! I think they hike up the prices because we live in Western North Carolina. Even the gas cost more because they have to haul it up the mountains…. 🙁 But great finds, Peaches. Yes, I agree, you have to model the skirt and shoes, and let us know where you put the spread. BEAUTIFUL STUFF!!!

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