The Mommy Card

Sorry guys, I don’t have a real post today.

I had one planned for weeks but it was a sponsored post about holiday photos and the company pulled out at the last minute. At the risk of sounding ungracious, would you like me to tell you why?


Because I am not a mother.

And I quote: “This campaign is specifically targeted to families. It wasn’t until we saw your images that we realized you do not have children.”

Okay. I get it. Their target audience is mothers. They feel that mothers only read blogs and take product recommendations from other mothers. A lot of companies think this way. I could see their point if this particular company produced, say, breast pumps. Or books about childhood nutrition. Or vaccines. Or stuff you can buy in the diaper aisle….but online photo prints?

Let me get this straight: I am not a credible source for recommending a photo printing company because I am not a mother? Seriously?


As you can imagine, I was sort of shocked. Then I was sad. Then I cried and ate half a bag of Hershey’s kisses.

What’s wrong with me?
My opinions don’t count because I don’t have kids?
If I were a mother companies would want me, but until then they don’t?

Then I opened the door to every bitter, crippled, half-drunken emotional skeleton in my closet. I took them out and let them dance. It was Hammer Time in my living room for a good half of an hour.

Then I got my myself together. Put things in perspective. Put the dancing skeletons back in my closet, shut the door and said aloud to no one in particular, “I am better than this.” 

Then…. I got peeved.

So here I stand before you now, a 33-year-old childless spinster with a cat, a blog and no post, asking you for a favor.

If you are a Mom and you read this blog and you are interested in the opinions and recommendations of Mothers and Non-Mothers alike: Go to the comment section below and say so. Just type “Non-Moms have valid opinions too.” Or something. I don’t really care. I just want one mother to prove this concept wrong. Not just because it will make me feel better (which, I’ll admit, it will) but because there are a lot of companies and marketing professionals out there who think this way. I would like you to demonstrate to them that there is more to you (and your buying power) besides The Mommy Card. 

If you are in the photography/printing/ image processing business and would like to sponsor a post: Go right ahead and send me an email. I’ll give you a great deal for no other reason than you are a competitor.

If you are the PR Firm Account Rep who makes a habit of not doing your homework, wasting my time, sending insensitive emails, and whose name may or may not begin with Tyler and end with McInerney: Go fuck yourself.

    Update the following morning:

    Whoa!!!!! I don’t know what to say. You guys are the best. THE BEST.

    Okay, if it isn’t obvious, I wrote this post out of hurt and anger. It was a small thing but I needed to vent and I don’t know a lot of people in real life who get why I would be frustrated by something this… so I took it to you guys in hopes someone, anyone, would throw me a bone. I needed someone to tell me I’m not crazy or it would have eaten away at me for weeks. I was sure one person would respond here with a comment. Maybe ten. But you guys? Wow. Heart = Warmed. Wow. All I can say is Wow. If I figure out how to articulate what I’m feeling right now, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, just Wow. Thank you.

    Two quick things I want to address….

    1. I’m not going to mention the name of the company. The bone I’m picking is with the PR agency they hired to handle the account. Is it the company’s fault they hired a bunch of ass clowns to handle a narrow minded campaign? Sure. Do I want them to lose business from it because of me? No. After thinking about this a bit, I have decided I am going to write another post, non-sponsored, recommending other printing sources I already use. Not out of vengeance but because it’s handy information this time of year.
    2. Don’t bother googling that name. I changed it just barely enough that this incident doesn’t plague him every time a potential new employer or girlfriend looks him up on the internet. I know, right? How thoughtful of me. What can I say? I’m a softie. Spinsterhood will do that to you. In the meantime, Tyler and his superiors have been made aware that this post exists. HEY TYLER.


    1. says

      I found this non-sponsored post to be awesome. And jeez, how narrow-minded and stereotypical is the thinking of the fool that pulled the plug on your post? Do they think moms only care to associate with other moms? Please. I’ll take a glittered dinosaur over teething tablet talk any day!

    2. Anonymous says

      I am a mommy, and am on your blog all the time. Non mommies influence me as much as mommies. You are awesome, dont let them get you down!

    3. says

      I’m a mom, and a grandma and I find your blog refreshing,informative, witty and it’s one of the few things I look forward to in my inbox…screw Tyler!!! What does he know??

    4. says

      Everything about that situation is annoying. Guess the advertising world hasn’t realized that you can’t wrap people up in tidy little boxes. Hope you get a kickass sponsor next!

    5. says

      I’m a mom, and a grandma and I find your blog refreshing,informative, witty and it’s one of the few things I look forward to in my inbox…screw Tyler!!! What does he know??

    6. Robbie Layne says

      I am a mom and I read and VALUE the opinion of non mothers! And I freaking love your blog.

    7. says

      I have 3 kids and I would shrivel up and disappear if I only read blogs by other mothers. I have to watch Disney/PBS/nick jr, empty tiny potties into real potties, listen to the same knock knock joke fifty times and drive my massive car to and from school/lessons all day. i need outside influence in my life from someone who actually participates in the outside world. You’re my life line.

    8. says

      Mommies do use online photo printing services a lot. But mommies clearly take their buying marching orders from people who are not mommies, on all kinds of products. Sometimes this means they listen to people who have little idea of what life as a mom is really like (hello, fashion industry, I’m glaring over my glasses at YOU).

      I am a mom but didn’t become one until 49. I find many mommy blogs insipid.

      Dads read your blog, too!

    9. says

      Mommies do use online photo printing services a lot. But mommies clearly take their buying marching orders from people who are not mommies, on all kinds of products. Sometimes this means they listen to people who have little idea of what life as a mom is really like (hello, fashion industry, I’m glaring over my glasses at YOU).

      I am a mom but didn’t become one until 49. I find many mommy blogs insipid.

