Friday Flowers: Children’s Art Vase

 Thought I would take a break from making Friday Flowers and offer up an idea on what to put the flowers in.

This idea came to me at a wedding reception where the centerpiece flowers were displayed in clear vases lined with paper printed with the bride and groom’s names (sort of like this). Nifty idea, right?

So I thought, well, What if you swapped the names for words?

Like, Happy Birthday, or Thank You, or You’re Special, or Pretend This is Jewelry…wouldn’t that be neat? Good fonts. Great slogans. Yeah.  


Then I thought, What do people really want when they are giving and receiving flowers?


And what is more thoughtful like a simple drawing?

And munchkin drawings are the best.

And yes, as an Aunt, I am an authority on this matter.

All you need is a clear vase with straight sides, a drawing, some tape, and a container slightly smaller than the vase. I chose a clear plastic cup and trimmed down the height with some scissors, but I imagine a tin can would work fine too. Easy peasy.

Note: spellchecker is telling me peasy is not spelled with an a. What’s up with that?

*** In the family
Take a look at Martha’s candy lined vases. Candy AND flowers? Someone sure got lucky.
Check out Camilla’s uber modern bud vase made from a votive and a _______ (you have to see it).



  1. Michelle L. says

    This is so simple and quite wonderful! When I first saw it I thought you had a fancy, pricey customizable vase. Nope! You made it!

  2. Valerie says

    This is a great May Day idea

  3. Shannon Holmes says

    I shared this with a friend of mine that has two little girls. We wanted to have a craft night and this was one of the ideas I sent her. I suggested that the girls help by drawing a picture and I suggested we can make rolled paper flowers and we can get the girls to paint the newspaper that I use to make the flowers with watercolor paints. I think that would be a nice gift for grandparents too.

  4. Abby Kra Friedman says

    this is a great idea. i’ve done the balloon thing with shot glasses – they work really nicely, too!

  5. Kara DeCarlo says

    I always put my tiny bouquets in shot glasses*, but you & camilla have shown me how to easily class it up. Thanks, Peaches!

    *don’t judge. 😉

  6. says

    I love your flowers with child’s artwork but what is so remarkable is the remark that you chose because was taken….too funny

  7. says

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your site while browsing the web for Mother’s Day craft ideas. I loved this project and have included it in my 25 Kid Friendly Mother’s Day Crafts post. I’ve pinned this to my pinterest boards and am a new follower. I would love for you to stop by and check out your post… Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with the world. Happy Mother’s Day!


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