No-Sew Vintage Scarf Curtain

I have the trendiest pantry in town.

Ubiquitous Trends for Spring/Summer 2012:
Mint Green
Geometric Patterns
Neon Finger Nails

I don’t consider myself a very trendy person, but if I hit two out the three big ones with something I already own, it’s coming out of the closet before the season is over. When I found this vintage Vera  Neuman scarf at the thrift store ten years ago (I collect them — and this one was less than $2.00 as I recall)… I remember thinking, Wow, could there ever be a time a time when hospital green was in fashion?

…errr, yes, actually.  No time like the present.

Unfortunately, this scarf has a major snag along one of the hems. Eventually I would like to repair it, but in the meantime I’m putting it to good use. Thanks to a $2.00 bag of curtain clips and a tension rod, I have a chic new curtain in my pantry. Woot!

* Note: If you do this at home, avoid using a silk scarf in an ultra bright window or the colors will fade. Then again, sun bleaching might be next summer’s big trend and you could be ahead of the curve 🙂


  1. bonnie knuckey says

    OK hold it right there Auntie! You have a WINDOW in your PANTRY??? What!?? That’s not a pantry it’s a magical ME room! With silky magical window dressing. Oh my goodness. I think I need an entire home tour of the new digs.

  2. PeachesFreund says

    I know, right? When I first saw the place I came in knowing there was a “walk in pantry”….when I saw it’s as big as a bathroom AND has a window, that was that. I have no idea why most new homes don’t have pantries — it has changed my life!

  3. curly_girl says

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to curtain my 2 long narrow NYC windows for a couple of decades (since the blinds came down). I didn’t know about tension rods or curtain clips, let along making curtains from skirts and vintage scarves. Much nicer than the haphazard sheets and those shawls sold on the street that I clipped together with binder clips. I also favor no-sew options. Luckily I found your website because I was about to go for shower curtains… now I have far more chic ideas to work with. Maybe I can find couple of skirts from a woman who had, perhaps 20 inch tall legs, from a thrift store. In any case, My neural pathways have been stimulated — thank you!!!

  4. says

    Hi. Sorry. First comment, and it is on a typo. In the last picture, it says “curatin clips.”
    Love the blog!

  5. PeachesFreund says

    Whoops! Thanks. I’ll have to go back and find that image to update. Glad you noticed 🙂

  6. Mariekelly474 says

    Love it! I collect Vera scarves, too! And table cloths and napkins, etc. I actually found some new Vera tea towels and an apron that look retro at Tuesday Morning. Long live VERA!

  7. Joyce says

    I too collect Vera Neumann scarves as I can pick them up for a song at thrift stores. Love the retro look. I have been wanting to use them some kind of way in my home. Good idea! I love you creative people!

  8. Rita says

    My fourteen year old grand daughter would love that

  9. Mich L says

    That looks so glorious! Perfect little window treatment!

  10. Ellicia says

    Oh, I love the window treatment, but I can’t spare the scarf. I am at the Nora Ephron stage of my life that she describes in “I Feel Bad About My Neck”. ‘Nuff said.

  11. JaneEllen Jones says

    Well doggone it, you do have the trendiest pantry in town. Maybe even the U.S. Why not. That’s pretty snazzy for a $2. scarf and the rod/w/clips for $2.00. How lucky can somebody be. Love your blog and sense of humor.

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