      Dads read your blog, too!

    10. says

      Mommies do use online photo printing services a lot. But mommies clearly take their buying marching orders from people who are not mommies, on all kinds of products. Sometimes this means they listen to people who have little idea of what life as a mom is really like (hello, fashion industry, I’m glaring over my glasses at YOU).

      I am a mom but didn’t become one until 49. I find many mommy blogs insipid.

      Dads read your blog, too!

    11. Anonymous says

      Some of the best “moms” I know are not “mothers.” I was introduced to this blog from a dear friend and co-worker who does not yet have children of her own but has given me so much inspiration to raise my two kids with a high dose of daily creativity that I will forever be thankful. And I am grateful to have Aunt Peaches in my life as well. These two women may not be mothers but they are daughters and sisters and caring, empathetic, artistic adults that have a passion to infuse children’s lives with beauty. And that’s all the endorsement I need!

    12. says

      I’m a mom and I live vicariuosly through awesome blogs like Aunt Peaches! I’m also the sister of a 40 and Fabulous childless woman; it’s infuriating to think that her worth and the value of her opinions would be dismissed like that. That is poo.

    13. says

      I don’t listen to anyone just because she is (or isn’t) a mom. I listen to people I like, who are funny, smart, interesting, and/or creative. Aunt Peaches is all of the above. I’d listen to her over a plain ole mom any day. So, Aunt Peaches, which photo printing company should I avoid? You don’t have to say the name, just what it may or may not be. PS: I’m a mom.

    14. says

      I am an older mom & I really enjoy your posts. I read blogs from other people who interest me, some are moms, some aren’t.
      You make some very valid points. On the other hand… THERE IS NO OTHER FUCKING HAND!
      What a jackass thing to say & do. So let me add my voice to yours & say “Go fuck yourself”
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find an online photo printing company that only advertises on blogs that cater to married fiber enthusiasts who ride motorcycles, have too many pets & work full time, like myself (stupid jackholes)

    15. says

      I am an older mom & I really enjoy your posts. I read blogs from other people who interest me, some are moms, some aren’t.
      You make some very valid points. On the other hand… THERE IS NO OTHER FUCKING HAND!
      What a jackass thing to say & do. So let me add my voice to yours & say “Go fuck yourself”
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find an online photo printing company that only advertises on blogs that cater to married fiber enthusiasts who ride motorcycles, have too many pets & work full time, like myself (stupid jackholes)

    16. says

      I am an older mom & I really enjoy your posts. I read blogs from other people who interest me, some are moms, some aren’t.
      You make some very valid points. On the other hand… THERE IS NO OTHER FUCKING HAND!
      What a jackass thing to say & do. So let me add my voice to yours & say “Go fuck yourself”
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find an online photo printing company that only advertises on blogs that cater to married fiber enthusiasts who ride motorcycles, have too many pets & work full time, like myself (stupid jackholes)

    17. says

      I am an older mom & I really enjoy your posts. I read blogs from other people who interest me, some are moms, some aren’t.
      You make some very valid points. On the other hand… THERE IS NO OTHER FUCKING HAND!
      What a jackass thing to say & do. So let me add my voice to yours & say “Go fuck yourself”
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find an online photo printing company that only advertises on blogs that cater to married fiber enthusiasts who ride motorcycles, have too many pets & work full time, like myself (stupid jackholes)

    18. says

      I’m a mom and grandma and you rock! Thank you for sharing yourself with us….now put that idiot’s wrong decision behind you and get on with enjoying and sharing your wonderful self with us!

    19. says

      I almost never “do comments”,
      Something has to really move me to write one….
      But right now I’m a really pissed off Mom.
      A Mommy of 3… Not one of them is diapers…
      They change diapers.
      I am a (gasp!) Grandma.
      That company probably thinks I’m too old to read blogs and buy photo printing service too. Dipshits.
      Thank god WE know better.
      Peaches, you just keep doing what you are doing, you are one of a kind that stands out in the blogosphere.
      To the PR Jerk and the company you rep:
      Listen up!
      Aunt Peaches knows her shit and I LOVE reading her blog.
      Let me make that clear again:
      And guess what?
      So does MY MOM!
      (Great- Grandma)
      This is a smart, funny, highly intelligent person person that created this blog, I look forward to it everyday!
      Having the ability to reproduce does not make one a photo guru, or a superior customer of photo printing service.
      That kind of antiquated thinking will put a company straight out of business. You are just one of thousands I’m sure, and you cannot afford to alienate one single person in this stinking economy.
      If I had the ability to write to said
      Fuck head company, I would gather up all the villagers with torches and pitch forks in hand and lay waste to your email server.
      But I’m an old grandma, and I need a nap now…

    20. says

      I am not a mom, and therefore I’m offended that you’re discriminating against me by not wanting my comment support. Hah.

    21. annannanna says

      I dislike Mommy-bloggers and like you very much. Keep up the spinsterhood!

    22. Abbybron says

      i’m a mom, and i chose to spend my limited internet time reading blogs that are interesting and creative, not based on whether the author also made babies. i like your style and i’m going to keep on reading.

    23. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks Abby 😉

    24. lauri lanigan says

      I am not even sure how I came to read your blog. I saw some craft I liked and got sucked into looking at other crafts, then started reading…its been an hour and I am still having fun reading, pinning and just enjoying your posts.

      Not for one minute, did I stop and think that I should not read your posts or look into some company or item you endorsed because you were not a Mom. That is not something I judge women on. I just like what I like regardless of what you look like, where you live, your religion, or if you are married, single, childless…..the list can go on and on.

      I am not as nice as you. I might have been tempted to post a name and address.

