Why I will not be shopping at Hobby Lobby anymore

Dear Hobby Lobby,
As an avid crafter and long-time Hobby Lobby shopper, I am disappointed by your recent choice to sue the United States government. Your suit claims that you do not want to follow federal law by providing your employees with health insurance that would cover emergency contraception, because, as you say, “These abortion-causing drugs go against our faith.”
Hobby Lobby, here are a three things I want you to know.
1. The morning-after pill does not cause abortions. It prevents pregnancy from happening in the first place. It stops ovulation and inhibits the egg from implanting in the uterine lining. It does not tinker with an embryo that has already implanted. It does not abort a fetus. 
Yes, I realize a lot of men like to believe that life begins at the very moment of male climax, but as any woman can tell you, that is not the case. Sad face, right?
In emergency situations, the morning-after pill is a necessary measure. Thousands of women rely on it every day to control their family planning. It is possible that some of them are amongst your 13,000 plus full-time employees.
How do I know that the morning-after pill is not an abortion? Because I have had occasion to use it myself. I have also taken the time to do my homework, read the scientific research, and asked several of my friends in the medical profession to share their thoughts. Just now, I even asked my dear friend Maureen, who is a doctor—and a conservative-minded Christian one at that. Our conversation went like this:
And here is a kicker for you: Plan B works the same as daily birth control, aka “the pill,” just in more concentrated dose. Hobby Lobby, how many of your employees are on the pill? Urmmmm, a lot.

Let’s review; pregnancy occurs when an egg implants and sticks. Period. (No pun intended). (And you can research the definition on your own time). If you are filing a lawsuit to get rid of one of these medications you should probably get rid of both. The main difference is timing and cost. The pill is pretty cheap, but Plan B runs around $65 a dose in my neck of the woods. For someone working an hourly retail job, $65 might be the difference between groceries and gas money (I speak from experience here). 
Now, I can see why you might be confused. Yes, there are some pills that can cause abortions. As the Mayo Clinic points out “Keep in mind that the morning-after pill isn’t the same as mifepristone (Mifeprex), also known as RU-486 or the abortion pill. Mifeprex terminates an established pregnancy — one in which the fertilized egg has attached to the uterine wall and has already begun to develop.”

But Mifeprex is not covered in the mandate mentioned in your law suit. So, gosh, this is awkward.  
Sorry Hobby Lobby, those are the facts. I believe in facts. You may believe in something different, and that’s okay too. Facts will be around longer than both of us.
2. By opposing the morning-after pill, you are opposing a simple form of contraception. Your lawsuit claims that this is a violation of your religion, which I don’t buy (see item 1) but okay, fine, you stick to it. Hold your ground. Keep your magic beans. But the thing is Hobby Lobby, you, as a corporation, are not your employees. You do not make family planning decisions for your staff. You have every right to hire and fire employees as you see fit, but, you do not have the right to dictate what those employees do with their bodies when they are off the clock.
I know what you are thinking Hobby Lobby, “But why should we have to pay for these women and their choice of life-style? Can’t they just pay for this stuff themselves?”
Good points, Hobby Lobby. My employer asks a similar question every time they have to pay out for one of my colleagues who receives Type II Diabetes medication, or treatment for lung cancer, or someone’s Viagra, or vasectomy, or any other medical treatment caused by “life-style choices.” That’s the way insurance works. It’s all-in. Nobody gets to pick and choose coverage based on what they see fit and moral. You don’t get to punish your employees by holding back medication because you don’t agree with their life-style choices. Your lawsuit aims to set legal precedent that would prevent other US employers from covering contraception in their benefits package, and that is not cool Hobby Lobby. Not cool.
3. As a craft blogger and creative professional, I spend a lot of time in craft stores. A lot. Probably ten times more than anyone else I know (except for my other craft blogging friends, who are all reading this). I have to cross three other craft stores to get to the nearest Hobby Lobby, and I used to do it on a regular basis because I liked the way you do business. Your stores are always clean, well-stocked, and your employees know their stuff better than most. Yes, the Glitter-Me-Jesus figurines are a little freaky, and sometimes your music is weird, but hey, we can’t all be DJs. All in all, over the years, I have spent a good deal of money at Hobby Lobby. As of yesterday that is over. I will not support a company that would deny its employees the ability to control their reproductive organs. I will not be shopping at Hobby Lobby anymore.
Furthermore, I am going to tell all my family, friends and colleagues about what you are doing with this lawsuit. I’m going to tell all my blog friends too. There are a few thousand of them dropping by every day. I don’t expect all of them to agree with me, but I do expect that they will think about it. And yes, I’m hoping they will think about it as they are driving right past your store to head over to Michael’s, or Jo-Ann’s, or AC Moore, or Ben Franklin, or any of the other wonderful craft retailers who are observing their religious beliefs in their hearts and not in my biscuit. 
~ Aunt Peaches
If you are a Hobby Lobby customer and have an opinion on this issue, why don’t you take a moment to tell them about it.

*** The Morning-After Update

Before publishing this post yesterday I asked a friend to read it to make sure it wasn’t totally off-base or offensive. She said it was.”Do you realize that you could lose half your readers by posting this?”

Yes. And that was a risk I was willing to take. However, to my amazement, the opposite has taken place. It appears that I have lost a few readers and gained many, many more. The overwhelming tide of support is startling. That was not expected.

I want to take a second to say thank you to everyone who is taking the time to weigh in — on both sides of the debate. Thank you for telling your friends and sharing on facebook and writing emails to the folks at HL. Consumer buying power is one of the only tools we can use to see change. Lucky for us, it is also one of the most effective.

I also want to note that a number of people have sent emails to me directly because they don’t feel comfortable commenting on this subject in public. The fact that they felt compelled to email is wonderful, appreciated, 100% understandable…and precisely the reason I wrote this post. Some things need to be said…in public. No one should have to feel bad about speaking their mind. Progress will never happen if folks are too afraid to say what they know to be true.With that in mind, for a while here, I will be turning on my comment moderation. All comments will be published whether I agree with them or not.However, any mean-spirited remarks, particularly those in response to other commenters, will not be published. Period. I’m not asking you to agree with me, I’m asking you to think about it before you write it down. Who knows, if we each can say what we think and be respectful about it, we might just find some common ground and find a way to move forward.



**Update five months later, Feb 10, 2013, one month after the law was to go into effect.Several people have asked me about the current status of the lawsuit, and while I am not an attorney, I’ll tell you what I know in a nutshell: Last fall, the district court deniedHobby Lobby’s claim as a religious institution, so then HL appealed to another court which is, currently, essentially, in limbo. You can read more about it here, although none of it really matters right now because HL hired lawyers to find a legal loophole that allows them to reset their insurance calendar back many months, thus proving time to wait out the court system and avoid $1.3 million dollar daily fine. So that sounds fun. If you would like to see a list of for-profit companies who have suddenly become religious institutions to avoid paying for their employees health insurance, take a gander over here.

Also, unfortunately, many comments below were lost when I switched commenting service providers in January 2013. I apologize if yours was deleted or became “unthreaded.” Comments on this post are now closed.


  1. says

    Amen, sister.

    I won’t be shopping at Hobby Lobby anymore either.

    • Anonymous says

      as an employee of hobby lobby. it is stupid to blame the stores around you for what the CEO decides to do

    • Mel says

      The CEO males money when the stores do well. You can’t shop at the stores while still boycotting the CEO. Sorry your employer sucks, but that’s how a boycott works.

  2. Sandy says

    Well they lost me. I used to spend hundreds each November on wreath supplies for holiday gifts. Guess ill have to go Michaels now.

  3. says

    Working for a vendor that supplied innovative products, i can assure you there is nothing “christian” about stealing ideas/products and making them in thier own Chinese sweat shops.

  4. says

    Working for a vendor that supplied innovative products, i can assure you there is nothing “christian” about stealing ideas/products and making them in thier own Chinese sweat shops.

  5. says

    I am also writing off Hobby Lobby. I find the arguement of religious freedom doesn’t pass muster when you are trying to make others follow your beliefs.

