24 September 2012

More Liberace Pumpkins

Last year I made two snazztastic Liberace pumpkins. Now this year they made three friends. Okay, maybe I made them. Just the same, they are altogether now a happy gang of five. Next year I'll aim for nine. I figure if Liberace appreciated anything above all else, it would be abundance

My favorite is the one I am calling The Snooki Pumpkin (not to be confused with Alexa's amazing Snooki Pumpkin). Mine started out as a $1.99 foam pumkpin from Goodwill. It was a little rough around the edges so I decoupaged it with leopard print tissue paper, sealed it with Mod Podge mixed with a spoonful of gold glitter, then just to keep things classy, I topped it off with some randomly dispersed orange rhinestones ringed with concentric circles of puff paint. The painted dots are so simple but they add a sort of ethnic flair I think. I'm not sure what kind of ethnic flair that might be but I know it's there.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Liberace Pumpkins - I LOVE the sound of that! I was not a Liberace fan all my life - I happened to stumble upon one of his videos on YouTube - I fell in love from the first wink. Now i'm a Liberace junkie - cant get enough of him! Anyways your pumpkins look GREAT !!

  2. Genius. I stand in awe.


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