    25. G Johnson says

      Hey Mister Not Tyler McInerney! This will come as a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC surprise to you & the unnamed client that hired your firm that led you to Aunt Peaches, but all women in general are multifaceted. Yep! All of them. Every where alllll around the world. Every one of them. They can birth babies, adopt a family, or choose to not have children & still be intelligent nurturing caring individuals who are capable of picking an online photo printing company. Really! And being the multifaceted creatures that we are, we are also capable of making considered choices based in part on the opinions of other women that may or may not have children regardless of whether or not we have children ourselves.

      What should have been important to your client and your firm in wooing blogger participants like Aunt Peaches was whether or not the blogger had a large readership and whether or not those readers might be interested in an online photo printing source recommended by Aunt Peaches. It shouldn’t matter if those readers take and print pictures of their dogs, cats, family, crafts, homes, national parks, vacation resorts or their manicures. The important thing should have been that the readers of Aunt Peaches’ blog might be photo takers who might have been interested in using your clients services. But you and they blew that opportunity. Too bad for them & too bad for you. But this will be a great opportunity for who ever your clients competition is. So be sure to thank your client for their bigotry & narrow mindedness on behalf of their competition. And when you look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself it could have been worse. You could have been the guy who came up with the marketing idea for the Bic pen for women. At least you dodged that bullet!

      Oh and another thing Mister Not Tyler McInerney, having proved that you do not have the slightest grasp of the complexities of women and according to your client and yourself I myself are one of those so highly regarded moms, so I know that you will consider this opinion very seriously: I would highly recommend that you restrict all of your future marketing endeavors to only manly products and services.

    26. says

      I am a non-mom myself who spoils rotten her 3 nieces, younger sister, and friends children. I have been around for almost every major mile stone in my nieces lives (except for recently… DARN YOU MILITARY FOR STEALING MY MINIONS OFF TO SPAIN!!!) and I can officially lay this to rest… NON-MOMS ARE BRILLIANT PEOPLE TOO!!!

      No we haven’t pushed bowling balls out of our whohas, and those sleepless nights are more for staying up with our pets, glue guns and wine but WE are the ones that spend the money for amazing crafts to spoil family members. WE are the ones that are the future crazy cat and dog ladies with disposable incomes. And like a lot have said before me, I am so tired of mommy blogs! Many are boring, repetitive crafts that are more around to show how big Sally and Sammy have gotten.

      I had never really seen this blog until this post but looking around I am going to keep reading. SUCK IT LAZY PR PERSON WHOM WILL NO LONGER BE NAMED BECAUSE YOU SUCK THAT BAD!!!

    27. Condo Blues says

      Girl, I have been in the same boat many times over. I don’t have kids either. I do have 9 nieces and nephews which is practically a focus group if someone wants to know what The Worlds Most Fabulous Aunt (Trademark Pending) has an opinion on kid stuff on a variety of kiddos. It’s still not good enough for some. The crazy thing is if I get courted and then rejected for not having 9 kids under my roof at all times it is for something that isn’t necessarily mom-centric either.

    28. teresa says

      Peaches, I am not a mom. I am single, childless, and without pets. I wish I coulda been there for you while you were struggling with those lousy feelings because I often feel like that. But I’m glad you pulled yourself together too! I love your blog because you are you!

    29. says

      Just another Mommy for Aunt Peaches – you rock evr’ybodys socks! Keep on keepin’ on! Oh, and I was a spinster with a cat until age 36, so I can speak for both sides of the crafty-lovin’ fence here in 190th-ing your radness…..

    30. April says

      Non-Moms have valid opinions too! And you were lucky to have Aunt Peaches willing to write a post for you who ever you are.
      -From a mom who would have read and most likely would have loved the post.

    31. Kathryn says

      While I can understand wanting a mother’s opinion if it were a children’s product, but online photography, really? I would think that would be something everyone could you and something they would want to market to everyone, and beside that, you have a fur child – Lola.

    32. PeachesFreund says

      Exactly. I didn’t want to mention this, but Lola was very offended when they indicated I was childless. People spend a lot of time and money on their children with fur — me included!

    33. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks Cheryl 🙂

    34. Cheryl Gibbs says

      I happen to have four children of my own. Two of whom have complicated health issues who may live with us for a very long time. I also have two dogs and one purr-less cat.
      I adore Aunt Peaches and look forward to her creative adventures!
      I never thought twice that she didn’t have any children and I hadn’t even remembered until this post. I really just remember how creative and totally spunky she is. Certainly, I’d love to see how she’d put together her photos! She is absolutely one of the most funky, creative, geniuses out in blog land and one of the first blogs I check when I can check on the many and wildly different blogs I follow!

    35. says

      Damn. Ouch. I’m not a mom, and I don’t particularly cater my blog to moms. I cater it to all women. We’re all still women, right? Kids or not? Yes, the PR firm didn’t do their homework. And even after the “realization” that you’re not a mom, they could have still gone along with the original plan. I love that you decided to do a non sponsored post, just because. That’s classy.

    36. Kelly says

      LOVE! As a non-mom blogger who gets pissed on more occasions than you know, my argument is this — brands want to reach the moms, so if you have an audience of moms, then why the freak does it matter if we are moms or not?? Mean people and brands suck. I feel ya, honey! Honestly, I don’t read a lot of mommy blogs because I become overwhelmed with what I don’t have and most likely won’t have due to infertility. ROCK ON for your honesty!

    37. Andrea Nebel says

      That is pure madness. I am a mom but I love your blog because you DON’T talk about kids all the time. And because we both have cats named Lola…which I dig.

    38. Anonymous says

      I am not a mom and love your blog. The whole child thing is a bit of a sensitive subject because I would love to be one but haven’t gotten lucky yet. And I think my drunken skeletons must hang out with yours because hearing what the PR agent said made me p*ssed. You don’t have to have had a diaper bag to be validated in life, right? (opens another bottle of wine) Right???

