Bramble Patch: August 2012

Here are some of this month’s happy distractions. What do Swedish people think of the Swedish chef? The answer is fascinating. A Detroit art movement that is equal parts Mickey Mouse and Mrs. Havisham. I can’t stop looking. Next time you are at the bookstore, check out I Could Pee on This and Other Poems […]

In the Tiki Room

Found this fella in a junkyard last weekend and OBVIOUSLY he had to come home with me. I’m thinking he is from the South Seas somewhere but I don’t know. Anyone? The stain looks pretty new but the wood looks very old. You can’t tell from this photo, but he is about the size of […]

Arm Candy

  I love bracelets. Bracelets love me.  We are in love.   And despite the fact that I have the wrists of a rhinoceros (and often resort to making my own), I never feel so pretty and dainty as when I wear an arm full of jangly bangles — something I do quite frequently. Thought I […]

Before the Sauce

From the late 1970’s I think — an end of summer haul of buckets and bags of tomatoes. Caption on back reads “Before the sauce.” I spotted a display case of mason jars at the grocery store yesterday – a sure sign of autumn in Middle America. The very site of such a thing gets […]

The Fountain

The Marcus Aurelius quote above appeared on calendar in my elementary school nurse’s office. As a kid, I tried to remember it when I was feeling unkind or petty towards others. Which was a lot. Then I got to high school and learned that Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor who probably never had to […]


If you have never eaten off a leopard plate, then you, my friend, are really missing out. *** I’m taking a break through the end of August and posting nothing but pictures… Details here.   

Trophy Time

Nothing a little silver polish won’t clean up. I bought myself a trophy. Actually, it might be an ice bucket, but I am going to pretend it’s a trophy. As someone who has never won a trophy (not even one of those stupid “Great Job Participating in a Non-Competitive T-Ball Team!” plastic trophies they hand […]

The Real WInnie-the-Pooh

Did you know that Winnie-the-Pooh was a real teddy bear owned by a real boy named Christopher Robin? Read about it here. Or better yet, go to the New York Public Library and see them for your yourself. *** I’m taking a break through the end of August and posting nothing but pictures… Details here.  […]

Christmas in August

There is this high-end antique store that keeps their Christmas decorations out front all year round. I sort of love it. I know some people cannot stand it when their neighbors leave the lights up past New Years, but this place has the chutzpah to leave them up all year round! It’s all fruity and […]

The Rightness of Trees

I once heard a marriage counselor say that the world is divided into two types of people.  Type 1 is one sort of person who likes to be right. They enjoy it. They seek it. They feel that being correct/good/valid about something means they (as a person) are correct/good/valid by proxy. Type 2 is the […]