  6. says

    You all are ignorant. Do you own the company Aunt Peaches? No? Oh, you don’t run the business. Being you must sell your arts and crafts, and I am assuming you make your own business decisions based on what you feel is best. I would think you would be ones to understand. Hobby Lobby has the right to do whatever they feel is right. If that is their opinion, that is their opinion. I am a man that has bought a Plan B pill for an ex girlfriend. Without saying whether it is right or wrong, I will say I bought it as a waiter on a very low salary. Why should an employer have to pay for it. Hobby Lobby I will continue to support you. Thank you for standing for what you believe in, and not bowing down to some of our fellow Americans. Your views reflect not only that of mine, but many others of my kind.

    Me and many other fellow Americans. ( who will keep you in business)

    • Joyce M says

      I haven’t shopped at Hobby Lobby since their debacle and don’t intend to. Michaels and other craft stores have my business now. Indiana’s governor, an incredibly stupid man, threw Indiana, my home state, under the buss with his “Religious Freedom Act”. This decision by Hobby Lobby’s CEO is all about money, not religion. If he’s such a good person, why does he buy all the junk from China and Thailand who hire children and pay them probably no more than a dollar per week or less

  7. JJ says

    Get off your glittery soapbox!! Wow! You lost me on this rant.

  8. Anonymous says

    Evan Roberts doesn’t read so good. See, the writer doesn’t fault Hobby Lobby for not buying contraception for its employees, it blames Hobby Lobby for filing a lawsuit against the government for making insurers cover contraception including a pill that DOES NOT cause abortions. This isn’t about Hobby Lobby needing to pay for these pills. It’s about whether the insurance Hobby Lobby is ALREADY buying for its employees will have to cover these pills.

  9. Anonymous says

    Dear Aunt Peaches, for those of us who believe that life starts when a sperm fertilizes an egg, yes, a pill that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting itself in the lining of the uterus is in fact abortifacient.

    There are also those of us who believe in having intelligent dialogue in the matter, but find it irritating to have to deal with bitchy, condescending women who think they speak for all women just because they have fallopian tubes. I am a woman, and you do not speak for me. Sad face, indeed.

    • says

      Just thought I’d say I find it very unfortunate that you stooped as low as calling Aunt Peaches and anyone who has a different opinion from your own a “bitchy, condescending women”. She did not mention anywhere that she was speaking for all women, only herself. Please learn how to read and interpret words, correctly.

    • Mel says

      Anti-choice women want to speak for all women, make choices for all women, and control the reproductive rights of all women. Aunt Peaches isn’t attempting to be the voice of all women here, she’s standing up for women who are sick of people telling us they can make better decisions for our body than we can.

      Now, if you have a problem with abortion, that is fine. You don’t have to get an abortion. However, you do not have any say in what I do with my body. None. At all. Ever. It isn’t your business, your decision, or your life to live.

    • says

      plan B works just like “the pill” would you say that you take issue with “the pill” also known as “ortho?” or any one of the millions of daily pills/rings/condoms/contraceptives of any kind?

      If you are against contraception of all kinds because you believe life begins at ejaculation or ovulation well then i can accept your position. BUT if you are ok with the pill then you should be ok with plan b because it does what the pill does just in high dosage…


      So don’t be a sheep… plan b is not an abortion pill, it’s birth control in high dose… and remember unplanned pregnancies…. well the lead to women and kids on welfare/food stamps/government programs… so if you really want to limit access to birth control you should be in favor of programs like headstart, food stamps, wic etc… because we are going to need lots more $$ to cover them…

    • Anonymous says

      It stops the egg from being fertilized, please do your research.

    • Anonymous says

      I’m pretty sure she said it stops the egg from being fertilized. Not that it stops the egg from attaching to the uterus wall. Did you read the blog post? Cause, you know, I would certainly want to do that before I took the time to write something down that might make me look like an idiot. That way I wouldn’t have a sad face.

    • Anonymous says

      In the Catholic religión, any pill that prevents a woman to become pregnant is basically abortion. Thats why the Catholic religión does not endorse the use of birth control. So If Hobby Lobby is in fact a Catholic company, why would they have to let their insurers pay for something they are strongly against. The Catholic hospitals have the same problem. If a person wants birth control, they need to Buy it themselves. Its their choice, their body, their right. Why should other people have to pay for it????

  10. says

    I don’t know about the owners of Hobby Lobby in particular, but I do know that some people do consider keeping a fertilized egg from implanting to be abortion whether that’s the medical definition or not.

    As to Hobby Lobby’s rights as a business, I didn’t read anywhere here that someone thinks they don’t have a right to sue or to try to do what they want. But we also have the right not to give our money to businesses we believe don’t treat their employees well.

    • Anonymous says

      Again, I’m pretty sure she said it stops the egg from being fertilized. Not that it stops the egg from attaching to the uterus wall. Did you fail to read the blog post, too? Damn, what is it with people not reading the whole blog? Seems like a pretty stupid thing to do JUST before pretending that you did.

  11. Anonymous says

    I haven’t shoped there for years now…. I asked if they had any scrapbook things for Hanukkah…. the reply. ” this is a Christian store ” I myself am Catholic but I work for a Jewish family…. that was the last time I walked into that store. Now with this my thoughts are confirmed hobby lobby is not a place for me or my family to shop.

  12. says

    I’m so disappointed with Hobby Lobby. They have joined the ranks of places I will not shop.

  13. says

    I’m so disappointed with Hobby Lobby. They have joined the ranks of places I will not shop.

  14. Lyn says

    Call me oblivious.. but the couple of times I have been in a HL I didn’t hear the music or see the glittered figurines .. but I was probably so focused on finding ONE THING .. that I just didn’t notice..(If memory serves .. one time it was just to walk through because I had happened upon it and my Husband was with me.. the next was because my friend needed a specific basket .. and the most recent was to find specific paper for a friend)

    Our first HL is arriving in Tucson in the next few months… we’ve lost all our dedicated scrapbookng stores .. but still have “J’s and M’s” .. I’ll be sticking with them .. and ordering online… HL will not be getting any of my business – I guess it is all about choices .. and we all have to make our own…

    (Newbie to your blog.. but LOVED IT!!)

  15. says

    I’m not a reader of your blog, and admit, I doubt I will start reading it, but I would like to say a big THANK YOU for bringing this issue to my attention. I don’t go to Hobby Lobby often, but now I can cross it off the list of places to go. There are plenty of other craft stores nearby that don’t try to dictate lifestyle choices to their employees.

  16. says

    The feeling is mutual, Peaches! And I love the fact that you are the kind of person who can disagree with another person without disrespecting them. I only wish there more people who had that skill. Think how we could raise the level of debate, and how much the country would benefit because of it!

  17. Annie says

    Wow, Dawn, nothing like COMPLETELY missing the point of the article and Vicki’s post.

  18. AWI says

    I’m a crafter and artist myself and have just joined your page based on hearing your stance with Hobby Lobby. You rock Peaches.

  19. Annie says

    There are very few employers who pay 100% of the cost of their employees’ health insurance premiums. I don’t know if Hobby Lobby does or not (doubtful that they do). That said, health insurance is compensation for work, just like a paycheck. If a corporation wants to pick and choose, based on their own arbitrary belief system, what types of medical issues it will allow covered under insurance, then where does it end? Do they not pay for an employee’s diabetes medication because it is against their moral code to eat unhealthy foods? Do they not pay for a life-saving blood transfusion because their religion forbids such treatment? By the way, health insurance policies that do not include contraception coverage cost MORE money than those that do. Preventive care of ANY kind is preferable to insurance companies because it lowers their claims payments.

  20. Annie says

    First, not everyone has a Planned Parenthood facility in their area. Second, if Romney is elected, there WILL be no more Planned Parenthood.

  21. Annie says

    That’s the way the free market works, Dawn.

  22. PeachesFreund says

    Yup. That just about sums it up.

  23. says

    Keyword here is “provide”. When someone is providing you with something, it IS their choice what they’ll provide. You have 2 choices when this is the case. 1. Work elsewhere. OR 2. Provide for yourself!