    39. PeachesFreund says

      Our drunken skeletons must be buds.

      I can get past the idea of an individual w a narrow perception and poor social skills… But the idea that this was something discussed around a table in a place of business, and it was concluded that non-moms are somehow a lesser resource or something? It is rattling. How many other people think like this? I don’t want to think about it 🙁

    40. Heidi says

      I am a mama of 3 and I read your blog because of the way you can perfectly describe the way you are feeling and what you think and you are honest about all of it– to me that is what an editor or a product reviewer is. Just because I have never had a dog doesn’t mean that I can’t buy the most awesomely hilarious dog outfits for my niece-dog Cooper and write about it on my blog and tell others about this awesome dog outfit. If we could only ever talk to or share ideas with people in our exact situation then we’d be horribly lonely because no one is in my exact situation. I love you Aunt Peaches and want to hear your opinions whether your and aunt, mom, or wild chicken in a sumo suit!

      from Heidi

      (which your welcome to come by any time and read about me recommending horse saddles and moon boots and traps for pigmy carnivorous wolves)

    41. Lita Schule says

      I’m late to the party but I wanted to add my vote.
      I’m a mom, and while I don’t run screaming from bloggers who are moms I don’t seek them out either. Your blog is in my top 5 because of a lot of things, but I trust your reviews recommendations and tips more than others because they are thoughtful, come from a perspective that makes sense to me, and because so far you haven’t steered me wrong.
      As a mother I don’t appreciate the idea of judging someone BECAUSE they have children, and I have been on the receiving end of that my entire adult life. As such, I could never condone doing the reverse. There’s no such thing as a “mommy club” among thinking people.
      Your blog is exciting and fun and useful. There’s some combination of just the right things going on here that is so special. So don’t sweat this, whatever it is, you’ve got it in spades.

    42. Mary says

      I don’t think my original comment posted, so I’m no longer full of my original righteous anger. I am not a mom, nor will I be. I am, however, in a committed-long term relationship that is filled with dogs and cats, as well as nephews. And I’m a DINK. So when PR firms say my money is unappreciated because we’re not mothers to conventional children, then I spend my money elsewhere. Too bad for them. Good on you for not naming names, Peaches. And if eating half a bag of Hershey Kisses is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

    43. says

      Here I am at #157 for the comments. Whether you are a “mom” or not doesn’t matter – people are just assholes that sometimes have to poke around in your life for what reason – you’ll figure this out some day…. whether it make you stronger, wiser, or just smarter so be it. We all have them… Being a mom has nothing to do with anything… This goes for many things: I adopted a son b/c anyone can have kids – it is the fact that you have to raise them and parent them that makes you a “mom”. Same goes for business – being a photographer matters not about whether you belong to the subject matter – it is how you “see” and are able to portray the photograph, if you will. If I decided to photograph flowers, I don’t have to know how to grow them…. this man has no brain – whoever he is. Eat your kisses, bang your hammer – you deserve to. Somehow, your inner self needs to right the wrong you just experienced! I get them too (I posted a blog about how a radio host was making fun of retarded kids and I had to call in and ask for her to stop – she continued to go on and on with me and called me “more retarded than my retart of a kid”… If I could have I would have eaten 10 bags of kisses…. you were so wronged…. need to change it – how can we help? Can we somehow re-educate him (ad-nauseum) on how one needs not be a mom to make a product recommendation… after your anger passes – let’s get to work and change him, who he works for, who he associates with, where he goes, what he does…. a bit shall we???? Let’s give him a helping hand!!!!!!

    44. Jenny Bloom says

      I bristle at the idea that only women who have become mothers have worth. I also feel sad when I see people lose their entire identity to being a Mommy. Of course I feel mothers are extremely important, no one would ever doubt that. I just wish it wasn’t the number one thing that defines a woman as a valuable human being.

    45. Mandi @ the mab Blab says

      I’m a mom of 3, but I haven’t always been. It’s been frustrating to meet people pre-kids who thought I was invalid because I was childless. It’s been frustrating to meet people post-kids who think I have nothing to say because I’m “just a mom.” I love your blog & think your opinions are completely valid! Oh, and if you featured a post on breast pumps that included a tutorial on how to properly apply glitter and flowers to it, I’d totally buy & glitter whatever you recommend.

    46. disqus_tEhRQ9lPxX says

      I am a mommy of 3 real live humans and LOVE to read opinions and ideas from other WOMEN whether they have human kids, pet kids, blog kids…you get my drift

    47. Kathi says

      I’ve never commented on your blog (and I haven’t read all the I’m sure fantastic comments on this post that are before mine), but I just had to say that these fools are so much very foolish. Taking pictures and printing pictures has nothing to do with motherhood (or catladyism or brotherhood or catholicism or whatever other -hood or -ism you want to throw out there). And anyone who thinks otherwise… well, they apparently work in PR.

      Whoever their client is (or was, perhaps at this point – I can hope) missed out on a huge opportunity. I absolutely would have at the very least looked at this service, and I very well may have dropped some money at their doorstep, all because because of your post. YOUR post.

      You’ve got power. Something this so-called PR agency does not.

    48. says

      Pretty sure that guy who contacted you wasn’t a mom either. Just sayin’.

      I’m 20, and not a mom. But your blog is awesome because you’re amazing at it and you have wonderful wit. As soon as I got done reading this post, I went immediately to my little brother (he’s 17) and told him what you had written and he and I both went “awww” at the same parts. That guy was a poop. I would be interested in an online photo printing place. As a college student who’s moving away for a semester to do the Disney College Program its very important to me to be able to bring photos with me and in the next month or so I wanted to get that all together. And now, I won’t have your fabulous opinion to judge a company on. Oh well, looks like we’ll go elsewhere.

