Arm Candy

I love bracelets.
Bracelets love me. 
We are in love.  
And despite the fact that I have the wrists of a rhinoceros (and often resort to making my own), I never feel so pretty and dainty as when I wear an arm full of jangly bangles — something I do quite frequently. Thought I would take a photo of what my arm looks like this morning to share with you guys. Five bucks says someone is going to ask the question I always get; “How do you type with those things?”

Answer: “With attitude.”

The other question I always get; What is the trick to layering miss-matched bracelets?

This is a tip I learned from window dressing years ago: always wear at least three (four or five is better) and make sure two of them share a common element like color or shape or material. In this case, the common element is dots. Yes, dots. The dots on the dice match the bevel rhinestone dots on the red bracelet next to it. I could stick those two together and wrap my wrists with Barbara Bush’s pearls and it would still look good. And believe me, I have tried it.
Also, it also never hurts to make sure one of the bracelets dangles off a bit. A little dangling never hurt anybody. Unless you operate dangerous machinery for a living, in which case, forget about the dangle thing.  
This big hunkin’ dice bracelet is from That’s right — the Home Shopping Network! And here you were thinking they only sold birthstone rings and dolls with teeth. Not so, my friend. I’m shocked to say it is still on clearance (how this did not sell out months ago I will never know) and it’s from the queen bee of layered jewelry, and my personal hero, the glorious Iris Apfel. If you have big wrists like me, this one is a winner! If you have skinny little flopsy wrists you might want to steer clear of this (but check out these butt-kicking wooden beads.)


I’m taking a break through the end of August and posting nothing but pictures… Details here.  


  1. PeachesFreund says

    Noted 😉 I’ll know where to go when the time comes!

  2. nutbirds says

    Well, you should have a post with advice from selected readers like me. Don’t rely on comments. I have definite ideas about style and jewelry, etc. I can write you my parameters about style. Number one: it is disrespectful to show up at an occasion, be it a wedding, funeral, party in honor of someone improperly dressed. If you can afford a car, you can afford proper grownup clothes.

  3. nutbirds says

    Iris Apfel sells on HSN? I guess I am just a novice at mainstream shopping these days. I did buy a purse at Saks on Black Friday, though.

  4. nutbirds says

    What’s funny, now that I have checked out Iris’s jewelry, is that I have a Lot of The Same Things. You could also knockout some of those pieces. Peach, write to her and ask her to make you a rhinestone possum pin. If we all buy them, we can be in a secret club. No Boys Allowed.

  5. PeachesFreund says

    Michelle, you are the expert on all things jewelry — I should be asking you for advice on such a thing. Maybe that would be a good post? A collective advice column with style tips from my favorite bloggers. Hmmm…

  6. michelle l says

    Now this is a fun new thing – please, more offbeat Peachified fashion advice! Love this tip – I am always too matchy-matchy and need to stretch my jewel-mixing muscles. Love the giant dice bangles.

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