A Queen’s Cocktail: The Big Liz

In honor of The Queen’s diamond jubilee this weekend, asked my friend Beth to come up with a signature cocktail to mark the occasion. When I initially emailed her about it, I had three requests: It must be pink and sweet – After all, she is a Granny. It must be slightly sour – 60 […]

Evening of Roses

There was a fire under the train tracks yesterday. No one was hurt, thank goodness, but my commute from downtown to Evanston went from 50ish minutes to 4ish hours. As you might imagine, the train car was packed, sweltering hot, and smelled of body odor and fried chicken. And not the good kind of friend […]

And Lord only knows what was going on with the toast.

Have you ever seen strawberries this big? Summer is here and strawberry season continues. My neighborhood market is selling them cheap; two pound boxes for $3.00. They are huge, meaty berries with glossy pelts that ripple and shine like snake skin. Firm too. They seem almost unnatural. When I was a kid and we went […]

Postcard From A Hoarder: Gift Bows

I am in the process of cleaning out my craft room. While I’m sorting things out, I decided to designate a drawer to ribbon… …. then that drawer split and begat two more drawers, one for loose fabric ribbon, and one for spooled ribbon; then that drawer begat three drawers, one for curling ribbon, one […]

It’s Friday

I was busy making a Friday Flower project last night when it took a turn for the worse. I am still hoping to resurrect it from the bowels of craft failure, but until then, the best I can give you is a sneak peek: The extra large letters makes it seem purposeful, no?  It’s orange. […]

Dear People Who Used To Live Here

Dear People Who Used To Live Here, Thank you for planting the giant patch of purple zebra striped iris bulbs out back by the garage. Wow. I realize you did not plant them with me in mind, but I feel as though they were put here especially for me, seeing as very few people on […]

In the Pantry

I need to borrow a wide angle lens so you can take in all the Easter goodness at once. I cleaned out my pantry.  While I was in there, I bleached down the baseboards, threw out 3 bottles of salad dressing, and made room for some of the baskets I picked up atTarget on clearance […]

Shakespearean Insults

Partridge’s Shakespeare Statue, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL I’m not saying I like to insult people, or that I’m good at insulting people, or that I attempt to insult people a lot. I am saying the term douche bag is getting really old and we could all stand to expand our vernacular. I’m thinking Bill Shakespeare […]