    49. says

      Peaches, you’re awesome and that guy is a moron. I’m not a mommy, and like others have said, I love your blog even more because it’s not all mommylicious. Keep up the good work.

    50. Dana says

      I hope the guy who decided this, reads this. Because it must be a guy.

      How stupid can you be? This one surely underestimated the power of the internet.

      And let me tell you, you are one of my favourite, favourite, favourite blog writers of all time. I might even follow you into a deep abyss to look at flamingos and what was the other horrible thing… 🙂
      Just because you like them.
      You rock!

      A big hug for you!
      Loads of love Dana

    51. disqus_kzlFbTaC3P says

      I am a mom and I WANT opinions from different sources and different perspectives. If I only sought (or valued) opinions from other moms then I would significantly limit the information I have access to. Why would I want to do that?

    52. says

      “Non-moms have valid opinions!” Seriously, this is one of my FAVORITE blogs! I don’t always agree with everythng you post, but I value each and every opinion, thought, picture and glitter covered what’s-it that you post here! Keep on being your wonderful self and fooey on people who think that you should be anything different than who you are!

    53. stormimay says

      Hm. We are the same age and I have 8 kids. I LOVE your blog because it is nice to read something by someone who has the same kind of quirky interests and ideas I have without it all being child centered. I’m more than my kids!

    54. lauren says

      are you not JUST a woman……..are you not the owner/mother/nurturer of a kitty, did you not give birth to this blog? who the hell do these narrow minded idiots think they are—
      Listen dear, our children grow up, they become parents and if we are lucky we become a nana or grandma, but our mothering days are mostly done–hopefully with good outcomes and GRACE. I am a mother, and nana……..I am still a woman……and nurturer and by god it takes more than having a child to be a mother……
      I read the blog of these young, very young women, sit back and then smile as they are youngsters of today, younger than my children, who have so far to go……they are fortunate they can have careers, or be SAHMs and the companies out there better watch out as this enlightened generation will push them aside the way they have the so called women who have not given birth, but have given birth to creativity, a dream, an idea, a thought, etc. Wonder what these PR jerks mothers think about their attitudes…..what else are they narrow minded and biggoted about-food for thought….the world has and continues to change and become more tolerant and open…….thank god for WOMEN like you……Rah, Rah for you………I like you even more now…….wow! I am angry!

    55. Melissa says

      I’m late to this parade, but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents & support. I’m married but intentionally childless forever. I read lots and lots of blogs each week, some of them by moms, some of them not, some of them I don’t even know or care. I pick the blogs in my Reader feed based on how awesome they are & I just wanted you to know that you are one of the awesomest. Much love!

    56. Jenny Chang says

      Your blog is awesome! I’m working on my first baby now and I plan on still reading your blog after she’s born. Being pregnant is draining and I love seeing all the creative things people like you are doing while I am being a lazy bum on the couch.

    57. Ash Culpepper says

      Whoa, you’ve gotten a lot of love about this! Just wanted to add my two cents. I’m a mom and I read your blog. And just because you haven’t had a child does not mean your opinions aren’t valid. (yikes tripe negative!) Anyway, I think you’re a doll and your blog is fantastic. And those dingbats… are well, dingbats.

    58. Steph says

      I am a mom with 4 kids & I LOVE your blog! You are funny and have amazing cool projects. I do read some mom blogs, but for goodness sakes I enjoy many things that are not just mom focused. What a stupid bunch of pr execs! You are being incredibly gracious and kind here. Keep up the awesome blog!

    59. onionsinthestew says

      I have 5 children whom Iove dearly but am always so happy to come here in order to have a break from them and all things kids! Also, I love the pic of the Hershey’s wrappers and found a lot of comfort in it! 😉

    60. says

      I am a mother. I did not realize you do not have children. I LOVE your blog.

      I must admit I was much more crafty and creative BEFORE I had my children. So the idea you need children is wrong.

    61. says

      I am a mom & I have been cyberstalking you for a while. I read your blog because you remind me a LOT of myself & every single post you make me laugh out loud at least once, if not twice. Seriously, you’re freaking hilarious & it matters not that you’re not a mom. And as a mom I want you to hear this: I DO NOT READ “MOM” BLOGS because most of the time they’re LAME!!! I had my son when I was 19 (he’s 12 now, do the math) I’m not married, I’m not well off, I don’t have a minivan, I listen to punk rock music, I have tattoos, you get the picture. I don’t fit in on “mommy” blogs. Most of the time I just laugh at them or they make me feel bad about myself for not getting upset that I’m not sanitizing my house everyday (they’re lucky I throw the moldy food out of the fridge on a semi-monthly basis) or bake cookies to decorate with my son or try some lame turn-on to reignite the lost passion with my nonexistent hubby or try to look hot cause I’m a frumpy mom (I don’t need any tips, thanks, I’m already hot!) but the point is if anyone directs me to a blog for MOMS, I run screaming from my laptop. AND if some douchewad thinks you have to be one of those types to promote his business? Then guess what, his business is probably LAME, just like mom blogs he wants to promote it on. You’re rad & you have the coolest ideas & I put your posts up a lot on my springpad notebook (I do have a lot of followers on there) so everybody else can see how cool & funny you are too! Hopefully I don’t sound like a psycho ranting on like this but it always makes me feel better when strange people like me on the internet, or really when anyone likes me & says something nice that always brightens my day! 🙂

    62. says

      I’m a mom of 2. My littles are FINALLY upstairs sleeping. After a long day of diapers, carseats, and all that comes with being a stay at home mom, it is refreshing to come to a blog where I am NOT looking at pictures of someone else’s “adorable” kids. I come to blogland to get a different perspective. To see other people’s creative ideas. I don’t need to see other moms with lives more perfect than mine – spotless houses, kids out of their pjs before 11am, and husbands who always make sure to bring home fresh flowers.
      Thanks for being real. 🙂

    63. says

      That’s just dumb. I value your opinions, your ideas, and your creativity. Your status as a mother/nonmother is irrelevant.

