$3.00 Rainbow Doily Spinners

I had been saving this idea a for a baby shower, but dontchaknow, all the babies-to-be that I know are being showered out-of-state this year.

Just the same, I’m not letting that stop me — I made a small scale model to share with you guys today. I mean, someone out there must have a baby shower or birthday party or some fun occasion to make them, right?


These are so fun and delicate looking. I chose a color scheme somewhere between rainbow and Easter egg, but you could customize as you like or leave them all white and use them for a bridal shower. Or go crazy and tie-dye. Or use markers and write messages and stuff. Wouldn’t that be fun?


  • 40 Paper Doilies ($3.00 at the party supply store)
  • Watercolor paint (don’t tell me you don’t already own this — no creative person can live without!)
  • Tissue paper cut into roughly 4″ strips (any old rumpled paper will do just fine)
  • Sewing machine (or staples — see below)

Working in stacks of two or three, use watercolor paint to cover the perimeter of each doily and hang to dry. Working is small stacks will help to stabilize the delicate paper and prevent the laciest parts from tearing, but thick stacks will leave bald batches and that’s no goo good. Unless of course you like bald patches. I myself am not opposed 🙂

I chose to iron  my doilies (sandwiched between an old napkin) because they rippled up after drying in direct sun, but you could probably skip that step if your doilies dried slower and are still reasonably flat.

After they are dry, arrange your doilies in stacks of three, fold in half and cut out the solid patch in the middle, creating a ‘window effect.’

Now for the sewing; using a small stitch (the #2 setting on my machine), begin sewing a straight line down the tissue paper, then a few inches in, insert the stack of three doilies and continue. As long as the stitches are small and the needle is sharp, the machine should have no trouble sewing through paper at all. In fact, if you have never tried sewing paper before, this is a good project to start with.   

To stitch multiple spinners on each strand (I did two to four on each) continue sewing a few inches past the stack of three doilies, then insert another stack. Repeat as desired. When you are finished adding spinners, pull at least 18″ of unused thread before cutting (that will be how you hang it).

*No sew alternative: Skip the stitching and use a couple of staples instead. You might need to skip the cut-out window in the middle, but they would still be pretty darn nifty. Hang with a single piece of thread looped through the top staple.

While they are still attached to the tissue paper, carry the garlands to the location where you will hang them. On a solid surface, flip them over, tear away tissue paper, and immediately hang. I taped mine to a lighting fixture, but they are very light weight and could go just about anywhere.

Important: these garlands tangle very easily. Avoid snags and tears by leaving them flat and attached to the tissue until the last minute, then hang them in place and individually pull them apart.

You may or may not need to crease the doilies so they stand out on their own. I found that sewing machine  I’m tempted to see what happens if I snip the thread from the middle, but to tell you the truth, I sort of like it there. I don’t mind lose threads. They only add to the delicacy and daintiness, you know?

You can see what I mean about those bald patches I mentioned earlier — above on the right — see it’s a mix of white and orange? The paint did not fully saturate. It’s not what I was going for but I sort of like it. I appreciate a happy accident, don’t you?

They flutter and spin with even the slightest breeze. I could stare at them for ages.

Not bad for $3.00.


  1. Kara DeCarlo says

    Totally going to use this (in jewel tones) when I have my Moroccan-themed dinner party! You’re the best. 😀

  2. Candace Jedrowicz says

    so beautiful!

  3. Ninabobina says

    Love the idea of “Just Peachy”! I’m also fond of the term “Fruit Salad” and in this house the term “Mod/Hod Podge” (when used to refer to a color scheme) means “pretty-much-every-possible-color” 🙂

  4. ajp2020 says

    ANOTHER Beauty, Peach!!!

  5. G Johnson says

    I love these! I can see them in a nursery, a baby shower, a bridal shower, a wedding, a party … so pretty! So artsy!

  6. kelly gibson says

    ooh, i love them! can you make me some? even without a shower?

  7. PeachesFreund says

    Thanks Steff! I was thinking the same thing about hanging them above the bed (but I didn’t suggest because when I did once on a another project people freaked out about strangling hazards. But between you and me — yeah– go for the mobile!)

  8. PeachesFreund says

    Thanks Michelle!!!

  9. PeachesFreund says

    Yes — someone should come up with a term for this color scheme. It’s not rainbow or easter or pastel or candy colored…it’s…well, I don’t know. If you think of something, let me know!

  10. PeachesFreund says

    Ha! Yes, Roy G Biv and I go way back. We are old pals!

  11. Michpacey says

    GORGEOUS-NESS! What a beautiful idea, Peaches! Roy G Biv will shine with pride when he sees this!!!

  12. Hushgirl says

    These are so beautiful Peaches! And I love your “color scheme somewhere between rainbow and Easter egg”, that cracks me up. It is a perfect description and soooo Peaches! <3!

  13. says

    these are awesome! so dainty and fun! my friend is having a baby in november, i think i’ll make her a mobile! might try stencilling animals or something on the middle bit instead as I don’t have a sewing machine! do you think I could just tape each strand to the ceiling? x

  14. Michelle L says

    Oh, beautiful! And so completely and utterly Peaches! Love them madly.

  15. Steff says

    I’m not sure what I love the most. The actual project, the colours themselves or your photography.
    This would be beautiful hung from a child’s bedroom ceiling, for a little bit of rainbow to gaze at before drifting off to sleep.
    Which gives me a whole new range of ideas.
    This is already one of my favourite Peaches projects!

  16. says

    oooh! love the spinner idea. i’ve only made garlands outta them!

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