  24. PeachesFreund says

    Theories vs. Science. Apples vs. Oranges.

    Yes, individuals are welcome to believe in certain theories and follow as they wish. Companies that are comprised of thousands of individuals, all of whom are free to pursue their own beliefs, are held to a different standard. Just to be clear — nobody is trying to impose the morning-after pill on you, Tim. But if you did want it, I would want your employer to follow the law and not discourage you from taking it, either by withholding the funds from your insurance to pay for it, or by publicly declaring the pill as “abortion-causing” which is, at best, a theory. Now we are going in circles….I digress….

  25. PeachesFreund says

    Glad you got the joke. I fear it will go over the heads of many 🙂

  26. PeachesFreund says

    Excellent point. Arithmetic is a funny thing….

  27. Kara DeCarlo says

    Well, shoot, Peaches! It’s a good thing I read this! Hobby Lobby was on my list of places to go this afternoon because it’s closest. Guess I’ll suck it up and drive on over to Michael’s. Thanks for the heads up!

  28. Annie says

    It is completely about control. There is no rational basis for ANY employer to hold sway over it’s employees’ private business. And health insurance coverage is part of an employee’s compensation package, and therefore, it is equal to the employee’s paycheck.

  29. Annie says

    Oh my, what a completely ill-informed post.

  30. PeachesFreund says

    @ Suzy McQ, I agree with you on all counts. I am going to make the assumption that most Hobby Lobby customers are women — I wonder why they chose to make a decision that would tick so many of us off?

  31. PeachesFreund says

    Girl, you said it. If us craft bloggers were running the country we could put our heads together and find a solution for just about everything.

    ….and then we would post the answers on Pinterest! 🙂

  32. kt says

    I had never heard of you before, but now I am glad I did. More people need to state their case in as logical and polite a manner as you have. The raving crazy stuff is pointless and tiresome, but there is still a place in the world for rational discussions. Thanks for starting one and establishing a standard of discourse that is potentially productive and certainly not as vitriolic as most these days.

  33. PeachesFreund says

    Go on now. Spend the money at Michael’s. Is it a coupon week? I should look one up. Dang, I should have found a Michael’s coupon link and included it at the bottom of the post so everyone would have reason to go!
    (then again, I don’t know if Michael’s would be too fond of that…)

  34. Mary says

    Good for you! This was a wonderful letter.

  35. Jessica B says

    Wow, this is a rather offensive rant. You said, “90% of the woman who take it wouldn’t have to if they didn’t sleep around. (Obviously a different story in rape cases, but from what I have read, most woman who do take it do so because they made bad choices the night before.)” Well gee – I’ve been married for 16 years to the same man, and unfortunately have to bring you into my bedroom to make a point. If I’m “sleeping around” with my husband, and we have a situation where it could possibly result in an unwanted pregnancy (we have four fantastic kids already – my last delivery was an emergency situation almost resulting in mine and my daughter’s death), is it OK for me to take it then? And also, am I one of the 10% of people who aren’t considered “sleeping around” by your Christian standards? So yeah, I am a Christian, and I personally took the morning after pill last month, after “making a bad choice the night before” apparently, to be intimate with my husband. My point is: your ill informed statement that 90% of the people who are taking it are “sleeping around” and “making bad choice,” is a load of crap. The same kind of crap that nut-jobs spew when a girl who was wearing a short skirt and high heels gets raped because she “was asking for it.” I personally know several moms, Christians and completely decent people who’ve taken the pill “just in case,” and they aren’t sleeping around at all – unless you consider having sex with a long term boyfriend or spouse “sleeping around.”

    • says

      Right on and well said! I want to add something here though: it doesn’t matter if a woman is taking the pill because she is sleeping around because it is nobody’s business why she is taking the pill. Her sexual behavior is not any of our business. Her medical choices aren’t any of our business. We cannot dictate our sexual morality to others. If 2 consenting adults want to get it on, that’s their business!

    • Reyna says

      Actually, our actions do affect others because stds are a result of promiscuity. Scientists agree that if everybody stuck to one partner stds would die out in a generation or two. Nature doesn’t like promiscuity and even if we chose to be monogomous, it hurts us when our loved ones choose not to and when they possibly contract an std and we have to watch them suffer. We are not isolated beings, our actions always affect others.

  36. PeachesFreund says

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. says

    I find it ironic that nobody questions Viagra being covered, but when any type of birth control is brought up some people pitch fits.

  38. says

    Very welll-written. I recently took my daughter to our doctor and we discussed the morning after pill and she said exactly what you said … it is NOT an abortion pill. These companies make me ill … I’m glad you brought this to my attention and I am sharing your Facebook post.

  39. PeachesFreund says

    @ Bryna, you are exactly the sort of person I was hoping would read this post. And I’m glad you will spend your money elsewhere 🙂

  40. Layne says

    Gained another reader! I stopped shopping there years ago, because I cannot stand their check out system. I worked at HL all through high school in Tulsa, and they use the SAME register system as 30 years ago. It’s always a clusterf*** at checkout.

  41. PeachesFreund says

    @ Kim Well, I’m glad you are the kind of mom who takes their daughter to the doctor and is willing to have an open and honest discussion about a subject that most parents shy away from. We need more moms like that. Your daughter is a lucky young woman.

  42. PeachesFreund says

    Isn’t that the truth!

  43. Ashley Spell says

    YOU are fantastic, articulate, wonderful and a hero. YAY PEACHES!!!

  44. Jessie says

    I guess I will find another place to get my craft supplies. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I shopped at HL frequently. They always seemed to have exactly what I wanted. But I cannot support an organization that is trying to limit the rights of its female employees. I don’t care if it is based on religious beliefs, women are not second class citizens that should have their health care dictated by anyone but themselves.

  45. kmperk9 says

    You’ve gained a fan in me Peaches. Brava!

  46. Kyle says

    Aunt Peaches,
    I agree that this practice is wrong, and, really, makes no sense. While they are pretending to advocate in the name of their religious freedom, they’re actually oppressing others’ rights. Yes, irony indeed.
    I support equality. Not ‘equality, as long as you are of the same view as me’, but ‘equality in the respect that I cannot determine what is right for everyone, as all needs are different.’
    Unfortunately, as a male, I do take issue with one of the points you decided to illustrate in your response to Hobby Lobby.
    “Yes, I realize a lot of men
    like to believe that life begins at the very moment of male climax, but
    as any woman can tell you, that is not the case. Sad face, right?”
    I don’t understand why you felt it was necessary to debase the male gender with such a broad statement. Wouldn’t you agree that statements like this only serve to exacerbate, not promote understanding?
    And yes, you could reply that, “Well, I said ‘a lot of men’,” but, the implication in the line, “any woman can tell you…” that your feeling is that women are more intelligent than men, or that they are more able to make wise or pertinent decisions.
    After all, isn’t that what your letter was against?
    I respect and agree with your statement and point of view. I just wish you had not chosen to resort to slandering in order to prove your point.

  47. Anonymous says

    There are other things you can do besides taking a pill. Use common sense people. if you are not ready to have a child you are not read for sex

  48. Anonymous says

    A company can not control what employees do in their free time. Its a christian store. If u dont believe in what there doing. GO WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  49. Anonymous says

    I’d love to “work somewhere else” but in this job market, I can’t find anything else.

  50. says

    I have an idea, how about we make the government pay for everything. We can just be Socialists, that’s worked well in history right? I am not against healthcare for all. But what is wrong with responsibility for ones actions. I.E. Buying condoms for yourself, paying for a Plan B pill if needed, or taking adequate care of the child with which you fornicated. Why should my insurance rate go up, or Hobby Lobby’s for that matter. Simply because Joe Blow felt the government should be responsible for his actions. This is checks and balances, thru the judicial branch. Hobby Lobby, I had planned on going to Walmart for a birthday party gift tomorrow, but instead, I think I will visit your store. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in.

    • says

      Isn’t that why Plan B is an over the counter medication? Should we also have our Tylenol, Aspirin, Benadryl, diapers, wipes, etc paid for from the government?