    64. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks, Michelle 🙂

    65. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks Cara. I agree! Looking at people play Perfect on the internet doesn’t make me feel better about me. (this is probably why I watch too much reality TV — I can’t help but feel better by comparison).

    66. says

      I’m a mom and you know… I don’t care if you have kids or not. You make stuff. Nice stuff. Interesting stuff. This is reproductivism and if you chose to you could take it to court.

    67. Amy says

      OMG are you kidding me? You have tons of fun stuff, I didn’t know that you were NOT a mommy and I don’t care! I hate everyone.

    68. says

      I am way late to the comment party, but I couldn’t help myself.
      I am a mom, and I LOVE your blog – you have great ideas, suggestions, and freaking make me laugh every time I stop by.
      As one other commenter mentioned, you are a creative powerhouse 🙂
      Non-Moms indeed have valid opinions…I mean, I’m so sleep deprived these days, there are moments when I can barely string words together correctly…but you! you’ve got ideas! and words! and humor!
      *love your blog* *love your recommendations*

    69. says

      I am really sorry you have to go through this. I am a mom who values you and what you do/say on your blog. I come here for craft ideas for my kids and the kids at my camps. The Tyler people shot themselves in the foot and arse!

    70. EM says

      Peaches your blog is the only one I follow. Seriously. Precisely because I do not wish to subject myself to another “guess what I whipped up while hubby was sleeping and all 3 offspring where busy ripping each other heads off” kind of overachiever/multitasker that makes me feel, well, lazy. I value what you have to say because you paint your kitchen watermelon taffy and make sombrero hats for your cat and curse like a sailor and because at least once a week I will have to change my pants midpost because I laughed so hard I peed them and you also have a great talent for making me pause and take a breath and remind me of what it is that keeps me grounded. And you do all that while wearing aa bonnet, making a duck face and a gang sign. I imagine a margarita with a pink flamingo stirstick in the other. To those who don’t see the potential behind I say, “up yours, Tyler”

    71. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks EM. I’m so glad you read. You are officially invited for flamingo margaritas anytime 🙂

    72. says

      I could care less if you have children, raise ferrets, sponsor wrestlers, or score Hummel figurines on the Black Market (actually, I really don’t want you to score Hummel figurines – they frighten me). I read your blog because it entertains me, gives me good ideas, and makes me think.

    73. PeachesFreund says

      This is good to know. I keep black market wrestling ferrets but was too afraid to share my truth. Now I know 🙂

      I agree with you on the Hummels. They are almost as creepy as Precious Moments. Oddly enough, I live not far from a Hummel museum. One day I will get up the balls to go.

    74. says

      My respect for the opinions of others has NOTHING to do with their status as a parent or mother. Sooo glad to see your post got the comments deserved.

    75. Btabs says

      “Non-Moms have valid opinions too”. …. all who are moms were once non-moms. I read your blog … I am a mom… and you’re more crafty than I have time to be and I love it! Maybe us moms can live vicariously through you!

    76. says

      OMG. what a fucking joke. they are losing out on an awesome partnership and it’s all because of their own tunnel vision. i imagine them with robo-voices. MUST. HAVE. SPAWN.

      ALSO, as someone who works for a company in a social media capacity – who works directly with bloggers on the regular – i am completely…i don’t know…embarrassed? apologetic? i don’t know how to feel – i’m sorry and i’m glad that you know that there are companies out there who don’t treat people like this.

      ALSO ALSO, to answer your question: i have two kids. i still think your opinion and the opinions of other non-moms matter.

      OH AND i have never commented before but i have been loving your blog from afar and enjoying your posts, regardless of the state of your uterus. big love to you!

    77. PeachesFreund says

      Big love to you too Jen, thanks!

    78. Connie says

      I am really disappointed with blogs of most mothers your age. I am following yours because you are not a mother and full of drivel. You are not a spinster but a bright, inspiring, inventive, motivated young woman like my daughters with new ideas. “Mommy blogs” bore the hell out of me.

    79. J Hill says

      I am a mom, I am a blogger. And right now, I am pissed off.

      Peaches, you are one of my blogging heroes. You have jaw-dropping style, intelligent wit, and miles of ingenuity. I have seen to manage to take a dry sponsored post opp and turn it into WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! (The Lola/Neil Diamond Canvas, anyone?)

      Unfortunately, I am not surprised at the callousness of companies seeking Mommy Bloggers. I could go into a “whole nother” rant about the Mommy Wars and how companies fuel the fire, but it’s all things you are smart enough to have thought of already. You know you are better than all this shiz, and shame on that ricockulous PR rep for making you doubt it.

      You aren’t the type to fish for compliments, but here’s one anyway: You are talented, relevant, and inspirational. Just as you are,

    80. PeachesFreund says

      You are too nice, Jess. Thanks 🙂

      The issue of ‘mommy wars’ was always something I was aware of, but gosh, the last 24 hours….wow. I knew nothing. It’s so competitive. Even if you don’t want to compete — if you have a blog, you are automatically entered. For me, it’s awkward enough running a blog and opening myself up for judgment by others. Sometimes it gets very personal but I have never thought about what it would be like if kids were in the picture. A simple craft project wouldn’t just be about this thing I made, or even me and how I made it; with kids, the project would be a reflection of what kind of mother I was…how I was raising my kids…how I run a home. And even if you keep your kids faces and names out of the picture, it’s still lurking in the background. At least that is what I imagine. Maybe I’m exaggerating the situation, but, you know…it’s another angle I had not thought about. I know moms never get the credit they deserve but I just never thought about it on the blog front.

