Easy DIY Paper Sorter

I was over on Pinterest the other day, and somewhere between the Nutter Butter brownies and the hipster Granny wearing lip glasses, I found this crazy useful idea for creating a mini bookshelf for storing paper goods. 
I like this method because it keeps paper easy to access—no riffling through filing cabinets or messing around with portfolios on a shelf— it’s all right there in easy reach.  This is important to me because the easier something is to access, the more likely I will keep it in order. And when you store as much paper as I do, you take all the help you can get 🙂
All it requires is a handful of zip-ties and one of those wire cube cubby things. They sell them at Target, but I always see the laying around thrift stores for $5.00. Mine was free— it was already in the basement being used to hold mittens and whatnot. Seeing as I own exactly three mittens (not three pairs, just three), you can tell it saw a lot of action. Cubby is now much happier with his second life as a paper sorter.
*** Other nifty paper storage tricks I found on Pinterest


  1. nutbirds says

    We need to see pictures of your craft room. Somehow I think that this might not be enough shelves to hold all your paper. Guess what? I went up to part of the attic and found some big bins. One was marked “Good Fabric.” And one was marked “Good Pine Cones” What the heck? More chintz. I thought all the “Good Pine Cones” were in the garage.

  2. nutbirds says

    Concerning your motto for June: glittercatlady, sequinedcatlady, and bedazzledcatlady @ .com, .net, .org, .anything are still available. Anyone of those float your boat?

  3. PeachesFreund says

    bedazzledcatlady.com, yup, that might be it!

  4. Janet Nordfors says

    This is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. PeachesFreund says

    Haha — you know me too well. This is just the 8.5×11″ size paper…the rest are in piles and nests all over the place. One of them is right next to the drawer of pine cones labeled “to be cooked and glittered” (no joke!)

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