    • says

      Plan B is preventative. Imagine how much more you would pay if every unwanted pregnancy was carried to term. Do you have any idea the cost of prenatal care & the cost of birthing a child? What if the child needs to be in the NICU after it is born? That coverage isn’t on the chopping block as being a result of a poor lifesyle choice. Also, HP employees don’t make that much money, so the new mothers will likely be taking advantage of programs like food stamps.

      Also, tylenol is much cheaper than Plan B. Plan B isn’t “over the counter” either. You have to see a physician before you can get it. That is the issue, having a prescription covered by employee insurance.

      Supporting/not supporting a store is everyone’s prerogative. I will be skipping the Hobby Lobby visit and am going to spend my money on pornography and booze myself. Happy shopping!

  51. Anonymous says

    “if you are not ready to have a child you are not read for sex”

    This might come as a huge shock to you, but some people have sex FOR PLEASURE.
    Peaches, you rock so much.

  52. says

    Duh. Who doesn’t have sex for pleasure. What’s your point?

  53. Anonymous says

    My point, Evan Roberts, is that many people do not have sex to “have a child”. One of the reasons Blan B should be widely available as a birth control method covered by insurance for any woman that wishes to take it.

  54. says

    Isn’t that why Plan B is an over the counter medication now? Should we have the government pay for our Tylenol, Aspirin, Benadryl, diaper, wipes and condoms as well?

  55. Anonymous says

    You have the right to free speech…and HL has the religious freedom to follow “their” conscience as do all of the religious institutions and restaurants et.al. How much does this morning after pill cost anyway? It probably won’t break the bank…so, the employees can buy it with their hard earned HL wages. Those employees shouldn’t expect the insurance company to have blood on their hands, so to speak. The morning after pill does abort fertilized eggs by preventing them from implanting. That is a fact. Twist it however you want. The egg and sperm can still tango and the baby is just flushed away.

  56. Anonymous says

    I’m actually tired of people hiding behind “freedom of religion. ” it’s a lame excuse. Particularly when they are trying to force their religious views on others. Think about that for a second. Freedom requires tolerance of other’s rights to those same freedoms, even when you don’t agree with their religion. Nowhere in The Constitution does it say there is a right to not be offended. The outrage over being offended is the same as the chuckleheads in Libya over that pathetic YouTube video.

    I got off on a bit of a tangential issue. But thanks for bringing this issue up Peaches. I think everyone needs to grow thicker skins and stop trying to force their views on everyone else. Just because you don’t like others choices, you don’t have the right to judge them. As the Christians say “only God can judge me.” Besides the Bible, Torah, and Koran are works translated many times from from the original works…. which themselves were written many years after the events occurred. Religion is just as private as what goes on in one’s bedroom. As long as you’re not breaking the law, it’s nobody else’s MF business.

  57. Anonymous says

    I find it incredibly funny that there is a Hobby Lobby add right on the bottom of this page! Go Hobby Lobby! You have my full support!

  58. Anonymous says

    Because I live on a small island off the coast of Maine, we don’t have any Hobby Lobby Stores here but I must say “Great Job” and well written!!! I certianly wouldn’t spend my hard earned money there either!!! Thanks for taking a stand!!! Capt. Julie Eaton

  59. Anonymous says

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  63. Anonymous says

    Now, Aunt Peaches, if you would kindly write a “I=won’t=do-business-with-bankers-who-break-the-law-buy-politicians-and-crash=the=global-economy” blog post, I would be a forever fan.

  64. Anonymous says

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  65. HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn says

    To speak to another commenter on here: I may not be a devoutly religious person but I have no problem with Hobby Lobby closing on Sundays. I have no issue with Jesus and images of Jesus all around their store. I ****do**** have a problem when they decide to get involved with what goes on inside Miss Boo Boo Kitty, and that’s where I draw the line.

    This to me is quite similar to Chick-Fil-A and that debate. CFA is most welcome to close on Sundays (in fact, I respect their reasons for it) and they may have, for all I know or care, carolers singing from hymnals inside the store if they so wish. But when MONEY that I spend there is then funneled into something that would potentially hurt me (Hobby Lobby and their lobbyists) or my friends (CFA’s funding of anti-gay causes) then yes, we can (1) speak out about it and (2) stop spending money there.

  66. says

    I went to one Hobby Lobby one time, and it was clearly a place trying to push certain religious attitudes. I haven’t been back, and it is clear I wasn’t wrong.

  67. Linda Murphy says

    OK, so does Hobby Lobby’s health plan cover Viagra? What a disgrace if it does and treats women like this.

  68. says

    This is great. My family is devout Catholic and we have an altar
    almost in every part of our home, with all those statues of the saints, the
    Virgin Mary and the Holy Infant. Problem is, my mom buys lots and lots of
    candles which make lots of untidy-looking leftover wax. Your tips will help me keep our altars spotless clean.

  69. says

    HL is a private corporation, and as such, has corporate personhood. That means they, and others like them, are considered persons as defined under the 14th Amendment, and as protected by the others, including the First Amendment. That means they have the same Right as you, as me, as our American neighbors. They are equal under the law, not inferior as Congress is treating them. Their First Amendment right is being violated. It didn’t begin with Citizens United v. Federal Election Comm’n – 08-205 (2010) as many mistakenly think. It’s been in place since the early 1800s (Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward – 17 U.S. 518 (1819)), made precedent in Pembina Consolidated Silver Mining Co. v. Pennsylvania – 125 U.S. 181 (1888) by SCOTUS (“A private corporation is included under the designation of “person” in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, section I.” [http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/125/181/case.html]), and reaffirmed by them many times since then [http://scc-mta.org/ScrollableTimeline].

  70. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this is the first time I’ve read this post! I applaud you, I will not be shopping at self righteous Hobby Lobby anymore!! It took guts to do this Aunt Peaches, I wish more people would follow your lead 🙂

  71. PeachesFreund says

    @TG I am so, so sorry you had to experience something so dreadful. I am glad you survived and have the strength to tell us your story. I am truly touched by hearing this. You are an inspiration 🙂

    (((((( * )))))))) — that emoticon there is a GIANT HUG COMING YOUR WAY.

  72. Benwhoski says

    They’re not “forced” to pay healthcare costs, though. No company is *required* to offer health care benefits. They choose to do so in order to attract and keep workers. And the way I see it, the healthcare package is part of the employee’s compensation for working there, and the company should have no more to say about what they use the health care plan to pay for than they get to tell the employee how they will spend their paycheck.

    That said, I actually have mixed feelings about the contraception mandate for healthcare plans. While I think it is a good idea for health car plans to cover it, and I think that contraception does count as “health care”, I take issue with the “no copay” part. I don’t understand why BC should be given what seems like a priority status over other medications.

  73. Dawn says

    Why is it not okay for Hobby Lobby, a private, Christian owned organization, to play Christian music and close on Sundays just to make YOU feel comfortable? They’re a private organization. That’s WHY they have every right to be a Christian organization, to play Amazing Grace and to sell Jesus figurines, which align with their beliefs, just as you have a right to either not shop there with your iPod on or to open your own craft store that plays whatever music you want to listen to. It’s a PRIVATE COMPANY. They’re not shoving their personal beliefs on shoppers–it’s well known they’re run by Christians and if you don’t like the music, don’t walk in the store, or buy online. It’s hypocritical to bash someone else’s freedom to play religious music when that same freedom is what allows you to disagree with it.

  74. says

    Hobby Lobby might have a stronger case for “religious freedom” if they paid 100% of employee insurance. But they don’t. So what they’re trying to do is force their skewed version of science and their personal religion onto their employees, denying them religious freedom.
    Nope. Let me take that back. They’re doing it cuz the insurance they have stinks and this law would require them to get something better. Anyone who has ever worked at the corporate offices, as I have, can tell you that Hobby Lobby is all about the bottom line.

    And for awhile now I’ve said that anyone who has to keep shouting about what great Christians they are makes me wonder why they think I won’t be able to tell by looking.

