20 April 2012

Royal Blue And Barbara Cartland Pink

Vogue Magazine documented every outfit Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth wore for 12 months.  This is what they concluded:

Blue is royal for a reason.

Beige, not so much.

Personally, I like to see the queen in pink. Barbara Cartland Pink, to be precise.

Note, Barbara Cartland, world famous and prolific romance novelist, was Princess Diana's Step-Grandmother, which makes Barbara Cartland practically royal herself. Sort of. If she were actually related. And Ol' Babs wasn't dead. But still, the lady knew how to rock some pink.

Check it. And yes, this is her singing.

Happy Weekend, Dream Lover.


  1. Love it. Love her. Now we just need close-ups of all her hats.

  2. let us not overlook the black handbag that she had in 99% of these photos. Which makes me think...what does the Queen Mother need to carry with her, besides dozen or so balled up bits of tissue and a piece of linty gum(standard for all grandmothers)?

  3. Where do you find this stuff? Have you ever read any of her books. She dictates them. I love the Queen poster. She has to wear bright colors so that people can spot her easily. She also has to wear hats so that her face shows.

  4. Are they all different outfits or did she wear them more than once? I'm too lazy to look that closely. I like the pink as well

  5. The most gorgeous collection of queenliness ever!

  6. I love all the color & she looks pretty fabulous. Would also like a close up of her hats. This makes me want to add more color to my wardrobe, as I tend to wear a lot of black . If the Queen can do it, so can I!

  7. She's not the Queen mother, she's THE Queen. Her mother was the Queen Mother (and was also named Elizabeth - this confused me for a while too when I was young)


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