Postcards from a Hoarder: Easter Baskets

In early March, I made a mental note to pick up a few extra Easter baskets before the season was over. They are so colorful and cheap, I thought it would be fun to snip off the handles and use them to store potatoes and onions in the pantry. Good idea, no?

So I got a couple. Grand total $3.19. What a bargain!

As long as I was at Target again the following week, I grabbed a couple more. For the garlic, obviously.

And then I grabbed one at the dollar store. For paper plates, of course.

And then another one at the grocery store. For, ummm…sponges.

…One month and 23 baskets later, I am now cleaning out my pantry and deciding if my coffee grinder warrants its own Easter basket.

I’m heavily leaning toward YES.



  1. Jude Griffin says

    I use Easter baskets for fruits, veggies, bread, etc in the kitchen, Very festive 🙂

  2. Sweet Posy Dreams says

    They look great all together as decoration.

  3. Melly says

    I am a very creative person! (at least I used to think so) Why has EVERYONE thought of this except me??? I’m depressed now! 🙁 …….& YES your coffee grinder deserves its own basket…lol 🙂

  4. Rita says

    Oh, how funny. Definitely get one for the grinder.

  5. nutbirds says

    I suppose you would never consider painting them all one color? How about this: take three or four, cut the handles off and make them into one of those stacked hanging baskets that you put onions in. You know, the metal mesh ones all connected together like in a 70’s movie? You could also use them in the bathroom for things. Like your paintings. Love the color of the kitchen. I don’t understand why some people live without color.

  6. Shannon Holmes says

    LOL! Who else here secretly thinks Aunt Peaches is the Easter Bunny? *Raises hand*

    Put one on your vanity for sure, for all your perfumes, one for nail polish, one for lotions and put one in the bathroom for all of your items in there.Fill them with potpourri, spray paint (or not) and give homemade goodies/or gifts in a jar in them for your friends, great for Christmas. Of course use for crafts supply storage. Use one for fruit in the kitchen.

  7. Brandi says

    You gotta do what you gotta do. I like to line them with plastic and use as planters. I hoard chocolate. Then I eat it, but only so no one judges me. That is the only reason I eat all the chocolate.

  8. Libbybreen says

    After perusing thrift stores charging more than a dollar for used baskets, I wondered why? The 99 cents store has new ones for yes, 99 cents.

  9. Melly says

    Well, Nutbirds, maybe I HAVEN’t lost my creativity(as I previously stated) b/c I had the same idea as you. I don’t have a lot of space on my kitchen counters, so I thought about getting 3 of them & making a 3 tier hanging basket like you’re talking about. Thanks so much! I haven’t lost it!!! …lol

  10. sara schwenneker says

    what an amazing idea! i’m so excited you’ve enlightened me to something new for me to hoard 🙂

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