  75. says

    If Hobby Lobby is reading this, just wanted to let them know that I am not a reader of this blog but came here from a link a friend passed along. I’m grateful that Aunt Peaches brought this to my attention. I, TOO, AM NO LONGER SHOPPING AT HOBBY LOBBY.

  76. says

    Discussions of personal morality aside, I find it utterly unfathomable that any company/organization/political affiliation would think, even for a moment, that it had the right to make medical decisions on behalf of its members. Full stop.

  77. molly kiely says

    You’ve gained a reader. Right on, Aunt Peaches! Employers have no right to force their personal beliefs on employees or expect them to comply with them.

  78. jeweledcollar says

    I sent an email, and posted the article to my facebook list of 4,000+ crafty people, and encouraged others to write them.

  79. says

    And what if this company thought that covering blood transfusions was immoral (as Jehovah’s Witnesses do)? Would it be OK for them to tell you that you just have to pay for that because *they* see it as wrong, despite mountains of medical study that show them to be effective?

    Or how about chemotherapy? Or insulin shots? Or appendectomies? By allowing a company to pick and choose, you allow any company to decide not to cover whatever procedures they want under the guise of religion.

    These are not religious companies, in that they’re not churches and whatnot, and since they are working in the public, non-religious sphere, they must be held to public, non-religious standards. If a procedure or medication is approved, they have no rational basis for denying its coverage.

  80. Jill says

    Well said!! I am always pleased to see anyone stand up for what they believe in, but not corporations attempting to control the lives of their employees. You, Peaches, are doing what all of us have the right to do … say what we think and use our $$$ to make statements to corporations. Way to go!!

  81. shell says

    You go peaches! I just moved to an area where there are Hobby Lobby stores everywhere. Now I know where not to shop. As a lesbian I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want my business anyway.

  82. PeachesFreund says

    @ Dawn
    1. The price of the pill varies. My local pharmacy retails at $65 — just fyi.
    2. Hobby lobby is in the craft and hobby business — not the health insurance business. When they agree to insure the health of their staff (and adjust their wages accordingly) they have taken on the obligation to pay for the healthcare of those individuals and the choices they make. The law indicates that one of the choices they must pay for is contraception, including the morning-after pill. Where the law stands on blood tests your doctor has deemed necessary isn’t any of my business, but I agree with you, it is a problem and it is concerning.

  83. Alicia says

    Love this post! I just sent them an email to let them know they’ve lost me as a customer too. Thanks for publishing this – it is important that people know how companies treat their employees.

  84. nutbirds says

    The way you see it, if you get an STD from being raped, if Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to provide care for STD’s, you have to get another form of health insurance? What if Hobby Lobby decides that eating too much candy is bad, and they won’t cover diabetes? Same thing? It used to be thought that getting breast cancer was shameful, and sexual. Same thing? Do you know how much health insurance costs for a family? I think it is over $1200 a month.

  85. Autumn says

    I just googled the average cost of “Plan B”, its $45. I can tell you, that I, as a responsible adult with a mortgage and a car payment within my means, *I* don’t always have $45 to spare. Especially considering what I am paying in insurance out of each pay check. I can promise you this, $45 is WAY cheaper than the hospital bills from giving birth and we won’t even go into what healthcare for a child will cost them.

  86. Meg says

    Excellent post! Not even a week ago I went to my first Hobby Lobby (after reading another post you wrote about shopping there) and decided the second I stepped in that was the only craft store I was going to shop in ever again. That’s too bad that they think they can control the lives of their employees. Oh well, after sending an email to Debra Love, it will be back to Micheal’s for me!

  87. JayhawkAnne says

    Copying your extremely well-written letter and adding my name to the bottom before I send it to Debra Love. Thank you!

  88. Brittany@theplaidowl says

    Well said and cosigned! And this bums me out because their store is a stone’s throw away from my work, and their framing department is better and cheaper than any other I’ve found. But I’ll drive a little farther for my mod podge if my money isn’t going to people who think they have a right to make their employee’s medical decisions for them.

  89. says

    Hey, I just read you,
    And this is crazy,
    But now I’m thinkin’
    You’re one cool craft lady.

  90. Paige says

    Aunt Peaches,

    You hit the nail on the head and said it perfectly. So much so I will be forwarding this on to my 16 year old daughter and having a political discussion with her tonight. I have never had reason to use this drug but I will fight for the right for my daughter to have access to ALL the medical care she will need in her lifetime.

    You rock.

    Your devoted blog reader,


  91. Mary Hartery says

    I’m not a true crafter, but I’m with you 100%. You said it all very well. I used to be able to write that assertively, but I’ve gotten old. 😉

    Keep it up. People NEED to hear it. Education is the key to solving the ignorance of those who don’t want to take the time to learn. And learn they must!

  92. Wolfers says

    I just cannot help but find it ironic, Hobby Lobby actually sell Halloween stuff- which is against their religion. It’s all $$$$… It’s like it’s okay for THEM to take money for selling Halloween stuff, but NOT okay for their own employees to have a life (in their bedrooms) outside of working.

  93. says

    I couldn’t agree more…. I’d also like to point out that my craft shopping has gotten much easier since JoAnn’s has expanded to carry supplies for crafts and sewing AND they take competitor coupons. One stop shopping, 7 days a week.

  94. PeachesFreund says

    @ Jennifer Thanks for taking the time to write this. You have clearly taken the time to consider the argument, which is something I really appreciate.

    Also, yes, Plan B is $65 in my neck of the woods. Where people are getting this $10 thing beats me, but I know, when I worked a full-time hourly retail job, $65 was the difference between groceries and train fare for a half a week or more.

  95. marcy says

    don’t you think that if less women get unintentionally pregnant each year costs for things like head start, food stamps, child care credits etc will go down, likely drastically???

    plan B isn’t an abortion drug… the erroneous part of all this is that they oppose plan b, but are not in opposition to traditional birth control… yet they are the same thing… 2 birth control pills
    (depending on your brand) are the same thing and dosage as plan B….. So is ortho an abortion causing drug???


  96. Christina Knott says

    I question it all the time. Just nobody answers. Or they say my question is “crude”.

  97. says

    I always liked “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be legal,
    encouraged, and federally funded.” myself. Pretty sure I still have
    that button from college somewhere.

  98. says

    way to go Hobby Lobby no longer shopper. You have your choice, they have yours … why don’t you just stop screwing with no protection …..

  99. Christine says

    agreed. and well said. as for corporations not being able to “pick and choose,” it’s because that’s kind of something you forfeit when you become a corporation. it’s an attempt to control a mass based on your personal belief system and that’s an abuse of power. we vote on these things and as voters the ability to have the morning after pill has been decided. that’s the way it works sometimes. there are some things we just don’t like or believe in but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. if they don’t like they can lobby against it or blog about it or whatever on their own time. not to mention it’s a violation of privacy to put their nose in anyones medical treatment and by disallowing certain medical treatments is pretty much doing just that. but the fact that they provide jobs to people, that they are a corporation doesn’t allot them some magical power to change adjust the rights and laws to what they personally feel. they are employers nothing else. and these lines are made clear because it protects the employees. people can say the morning after pill causes abortions . . . i say tomato you say tomahto. good job aunt peaches! glad you have lots craft stores to choose from 🙂

  100. PeachesFreund says

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  101. kb says

    I know we’ve probably all lost sight of this since the US Supreme Court gave their short-sighted and irresponsible decision on Citizen’s United, but corporations aren’t people. So let’s stop talking about HL as if it’s a person with feelings and convictions. IT has neither. People own it and people invest in it and people shot at it – but the corporation itself is not, in fact, a human being.
    When the religious owners/investors start offering all of HL’s employees health insurance out-of-pocket (which is to say, it comes from their personal paychecks, rather than something with Hobby Lobby’s name on it), then I will absolutely support their indelible right to select which services they provide. But, unfortunately for those owners, it is the corporation which pays those benefits, and as such, they have foregone their right to dictate lifestyle.

