Bramble Patch: November 2012

Imma brag for a second. I made the ornament below out of plastic straws thanks to a workshop at the Lithuanian Museum a couple of weeks ago. Even though I made a Himmeli chandelier last summer, this thing was easily the toughest craft project I have undertaken in twenty years! Are you up for it? […]

The World’s Easiest Snowflake Ornaments

Lace. Lace. Lace. I love lace. Always have. Granny crochet lace in particular.  That Duchess gal is doing a good job of making Chantilly lace popular again, which I am rather enjoying, although I fear it will never become massively popular because the good stuff is so darn expensive to make. Even when you buy […]

A Party Dress For Mrs. Snow

Ten years of collecting vintage mercury balls and I still don’t have enough to make a decent wreath. Grrr. I blame Martha Stewart and her “tag sales” for scooping up the loot before the rest of us have a shot. In fact, I don’t know about you, but I have never even been to a […]

Five Ways to Thicken a Christmas Tree For Under $3

I mentioned yesterday that I have decorated a lot of trees over the years. A few hundred, in fact. It used to be my job.  Most of them were decorated for a purpose— either to sell goods or create a home-like atmosphere in a non-homey location (example: an insurance broker’s lobby).  To be clear, I […]

My trees. All three of them.

This weekend was an exercise in elf-like triumph. Putting up trees, making a pajaki, ornaments, wreaths….candles blazing and Donny and Marie blasting out Jingle Bells all through the night. Anything that stood still has now been tinseled, feathered, or sequined. Only the bathroom remains untouched. Not long, Bathroom, not long. I’ll be posting pictures and […]

Old Timey Mushroom Wreath

In my ongoing effort to expand my Christmas décor with non-Christmassy things, AND learn a thing or two about new Christmas traditions, I discovered that mushrooms are an ancient symbol of good luck in many  parts of the world. Get that? Mushrooms. They are not just for pizza anymore. I also happen to think mushrooms […]

Gobble Gobble

Not being a matriarch has it’s advantages. Especially on Thanksgiving. While everyone else is running around in a whirl of hoopla, I get to sit back and take it easy. Eat. Wear sweatpants. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the elevety thousandth time. And while everyone else is diving into the dishes, I am eying […]

Custom Glittering Initial Ornaments

Every year I like to come up with a one-size-fits-all homemade item that I can give to everyone. Something that is inexpensive, easy to make in large batches, personal, impressive, but not so time consuming that I’ll be offended if they toss it come January. Some years it’s a small box of cookies, other years […]

Magical Paper Turkey Feathers

My mother liked to use the term charm bracelet as a verb. That sounds weird but it’s actually a handy thing. You can use it to describe anything that accumulates with purpose over time. I’m going to charm bracelet my way to a decent set of matching flatware.When it came to Christmas, the Hendersons took […]

Potato Flowers

I like a big foofy floral centerpiece as much as anyone else, but there are occasions when the food needs to be the center of attention. Like Thanksgiving. Let’s face it: however beautiful, flowers look downright prissy when stacked next to a turkey carcass and Aunt JoAnna’s chess pie. Just the same, I like a […]