Bramble Patch: September 2012

Here are some of this month’s happy distractions.  Does anyone out there run a store or restaurant? Can I come over and hang this sign in your window? They held a cat video film festival and I didn’t get an invite. Color me peeved. A two-minute scientific look at why people procrastinate and what they […]

Grow a Pair

I went to the farmer’s market next to my office looking to pick up a couple of stargazer lilies for my desk. I came back with big hairy balls. Yes. This is happening. They are some sort of seed pod. Another flower shopper said she bought them three weeks ago and they dried standing up […]

Tie-Dyeing for Formal Dining

There are so many reasons I love setting the table for an autumn feast: Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, breaking the fast for Yom Kipur, Autumnal Solstice, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Be Bald and Free Day… the list goes on. Here, I decided to set up a formal dinner party for Halloween. A small, spooky […]

More Liberace Pumpkins

Last year I made two snazztastic Liberace pumpkins. Now this year they made three friends. Okay, maybe I made them. Just the same, they are altogether now a happy gang of five. Next year I’ll aim for nine. I figure if Liberace appreciated anything above all else, it would be abundance.  My favorite is the […]

The Rumspringa of Dessert

I may or may not have spent my birthday dinner at a Medieval Times (“Dinner and Tournament!”) eating chicken legs with my fingers and wearing a paper crown that barely squeezed over my head. It was amazing. There were long-haired horses and sequined wizards and pina coladas served in glow-in-the-dark challices. I may or may […]

The Jesus Year

fu Today marks 33 years of living. Welcome to my Jesus Year! Are you familiar with The Jesus Year concept? Let me take you on this fun ride…. So, supposedly, 33 is the age at which Jesus came into popularity, and thereby, we are all supposed to use this number as something to measure  our […]

A Blank Slate

Since moving in almost one year ago, I have been putting off decorating the dining room. For one thing, I don’t dine in there much. It seems silly to waste time and money on something used so little. For another thing, it had this plate rail that I didn’t know what to do about. Part […]

One of These Things Does Not Belong

An early birthday present arrived in the mail last week. Based on the packaging, I thought it was a book. Maybe a cat toy. Or perhaps a funky bracelet…. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to find a leopard print knife. Clearly, some people know me too well. Better yet, it also came […]

Let’s Get Leafy

It’s fall y’all.  …or autumn y’all.  …or pumpkin latte season at Starbucks y’all.   Let’s embrace it. Let’s get leafy. If you have followed this blog for a while you might recognize this project. It’s a lot like the valentine garland I hung up last February. It was supposed to come down by March but […]