Good Morning America

Today is the morning after the election. 
I find myself divided between two groups of people; those who are elated and those who are crushed, angry, and taking it out on everyone else who is feeling happy. 
And look, I get that. It’s like going to a wedding the day after you get dumped. All you can do is get drunk off wine coolers and make fun of the bridesmaids.
I have been there. I have done that. And I know first hand it’s far too easy to let politics come between friendships.
On days like this, I like to remind all the folks on the other side of the isle that I’ll be mad as a hornet if they quit liking me because I have a different opinion. 
Furthermore, I remind them that I like them. I like them a lot. 
Maybe even a little too much.
Illustration courtesy of the beautiful Art Fart
Good Morning, America.


  1. odile says

    Dear aunt,
    Being a french women I can say that here in Europe we feel better now than before. I, personnaly, did not sleep the all nignt, it was night here, to know who was going to be your president. Just because Mitt said so bad things over europeans.
    Who as chosen the place where he lives, who has chosen to be rich or poor and overall who has chosen to be healthy or ill ? Some things that the people don’t choose have to be helped.
    We have a social insurance in europe, and it helps a lot.
    The origins of America are here in Europe : Maine is, for example a region around le Mans a small city in the west of France, where they make les rillettes, and so on.
    We would have been very sad if the american people had chosen Mitt instead of Barack. Thanks god you did not and we say thank you, we can still be happy of being europeans who like americans as being our small brothers, cousins, or nephews, well being originated here, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, well coming from somewhere else and still beloved by us.
    With deep love from Paris (France) and Antwerpen (Belgium). (If it is goibg to be a problem that this is published on your blog, just keep it for you, but I want to say it)
    Odile la française.

  2. PeachesFreund says

    Odile, Thank you for sharing your perspective. It’s always interesting to hear what people are thinking on the other side of the world. The US and France have much in common but sometimes it seems like our systems could not be further apart. Go figure?

  3. nutbirds says

    Orrin Hatch (R, Utah) considered himself one of Ted Kennedy’s (D, MA) closest friends. Ted even attended Orrin’s mother’s funeral. Why can’t people get along? Why are they so mean? I hope there are no bridesmaids at our glittery Unicorn wedding. Maybe we can rent some bridesmaids.

  4. PeachesFreund says

    If a bridesmaid rental service does not exist already, I am starting one. I’ll make a mint for sure!

  5. Whit says

    1. That illustration is incredible and is similar to me telling my bf that I love him so much I want to sniff him up my nose.
    2. Your post reminds me of one I read earlier today, both feeling like a breath of fresh air. I think you’ll enjoy this one-

    Happy day to you! ^^

  6. Cheryl Gibbs says

    This is the best “day after” post ever. So refreshing! Thank you!

  7. Christie Bradley says

    “It’s like going to a wedding the day after you get dumped. All you can do is get drunk off wine coolers and make fun of the bridesmaids.” Perfect! The thing that worries me is that some people are reacting more like it’s time to kill all brides and grooms…

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