      Learning curve. I’m hitting it.

    81. Reyna de la Cruz says

      But I do read your blog from time to time and like your CRAFT ideas, and you are funny sometimes. but i’m starting to get turned off by your tonage. thanks.

    82. says

      Plenty of men market to women and last time I checked, they aren’t mothers. Men own women’s magazines, TV shows . . . write books for women. The point is who the target audience is – who YOUR readers are. I was a Brand Manager for years – this is Marketing 101. Your blog is the perfect platform to market to women . . . MOMS . . .

      Message to PR firms: Any brand would be lucky to market on this blog and have a sponsored post here. High quality blogs like Aunt Peaches, with great writing and very loyal audiences, aren’t that easy to find.

    83. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks, Reyna.

      Next time I decide to create a blog based on the likes and dislikes of other people, I will be sure to consult you first.

    84. Cathy Mulherin says

      I love your blog, read it all the time because it is great. I am a mom of 5 great kids, but honestly, when they were growing up I did not have time for myself, much less reading blogs. Now that they are grown I have time to read interesting and creative output from special people like you. So go ahead smart business guy, target people who don’t have time to even care what you are selling… Can’t fix stupid.. not even with duck tape… Love ya…

    85. JILL says

      I’m not a mom either, but you have a dirty mouth! I see enough cursing from people on FB to last me till the Lord arrives! Shame on you Aunt Peaches!!!

    86. PeachesFreund says

      Words are not profane in my book, it’s the intention behind them that counts. For example: wishing shame on a stranger. That would certainly come in under the “profane” category in my book. But that shouldn’t stop either one of us from doing it.

    87. Deb says

      So what if you’re not a Mom to a human child! You’re a Mom to a cat, who no doubt loves you, despite the strange human form you have! You are creative beyond belief, and hilarious to boot! I enjoy reading the comments that always lend an air of hilarity to your creations.
      “Specifically targeted to families” my a$$!! You are PART of a family…the largest on earth…HUMANITY!!

      P.S. I’m a mom…and I create…and I love to see what you do and what you feel on the many subjects you speak about in your posts!

    88. Bronwyn David says

      One idea – get photos with lots of random kids.A rainbow of kids. Imagine what that is going to do for the marketability of your blog! In the meantime, I have money and I read your (fantastic, hiliarious) blog. End of story.

    89. PeachesFreund says

      That is an idea. If I have to feature phony child relationships to increase my marketability, I would like as many as possible. I’ll show that old woman who lived in the shoe!

    90. says

      I am a childless woman, with THREE cats, and I’m incredibly happy about it! It is sad and shocking that even now, women are being judged based upon their reproduction or marriage status. I read and enjoy your blog all the time, and it doesn’t matter one bit if you have children or not. Your work is very good and inspires me to create, which is what I’m sure you intend to do. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your blog and if companies don’t come to you because you don’t have children, well, it’s their loss.

    91. Mitra Pratt says

      Oh my goodness, it is way too early to spit coffee all over. I snorted! Great post and hell yeah, I’m a Mom and I read your blog because it’s cool, you are amazing and thank goodness you have time to write it and make good stuff ’cause lots of Moms just don’t. I wish I knew the name of the company who pulled their sponsor, ’cause then I wouldn’t use them just outta spite.

    92. Katzpawz says

      Be sure to invite that jerk to go to hell before telling him what to do with himself. After all, he should be doing that to himself in his own home, shouldn’t he?
      And don’t wait for bad times for Hershey’s Kisses. Those little suckers are good for any mood at all!

    93. Katie says

      I am sorry you were hurt by this moron. Of course non-moms have valid opinions, and they write great blogs that moms like me check and read every blessed day. I hope you decide at some point to share the name of the company stupid enough to hire this douchebag because I don’t want to accidentally spend any money there.

    94. odile_barbot_f says

      I am a mother and these people are pretty bastards they don’t respect us, mothers or not in our diversity. I do NOT want to buy their products and we can organize a boycott campaign on facebook and twitter: Lets go birds and sing a very bad song to them. If you decide so aunty let me know, i’ll join you with pleqsure. Who do they think they are, who do tehy think we are

    95. Jl Baloch says

      And I would like to know exactly how many of those Exc’s that pulled the plug on your ‘post’ actually have children? Listen they are total idiots….When I was 33, not married, no kids, but I knew how to deal with babies, and gave friends advice, which they took…..NO KIDS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR MINDLESS. Even for years, after I married, still no kids, I still gave advice to Mommies….and they used that advice. Now that I am a mother, and older mother, I know there are smart, accomplished SINGLE women out there whom I would LOVE to get advice from. Tell that company to go BLOW!

    96. says

      I’m a mom to a dog. That counts right? Well anyway, I think it sucks, and I would have also considered using the company. You may not be a traditional mom to a human child, but you have cats, and you talk about the precious kids in your life. I’ve never commented here before, but this made me mad, too.

    97. Alexis says

      Non-Moms have valid opinions too, and even more shockingly, Moms read this blog! Sorry that company was such an a-hole to you.

    98. says

      I did not realize until I read this post that you didnt have kids! Big deal, it makes no difference to me. I read the blog because your content rocks. (I have 2 toddlers)

    99. says

      This Mom of 4, Nonna of 7 loves and values your blog irregardless of your uterine deeds. Non-Moms have Valid Opinions too!!!

