26 July 2012

London Calling

You know you are *Officially Nonathletic* when it takes an Ab Fab 20th Anniversary Olympic Special to get you excited about the games.

...but now that I watched the special last night, I'm all hopped up on adrenaline and athletic fervor. I feel like getting sweaty. Or riding a bike. Or wearing something spandex with a big black swoosh on it.

Tonight, I might just put on some sweat pants and run to the store for daiquiri mix.

Let the games begin! 
Update:An hour after I posted this picture it happened in real life. Crazy!!
Update: A couple people asked me when the Ab Fab Olympic special will re-air. Answer: I don't know. If you know, chime in the comments. I do know it was part of the 20th anniversary series -- If you missed out on them, you can watch some episodes online courtesy of LOGO.

Another Update: Yes, you can tell how I photoshoped this by looking at the shadow on her lapel. Caution: Booze and inextinguishable flames don't mix!


  1. I am rather fond of her hair! The Ivana Trump look is always in style!

  2. Squish squish, dahling!

  3. Hi, not sure if you would have seen it because on our local London news and BBC but they had Eddie and Patsy run with the real torch through London;

    and video:


    It was really funny. Jennifer Saunders wore union jack shoe boots- brilliant!
    Hope you can see the special soon - its was great!

    B x

  4. You are too funny! Thanks for the smile!

  5. This is not a real photo? You photoshopped it? I don't care, I love it! I might try to print it out. I did Pin a photo of her and Jennifer carrying the torch together. Do you believe it? I was also wondering if I could grow my hair out and copy her hairstyle. I Must be getting dementia.

  6. Love that show!!! When is it on again?

  7. What!? There was an Ab Fab special on last night and you didn't tell us? You wasted your recent posts with colored doilies and didn't talk about the British legends of AbFab? I am disappointed Sweetie Darling. I do enjoy watching sweaty men. I have been watching the Olympics since I got out of college. Before that, the coverage was sporadic. It gets me all riled up. I went to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake. Thrill of a lifetime.


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