    The goal of a society is to create a functioning system of economic and social policy which allows a maximum amount of freedom with a minimum amount of investment, oversight, and catastrophe. 2,437,163We live as a society – a group of people, not any one brand of individuals. That means we have to protect all of our neighbors, whether we like them and agree with their choices, or not. If you do NOT want to live as a society – if you want to live as an individual, you should find some unclaimed piece of land, beyond jurisdiction, and live as an individual – without the benefits and the irritations of socially funded life. A society pays for comprehensive health care because it is self-defeating to the society for it’s participants to get sick, die, or have more offspring than is sustainable. As an organism, a society wants only as many children to be born as there are people who die, in a given year. So society definitely wants to fund birth control because as of 2009 the CDC sites that 2,437,163 people die every year, while 4,130,665 infants are born
    Requiring a corporation to pay for women’s health insurance does not, in any way, prevent the religious or morally opposed individuals who participate in that organization from practicing their Constitutional rights to free speech, or from engaging in their religious beliefs, or from leading the lives that they believe in based on their own personal values. Requiring a corporation to pay for women’s healthcare simply makes it possible for all individuals associated with that corporation to practice their constitutional rights, engaging in their religious beliefs, and leading the lives they’ve chosen to lead, based on the values they have come to define for themselves.

  102. says

    2 things:
    1. I agree completely with you that a CORPORATION should not ever have the right to pick and choose what they are going to cover and what they are not going to cover in health care or following the law. Point blank, it’s discriminatory to choose to cover one condition and not to cover another, regardless of someone’s religious views. Should they wish to impose their religious beliefs on their employees, they should NOT be incorporated but instead function as a religious organization (and there are many, many examples of such entities in the US that I have no problem with dictating what they will and will not cover for their employees, as the employee knows full well going in that it is a religious organization they will be working for, not a corporation).
    2. I find it extremely interesting that the majority of the comments listed below are ones that feel it necessary to allow someone other than my doctor dictate what is appropriate for my body. Point blank: it’s MY body. I am not dictating to you (or as a corporation, to my employees) that I believe cancer is a bullcrap disease made up by drug companies to increase their profits, and therefore will not cover any cancer related illness for my employees. If I did, you can imagine that it would be significantly more than a couple of bloggers posting their dissent on their personal blogs. You either provide healthcare or don’t; you don’t get to pick and choose based on your personal beliefs, especially if you are a corporation.
    Side note1: No, I do not believe that cancer is bullcrap – I was solely using that as a universal example so that maybe a non-female would get the point as well.
    Side note2: Planned Parenthood is not available in all areas, and there are many people who border on the income fence of being covered by state/publicly-funded healthcare and those who cannot afford to purchase health benefits from their employers unless it’s offered in their compensation package. No, Planned Parenthood is not always an option. And in our area, Plan B is $50; with the current economic conditions, that amount can be the difference between groceries or gas money to get to work. And this is also assuming that it is a married couple that needs the Plan B – everyone assumes that it is a single woman who is engaging in “risky” behavior that needs it, when it could just as easily be a married couple in no financial condition to become pregnant at this time.
    I will be sharing your post on my FB Aunt Peaches, and thank you for mentioning the letter in your blog. Although I do not know of a HL near me, maybe someone who does would be interested to know about this.

  103. says

    One little bone to pick here… can we please not refer to anything not related to scientific discovery as a “theory”?

    Too many people misuse this word when they say things like “It’s just a theory”… without realizing that a theory is the highest point of scientific discovery. It’s the next best thing to absolute truth.

    For instance, there is no “creation theory”. It’s a hypothesis, and barely that. There is no evidence to support it.

    Gravity is a theory. Entropy is a theory. Evolution, the big bang, and basically anything scientific but not dealing strictly with numbers… all theories. Anything not generally accepted by the scientific community, having been published in research journals and challenged time and time again until there was nothing left to tear apart – Not. A. Theory.

    Just a pet peeve of mine.

  104. taria lorehand says

    even though I do agree with you on everything that you have said, I don’t have any other craft store to go too. Hobby Lobby is the only one I have where I live besides Walmart and you know how Wally world is, there’s nothing like what they have at HL or any other craft store, they are limited to what you can find. If I wanted to go to another craft store I would have to drive 2 and a half hours to get to it, that to me is a long drive to find beads for a single project. So even though I am in total agreement. I can’t boycott Hobby Lobby, until they build another craft store closer to me.

  105. Tina W says

    “You do not make family planning decisions for your staff. You have every right to hire and fire employees as you see fit, but, you do not have the right to dictate what those employees do with their bodies when they are off the clock.”

    “I will not support a company that would deny its employees the ability to control
    their reproductive organs. I will not be shopping at Hobby Lobby anymore.”

    Considering these two comments you made in the original post, and now the comment you’ve made about my response, basically saying it doesn’t matter to you whether your stand has any affect with Hobby Lobby or another company, I am confused as to whether you are making your “public stand” in defense of the Hobby Lobby employee, or because someone said something you don’t like.

    If enough people were to stop shopping at one store, yes, it might make enough of an impact to make a higher-up in this company or another stop and think about it. However, is doing so by making a comment on a website and convincing a number of other people to stop shopping at Hobby Lobby going to tell Hobby Lobby WHY they’re loosing customers? Corporations don’t spend time trolling the web to find any little post with their name in it to see what the public thinks of them; they let their employees bring it to the attention of the manager, who then informs their district manager, up to their supervisors, and if it’s deemed important enough, it MAY make it to someone who has enough power and will to do something about it. Relying on a disgruntled web post and refusal to shop at a store to get your message across won’t get what you’re trying to say to the people who need to hear it.

    As I tried to point out in my original post, refusing to shop somewhere and costing employees their jobs isn’t helping anyone, especially if part of your original argument is about how they’re treating their employees (you’re helping by getting them fired? What??). Getting a thoroughly reasoned letter or petition, something solid and visible, with enough people backing it brought to the attention of someone who actually CAN do something about it MIGHT get you started somewhere.

    Good luck in your endeavors, and hopefully your efforts help more than hurt in the long run.
    Tina W.

  106. PeachesFreund says

    Thanks for your considerable response, Tina. It is great to have input from an employee. We all value your opinion and feedback. The only thing I have to disagree with is the concept that a small group of people cannot make a difference – all social movements and societal improvements start with that very thing – a small group of people.
    As a consumer, I am free to choose where I spend my money and my buying power is one of the few ways I can make an impact on the bigger picture. Now, will my buying power shut down Hobby Lobby or affect their bottom line? Probably not. Will voicing my opposition in public (along with thousands of others) make other companies think twice about making business and legal decisions based on one-sided religious arguments? You bet it will.

  107. Charlotte says

    Corporations and, for that matter, proprietorships lose certain “rights” when they open to the public. For example, they lose the right to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, disability in their hiring decisions. They can’t only hire persons who, because of their religion, agree to have every baby that might occur every time they have sex, because that would be discrimination on religious grounds.

    Just as a Catholic hospital cannot hire only believing Catholics (and, thus, spare themselves of the contraception question for their employees), neither can Hobby Lobby choose only employees who agree to forgo their own reproductive decisions in favor of “Big Brother.”

  108. Lucy says

    I stopped shopping at Hobby Lobby the third time their employees treated me with disdain. At first I thought it was just one employee. The second time I blamed that one store, and tried another. The third time (at a different store) I realized it was because I had on a Gay Pride shirt. Sucks for them, because I spend hundreds each month at Michael’s now.

  109. Andthereitis says

    Not sure, though, why I got an image of Paul Ryan doing a sad face.

  110. Cindy says

    Dawn, it is more of that “tolerance” some like to holler about for everyone BUT Christians and their beliefs. It is absurd to complain about the Christian music in a store being played and then say “I’m a fan of Jesus”.

  111. Dorothy says

    I believe Dawn was responding to Vicki’s post above. She didn’t miss the point.

  112. PeachesFreund says

    @Dawn, Who is bashing them for being Christian?

