Vay Kay

It’s August. And like everyone else I know, I am taking a vacation. A blog vacation.
I was planning on taking a two-week break from my regular posting, but after seeing Michele’s plan, I have decided to copy this concept and spend the last two weeks of August posting pictures. Just pictures. Some of them might be outtakes from previous posts, some might be snapshots from my phone, and some might be random stuff that I totally wanted to post, but didn’t because I thought it might be out of context for a blog like this and y’all would think I was weird. But now I realize y’all already know I’m weird, and, honestly, it’s August and hardly anyone is watching; if there was ever a time to let my hair down and be out of context, this is it. Ooo, now doesn’t that sound rebellious?
The next two weeks could be an exciting journey through the randomness of my everyday life, or a tiresome exercise in Narcissism. Either way, I get to spend the extra downtime doing creative work to share with you guys in September, like awesome new DIY projects, various home improvements, and finding new ways to cure eczema with vapo rub.  No, really.

I hope you stick around 🙂


  1. PK says

    Glad you are not abandoning us completely! And, if the vapo rub doesn’t help with the eczema, try Grandpa’s Pine Tar Oil Soap. I just discovered it and while the smell is a little … odd… it is a fab product that I can’t help but pass along! And come on, “Grandpa’s Pine Tar Oil Soap” – the name alone made it worth a try for me!

  2. Suzonne says

    Good plan! I’ve been on vacation ALL SUMMER!

  3. Cindy says

    Sorry to blow your “everyone is on vacation theory” but since there is no new blog I have been cruising your old blogs. I liked the one about sales, roses and bra inserts. So I passed it on to my Sacramento Etsy Team. Fun pictures are always fun.

  4. Petechiae says

    I’m glad you’re not leaving us completely. I love your pictures.
    Enjoy and take care! xo

  5. ajp2020 says

    Everyone deserves a vacation. HAVE fun and we’ll enjoy seeing what you put on your blog! Yes, put Lola on your blog with whatever pictures you post!!! We’ll still be coming to see what you put on. It’s an obsession….

  6. nutbirds says

    We are going to miss you! Finish your closet, okay? We’d like lots of cat pictures if possible.

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