Electrical Leopard

In my never-ending effort to infuse animal print into every nook in my home, I decided to cover my kitchen’s electrical outlets in leopard.  
Initially I was thinking about decoupage wrapping paper, but considering the number of times I have wiped splatters of cake batter and spaghetti sauce off my kitchen outlets (don’t act like you have never done it) that idea went out the window. Lucky for me, Duck Tape makes a variety of interesting patterned options, including my beloved leopard. Boo Yow! 


  1. PeachesFreund says

    Argyle tape? I didn’t even know!!!

  2. PeachesFreund says

    You guys are always up to something fabulous, Nicki! You should get your Baby Grands into making duct tape wallets and what not — sell them at a profit — start ’em young! I just saw something the other day where kids were covering old hoody-Tshirts with duct tape to make their own rain coats. Fun bc they could add stickers and fun things. I might need to get in on that…

  3. PeachesFreund says

    Good idea 😉 Target has some nifty tape too — I saw some Hello Kitty duct tape that was pretty darn awesome!

  4. Ellicia says

    I am so glad you shared this. Now first to Target, then to my shoe closet. I have a couple of pairs of sneakers and flip-flops that are crying out for an upgrade. Thanks.

  5. Candace Jedrowicz says

    Crazy cool!

  6. Michelle L says

    Way cool! So much quicker than the wrapping paper version, too!

  7. Nicki Soller says

    My local BabyGrands LOVE duct tape. A friend of theirs had a Duct-Tape-Items-For-Sale business, last winter. She sold quite a few items in the ski lodge; it’s where my kids got hooked. For my birthday, they made a huge bag using it and wrapping paper. It had love notes written on it, as well. As irony would have it, when I did the blog below we were working on a gigantic flower, as per Auntie Peaches. I even mentioned your name, noting that when we eventually FINISH the project, my readers shall be directed to your tutorial. See?

  8. says

    There is ARGYLE duct tape?! Can’t believe I was not alerted to this sooner. (Argyle to me is leopard to you 🙂 Oh happy day!

    p.s. what a fantastic idea and so much easier than decoupage

  9. says

    Well aren’t you the diva of design? Those are so awesome. Now my husband is gonna be PO’D when everything is Hello Kitty up in this piece. I blame you. O.o

  10. justina says

    question do you do the outlet cover that have the two hole in them and can u send me the step by step thanks

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