  113. Vicki says

    One of your many sister, professional crafter/bloggers here…

    I live right in the middle of a whole bunch of wonderful craft chains – Michaels’ (x3), JoAnn’s, Pat Catan’s and Hobby Lobby. I shop at the first three quite regularly. I only go to Hobby Lobby when I can’t find what I need anywhere else. Why?
    I can’t get past the fact that they try to shove their religious beliefs on the public through that horrible music (how many times can I hear Amazing Grace played on a keyboard recorded in some guys apartment?), glittered Jesus figurines TOTALLY freak me out, being closed on Sundays… and now THIS! Really, HL? As a craft supplier… you are dead to me. I’ll make my own glue from flour and water before I step in one of your stores again.
    I’m a fan of Jesus but I’m not a fan of many of his fans (and their behavior).

  114. Trish says

    Thank you so much. I agree. I’m also glad I don’t have such hate filled people around my son. It was hard enough at the time without people that are supposed to be supportive calling me a whore/murderer/etc. So what if I hadn’t touched anyone in years since my son’s father and I split. Someone assaulted me and I’m a whore. Rage.

    In the end it is a relief and I am lucky that I was able to get plan b.

    It’s nice to have support – even from people on the net. I’ll take what I can get when it comes to support. Heh 🙂

  115. nutbirds says

    Another hug from a friend of Peaches. You hang in there. Those family members would have screwed with you eventually, so it is good that they are out of your life now. The Republican party and a lot of men in general are not interested in women’s issues these days. I am very glad that you did not get pregnant and have to face even more difficulties. To quote some of the crazies, “We need to take back our country.!”

  116. TG says

    This post was posted on Facebook and I am so glad I saw this. I have never heard of you before and I am glad someone brought my attention to your blog. 1. I love your site 2. Thank you for writing this, because I honestly had no idea. I missed out on Hobby Lobby doing this completely. 3. You are AMAZING.

    Everyone has the right to their opinions and beliefs, but I am so tired of science/fact being lied about/misrepresented/misinterpreted. Thank you for posting a clear concise post.

    I had to take Plan B after I was sexually assaulted and the hell I had to deal with because of that was . . too much. I had no money because I was/am sick and had to borrow it. I had to explain the situation and now I have family members who have disowned me because of my ‘abortion’ Yes, they actually call it that. They rather I have a rapists baby then focus on the son I have and taking care of myself.

    I’m rambling at this point and I apologize for that. I just really appreciated the fact you put yourself out there and posted this. So . . thank you.

  117. odile says

    How much I am happy to be a european. Here, every body has a social insurrance, a minimum income and the right to live as they want. Aunty, bravo for this post, you have taken a risk but been in coherence with your principles. Just I don’t agree with you about RU 486. It is not aborting a foetus because it prevents the cells to cling on the matrice of the uterus and become a foetus. it prevents this in modifying the matrice so that the cells DO NOT become a foetus.
    For me, freedom of opinion is very important; Thank you for sending this post. Here in Europe we have sometimes the impression that people in America are all the same, very much talking of god, and praying all the time. Here we don’t speak of god (I do believe in god but I don’t talk about it all the time) When we read the blog here a lot of bloggers writte some prayers, or if they have a problem, they ask that you pray for them or say thanks for your prayers. This is really very very rare here in europe.
    It is very nice to me that you are different of this image we have of the americans. Feel free to keep this post for you if it could be misunderstood. Ho La la I love your blog more and more ! You are very engagée. Just stay like this you are right !

  118. Naomi says

    It’s the proof of the old saw, “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

  119. Teresa says

    Well done. As a scientist I can tel you that Plan B does NOT cause abortions, in fact, if you were pregnant already and took it, you would likely not even harm your pregnancy. Corporations should not be making medical decisions for their employees, that’s what doctors are for!

  120. rouge12 says

    If you read the REAL story, Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a problem with birth control. What they have a problem with are these abortion pills. If the government passed a mandate that required all people to have a gun or pay a tax if they didn’t, would you be this fired up? After all, they are legal, and we should have the right to choose.

  121. Salem,OR. says

    Dear A-Peaches,I am sorry this subject is on the table,I disagree with you on this front.Birth control is not health Care. Many Christians give a very bad example of Our Lord,that is sad. Love is the Bottom line as well as the top line for anyone , no matter who they are.I just disagree that it is HealthCare.Love your site, you are very Funny & I have said that before. Personally , i feel I would be responsible for paying for my own behavior as far as this matter goes. Blessings,Qbeedl

  122. pak152 says

    “Furthermore, I am going to
    tell all my family, friends and colleagues about what you are doing with
    this lawsuit. I’m going to tell all my blog friends too.” that is your choice, at the same time I will encourage my family, friends etc to support the Hobby Lobby

  123. Dottie says

    You go Hobby Lobby! I’ll be shopping at your stores!

  124. PeachesFreund says

    I’m w you on all counts! I would love if CFA would back up their recent statements of “tolerance” with a big meaty donation to the HRC or GLADD.

    Not going to lie, Sometimes I miss their chicken…

  125. Steff says

    oooh how I suddenly love the NHS here in Britain… this whole thing could never, ever happen over here. My employer has a great many powers over my life (says the disgruntled employee) but NOTHING to do with my healthcare.
    Seeing as we are being open and honest here, I shall briefly explain why I think that Plan B pill is an absolute blessing.
    Back in Germany (where health care is similarly free) I was with a guy for quite some time, and at the beginning of our relationship he told me he was snipped. Woo- hoo, right? Happy days. When things got settled (I had always been on the pill), we decided he could stop using protection. Then, after more time had passed, I stopped taking the pill because I thought “hey, what the heck, I’m safe!” Turns out that was pretty wrong for me to think. It was by absolute chance that one morning I mentioned “ooh, it would be pill time, good job I don’t have to remember that one anymore!” and he freaked.
    And I freaked.
    And I FLEW to the nearest GP practice, got me a prescription within 1 hour of that little conversation and GOBBLED that pill not 5 minutes after leaving the practice.
    Needless to say that relationship ended that very day. And thinking back, I don’t recall thinking twice about having both the GP and the prescription available in a heartbeat, for free. It always was perfectly normal for me, just as having the pill for free until I left full- time education.
    To be fair, I don’t know much about religion apart from being a “Catholic” as a kid (it was just done, no questions asked, like brushing your teeth and eating corn flakes) and watching the news way too often. But from what I remember Jesus was supposed to be all loving, caring, forgiving, gentle, understanding and whatnot. Did I get that confused with the dude who farts fire and wears horns on his forehead? Sorry.
    Does Hobby Lobby only employ people who share their, erm, religious views? What about, say, Sikhs, Atheists, Buddhists, Wiccans, Orthodox Jews, Scientologists, Satanists, Jehovas Witnesses and anything else I can’t think of right now?
    Maybe they should put on their application form that unless you agree with their views, don’t bother applying as you will be screwed over. Please go right ahead and hand over your constitutional rights to your employer, as they obviously know what’s best for you. Heck, they know how to glitter a pumpkin, so they sure as heck know how to choose your path in life. Your path and that of the baby you will have to bring into this world (raised to purchase popsicle sticks for 1st grade craft projects from his or her mothers’ workplace) no matter wether you were just plain stupid, uninformed, intoxicated for various reasons or violated when that baby was about to be conceived.
    I am actually annoyed that I can’t boycott Hobby Lobby, because they haven’t spread in my neck of the woods yet. But thanks, Peaches, for using this blog to stand up for what is right. Not many people would had had the guts, and I am pleased as punch that the response was overwhelmingly positive.

  126. says

    I’m not really a craft person, but my wife and I do run a cake decorating company. I am also a political blogger and came across this post while looking through my news feeds. My wife and I had frequented Hobby Lobby for our small business needs in the past. I knew they were an organization that held religious beliefs at the top (which annoyed me on Sundays when they were closed). But I had no idea that they would fall in line with this ridiculous trend of dictating employees’ heath care (particularly women’s). I can promise you that my wife and I will be giving our business to another company in the future. I will also be sharing this in a blog post for my readers.

