Custom Confetti Cards

Mother’s Day is on Sunday.

Know what Moms like? Thoughtful greeting cards.

Know what Moms like even more than thoughtful greeting cards? Thoughtfully homemade greeting cards.

Know what Moms like even more than thoughtfully homemade greeting cards?  A thoughtfully homemade greeting card that reacts when you shake it that she can hang on the fridge or show it to all her friends as if to say BET YOUR KID NEVER GAVE YOU ONE AS COOL AS THIS.


webcam to gif
Watch the confetti dance

Last Christmas, when I was fussing with window style CD envelopes to package my Holiday Jamz, it occurred to me that these little envelopes would make great tree ornaments. I was thinking, maybe little kids could use them as frames for their snowman drawings. Or their school picture. Or something cute. Then Christmas chaos happened and I was lucky to walk out the door in matching shoes. Another idea out the window. Until now…

Cute idea, no?

Let’s kick it up a notch.

Let’s embellish the outside and add some confetti to the inside.

That’s better.

This is a great project for kids of all sizes (even adult sizes). The CD envelopes serve as frames to just about anything you can imagine and make for a perfect canvas for embellishment;


  • Window style CD Envelopes. Staples sells a pack of 100 for $10.99
  • A drawing or photograph trimmed to a 5″ square.
  • Stuff to decorate the outside (paint, markers, ink, stickers, sequins…)
  • Stuff to float around on the inside (confetti, tissue paper, feathers…)
  • Glue or paste
  • Card slightly larger than the CD envelope (optional)

1. Decorate the outside of the frame with paint and a gold marker.
2. Add some sequins. Your Mom deserves some sequins, doesn’t she?
3. Insert your photo or drawing, then add a pinch of confetti in front of the image.
4. Seal the envelope and glue the back to a card slightly larger than the envelope (or just treat it like a postcard and write on the back.)

That’s it!

It’s hard to photograph the confetti moving around in there, but trust me, it moves.

And don’t worry — it’s sealed in good. No messy, exploding confetti all over your carpet, I promise.

Still nervous? OK fine. Be that way. Skip the confetti.

It’s still pretty darn cute:

What about adding some feathers in there?

Look, Lola made one too. She loves those stickers.

What? No pictures for Mom? Too insecure to draw? How about her name instead?  Use letter stickers to spell her name (MOM, obviously) then paint over it and remove the letters. Boom. She will love it!

Happy Mothers Day 🙂


  1. says

    Super cool! I already made everything for Mother’s Day so I will save this for next year or maybe her birthday which is later in the year. Now to bug my husband to save those envelopes from software (he is IT). Thanks for sharing, Peaches.

  2. nutbirds says

    Who’s better than YOU? I’ll have to forward this to my daughter. I’m going to work on my Christmas CD in July. I need to get “my assistant” to help me figure out how to do it. Any chance you will make some of those vintage wrapping paper designs available for the labels? How about dogwood for the Friday flower?

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