Nora Ephron died yesterday.  She will be remembered an accomplished author, filmmaker, mother, feminist, activist, and as someone who lead the sort of kickass life we all dream about. And while her legacy is grand by any standards, I will always remember her as the lady who once told me I had “a great laugh”– […]

Missing: Yolanda the Sassy Unicorn

What did I come across duct taped to a tree on my walk home yesterday? A flier* for a missing unicorn named Yolanda. Apparently she is a sassy thing with a love of room-temperature pigs in a blanket. Guys, it isn’t everyday that a community loses a unicorn; let us unite together in this time […]

Patriotic Luminarias

My mosquito situation is unreal. I’m one of those people they describe as having sweet blood (which is just a fancy way of saying bug magnet) and as the result of this, citronella candles and I are best buds. Even better; citronella candles in super cute patriotic outfits.   Boom!

Badass Embroidery

What ever happened to the days when women were praised for possessing things like wide hips and a wicked embroidery sampler? Ladies, we need to unite and bring these virtues back in vogue! Who is with me?     Yesss! Who is too lazy to learn embroidery and is fine with buying badass samplers online?     Double yesss! […]

Tummy Dance

Miss Lolabelle is doing her tummy dance all day long — a sure sign of hot weather. Poor thing spends the winter clinging to warm spots, then summer comes and she struggles to let go of her heat under all that fur. Golly, it must be hard to be that beautiful. Lola isn’t the only […]

Welcome to the Jungle

Once in a while I’ll get an email from someone asking where I put all the stuff I use to make the craft projects that appear on this blog. And since I openly admit to being a slob with some serious hoarding tendencies, I can’t blame folks for being curious to see what things look […]

$12 Artist’s Drying Rack

I like to paint.  You wouldn’t know it by the things I post on this blog, but I do. A lot. I like to paint big sloppy slabs of color layered onto canvases thick as peanut butter. It’s cathartic.  The only downer is they take forever to dry. Sometimes weeks. And regardless of where I […]

Mrs. Roper Called

Mrs. Roper just called. She wants her puka shell plant hanger back. Sorry Mrs. Roper: Finders keepers, losers weepers. IT’S MINE. This weekend, while Mrs. Roper was getting busy with Mr. Roper, Jack, Janet and Chrissy down at the Regale Beagle, I was rummaging through a roadside junk shop and discovering all manners of treasure, […]