  127. Mom of Seven says

    It astounds me on how many people have gone off the subject. We as HUMANS have a right to our bodies. If one so chooses to use plan B or any other form of birth control, it is our right, not a companies right to tell us it’s not covered. All health care should not be subjective to a companies beliefs. Who really cares about the music or the glittered Jebus, odd yes. The sum of the blog post is to inform the masses of how one company is trying to push their religious “feelings” onto their employees. It’s all about publicity, just as Chick-fil-a did a couple months ago against GLBT. Who cares what one chooses to do with their life, that is their choice. Choose to live YOUR own life the way YOU see fit.

  128. blueben says

    Can you imagine the uproar if an atheist-run company sued for the right to deny health insurance coverage at religious hospitals?

  129. PeachesFreund says

    @ Char, Mitt Romney did in fact say he would “get rid” PP. The thing is, I think he meant it in another context (getting rid of public funding for PP– which would likely strangle out a program like distributing low-cost morning-after pills– but that’s another issue). Just the same, you are right to ask for sources. It’s something we should all do more often! I’m sure Annie would do it here if I didn’t beat her to the punch 🙂

  130. ItMakesYouSmile says

    Dear Aunt Peaches, I have followed your blog for a long time, but never commented. . . til now. I have to say: Amen, sister!! 1,000 thank yous. I have never care for HL, precisely because of their “in-your-face” religiosity. Ick! Yuck! Blech! I have gone occasionally when I couldn’t get something somewhere else. I have enough choices that I will avoid HL (like the biblical plague) from now forward, until the day they change this heinous, discriminatory position (andy maybe not then, pending re-evalution.) I haven’t spent a penny at WalMart in over 10 years. I can do the same for Hobby Lobby.

    The Power of the Crafting Force is with us.

  131. Jerimi says

    Yes, I realize a lot of men like to believe that life begins at the very moment of male climax, but as any woman can tell you, that is not the case. Sad face, right?”

    Mwahahaha! Love it. 🙂

    You’ve convinced me. I’m crossing it off as a place for buying craft supplies.

  132. cara says

    I totally question Viagra being covered, simply because birth control isn’t. Personally I think men’s sexuality is no more nor less valuable than a woman’s sexuality, and if Viagra gets coverage then birth control should too. Or rather, if women have to pay for their own birth control, then men should have to pay every penny for their Viagra.

  133. jm says

    Corporations don’t have 1st Amendment Rights. Corporations do not have religious freedom.
    And you missed the point, Vicki didn’t say it wasn’t ok, she said it kept her from shopping there and she considered it offensive.
    And using your freedom of speech to criticize the choices of others is EXACTLY what the First is about, so no not hypocritical.

  134. Sharon says

    You know, my son is in a wheelchair and we were at a HL. in Burlington NC, he had on a tee shirt, and some stickers on the back of his wheelchair, and one of the employees told him,” he should not think that way and watch his mouth and attitude. We were so takin back, because he never said anything the whole time we were in the store. Then she said,”we are a christian store and I don’t like the way you think.” Let’s just say, I understand that they are a christian company, but who are you to pose your life on me. There is nothing wrong with this morning after pill, and nothing wrong with BC. We live in a world where if you live like I want you too, then ok. But if you think different, then shame on you.

  135. Bruce says

    A bit of correction for you guys who haven’t read the affordable care act. remember when Nancy said it had to pass so you could find out what’s in it? This is: Hobby Lobby and every other company employing more than 50 workers will be required to provide health insurance for their employees. (look it up) As such, contrary to what most of the posters here think, they do not have an option.

    That said, it is a part of the First Amendment that freedom of religion is a right guaranteed to all Americans. As such, the company has the right not to provide contraception if it subverts their beliefs. Since they must provide this it is perfectly reasonable for them to take this to court.

    They have a right to their beliefs and every one working for them has a right to look for other employment options if they disagree. It is sad how you all think your wants must be provided by others at the expense of their rights. You do not have a right to work for Hobby Lobby just as they have no obligation to provide you a job unless it is good for the company and in line with their policies.

    I have no issue with contraception but do take issue with those who think their rights are more important than the rights of those around them. As someone who has been deployed to the Middle East three times in defense of these rights – take your entitlement mentality somewhere else until you have done similar.

  136. PeachesFreund says

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  137. Oursalon Pages says

    So, let me understand this… as a christian company, they feel they should not be ‘forced’ by their government to pay for anything that goes against their faith?

    as a corporation, i can assume they have paid taxes for years; taxes that go toward a defense budget which is money spent on killing fully grown human beings. yet over the years, as a christian company they have never been compelled to sue their government over those expenditures?
    This? This is the ‘killing’ that sticks in their craw sharply enough to bring them to sue? umm yeah….

  138. Lynn in Alabama says

    I loved your blog. I come to blogs for crafts. I do not come to blogs for politics. I do not come to blogs to see the liberal left in action.

    I will miss your crafts

  139. Anonymous says

    For the record HL claims to be an equal opportunity employer… meaning that they hire from the general public and are subject to the laws of equal opportunity. by law they can not discriminate on the basis of gay or straight (oreintation is protected right, male or female, or religion. Since they are an equal opportunity employer the courts told them they could NOT claim religious freedom as a reason to deny ANY type of health care. Aunty wrote about one aspect of it… the other part of it is BASIC BIRTH control. religious exemption would allow then to drop ALL birth control from employee health care… i checked my facts HL is sueing to get All birth control dropped. Until OBAMACARE went through it was not a mandatory coverage item and women were to pay extra for it. FACT I Worked there and i HAD to to get my insurance to cover birth control. SO for all of you that are spouting about how they don’t care about regular birth control… not true. AND as a company that is not allowed to discriminate they do a damned good job at it.

  140. says

    Honestly, I can understand where you’re coming from, but the morning after pill DOES NOT prevent sperm from implanting in the egg. Lots of pharmacists morally do not issue Plan B for this reason and have a tech or a clerk ring up the customer. If it already became a zygote, and Plan B prevents it from sticking to the uterus, then is causes an abortion. Sure, it’s an early abortion, but if the company has a problem with abortion, then this is a problem for them. You should do more research into what Plan B really is. Maybe you should ask a different doctor or some other pharmacists. You should find the TRUE way it works. Your doctor is wrong…big shock…since doctors are NEVER wrong…

    It’s fine not to shop at Hobby Lobby, but don’t get mad at them for having a high moral code and not wanting to feel responsible for what they find to be murder.

    • says

      Let me also say the difference I think when people say it is an abortive or not an abortive. If you believe life starts from conception, then it’s an abortive. If you believe it starts later in the process of growth in the womb, then it’s not an abortive.

      So then life becomes relative, so much so like it has been, and then people call it a fetus, and it’s not really a baby. So I guess if people think fetuses aren’t babies, then a zygote definitely ISN’T a baby in their eyes.

      So I ask you, Aunt Peaches, when does life start? From conception or implantation? ‘Cause if you believe from conception, then Plan B is definitely a problem.

  141. Rochelle says

    Just found your site today. I had bookmarked it and then I went poking around because I wanted to know who this fabulously creative woman was. And then I came across this. In the name of everything that is holy, is there not one damned female out there that can run a crafting/mommy/whatever website without jumping into social politics and offending half of her potential readership? I defy anyone to find one, because I sure as hell can’t, and it’s so fucking annoying, especially because I find most of them ill-informed and way out of their league. If it’s not your boss’ business what you do in the bedroom, why do you want him to pay for your contraception? It’s a wonder that anyone can run a successful business (and in turn, anyone stays employed) anymore for all the idiotic reasons that someone wants to boycott it. Lucky for most, I think most internet crusaders don’t really put their money where their mouth is. Society really has forgotten how to encounter things we disagree with without losing our shit. I’ll probably still visit your site for some cool decorating ideas – I’m not really into the BS of boycotting people I don’t agree with – but nope, you probably won’t be my first stop or first recommendation to friends either. Sad face indeed.

    • Joyce M says

      Hey garbage mouth, we have a right to our opinion and it helps to vent. People show their IQ when they talk like you, and I bet yours is around 80 or lower.


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