    100. Cindy Briggs says

      Absolutely – ‘Non-mothers have valid opinions too’

    101. Skatie says

      Could you accomplish even half of what you do if you were a mother? I mean, I’ve got five kids, and at the end of the day (hell, at the beginning of the day), the amount of energy and attention span I have to devote to anything remotely creative usually registers in the negatives. And if I did make something, where in my disaster of a house would I put it? Having kids is wonderful, but you know what? Not having kids is wonderful, too. I read your posts and think, “Damn, that would be nice.” Your house has definitely featured in some of my daydreams.

      And as far as targeting the mommy scene goes, well…this particular mother doesn’t have any disposable income to blow on holiday photos, anyway, so go factor that into your demographic charts, Mr. Account Rep.

    102. sylvie l -ward says

      Mom of 4 grandma of 2 and I LOVE your blog! Stupidness comes in all shapes, sizes and titles . I can’t imagine anyone having such ridiculous rules. They obviously are clueless to the loss they have just put upon themselves. You are an AMAZING person!!! Your blog always makes me smile and feel good. THANK YOU for being you!!!!

    103. Reyna de la Cruz says

      you are whining and sound very annoying. sorry.

    104. says

      I am a daughter , mother, wife, sister, friend, employee, boss, and small business owner…. but first and foremost I am the sum of ALL my parts, me, TRACY… and I can tell you I do not base my reading material, or the worthiness of someones opinion or idea on any one demographic. the PR genius who thought you were not worthy of a mom-blogger market needs his resume re-examined! Sure my Mom-card, is important to me , but truly that is just a very small part of who I am, and where I spend MY money. Not to mention, said PR genius… should be aware that I am raising two more female consumers that can & do think outside the box when it comes to spending, and human relations… I read your blog for your wit and creativity, I admire you for your heart and passion for life. Just in case this is read by any other companies , know this.. I actually have very little in common with dear Peaches, my creative spirit is probably pretty much on the opposite side of the glitter bottle and glue gun… But she has my interest, and has kept it, her opinion is valid and can be related to a many in creative blog land!!!

    105. says

      What an insulting and ridiculous experience for you! So many of your crafts are kid-friendly and cute AND you have an adorable niece and, I believe, a nephew! Should a person not be a teacher because she doesn’t have kids? Ridiculous! I’ve raised FOUR kids as a single parent and your lack of same is meaningless in terms of your talents and abilities. You’re right- fuck these idiots. What it be too much to ask what companies they represent?
      I hope you can find a way to render them unable to Pin any of your ideas and pretend that they are in any way responsible for your talent. Schmucks.

    106. says

      I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, employee,volunteer, boss, and small business owner… most of all I am TRACY,… just ME… and the pin head who thought you couldn’t/ wouldn’t be a great draw for EVERYONE needs to have their resume re-examined.. As important as my mommy card is, it is a bitty part of me & my wallet! Not to mention I am raising two more female consumers with the knowledge that we are the sum of ALL out parts, not just a wife or mommy, etc etc…. YOU are fabulous, as you are, in the sum of YOUR parts… I read you for your wit, perspective, and creative genius… I appreciate you for your heart, and passion. and if by some chance some nit wit of a PR person reads this and thinks we are craft drones cut from the same cloth… I beg to differ, your style versus mine are at opposite ends, but I absolutely relate to you, and your opinion holds much weight with me!!! SO yeah!!

    107. Christine Dinsmore says

      I read blog based on their content not the demographics of a blogger. Do I sometimes feel a special connection to a blogger because of their personal life? Definitely. I think that can be the best part. In my blog I would never call myself a “mommy blogger” even though I have kids. Sure I talk about them and post photos the same way you post photos and talk about lola. It’s my life, it’s a big part of who I am. But my blog is another part of who I am and sometimes I’m that person who blogs to talk about pretty things in far away places. Your blog is awesome because you are who you are within it. That is why so many people love it. That PR person probably doesn’t have kids either and doesn’t realize that all people don’t morph into crazy mom bloggers who only read mom blogs once they have kids. And just to point out for their research team: I usually don’t read mommy only bloggity blogs nor would I be inclined to take their recommendations. This is not to say I don’t read blogs that are written by moms (I do a lot. There are amazing blogs out there written by moms). But the niche of “mommy blogs” often seem to be saturated with too many recommendations/sponsored posts/monetized that I don’t really trust it’s not just on the fact they are getting paid Ya know what I am sayin?

    108. Shannon says

      I hate most mom blogs, besides, you know, my own. They’re all “oh it’s 5:00 somewhere, let me get my box wine on because mothering is sooooo hard”. How am I supposed to trust their opinions on photo printing when they’re drunk? Answer me that Tyler!

      For the record, I have nothing against box wine. And everything against a-hole PR acccount reps.

    109. Amanda C says

      WTF??? Because you have no children you are not considered “family” oriented? Really? You have a cat, a niece, and LOTS OF FAMILY. That bugs me so much, when people don’t consider someone to be part of a family because they don’t have kids. We are all a part of a family, sometimes more than one.

      I love you and your blog. Screw incensitive marketing people.

    110. Emmers says

      Speaking as a mother, I would just like to say: Moms are so f*cking lame. Ha! 🙂 not really, I mean we rock because we selflessly pour all of our energy, love, creativity into these generally ungrateful mini-tyrants so that they can *hopefully* grow up to be good people. So that’s awesome, right?

      But man, I’m freaking spent at the end of the day and I do feel pretty lame in a lot of ways, and it is maybe one of the greatest things in the world to ignore the hollering in the background for 10 minutes and peek into all the lovely things you’ve got going on and laugh at your witty, beautiful little ramblings.

      I have a feeling this un-named (cough, Tyler, cough) d-bag, knows squat about what mothers want.

      Don’t let the man get you down. You rock!

    111. says

      Seriously? How ridiculous. Non-Mothers have valid opinions too. At 33, I was a childless spinster. At 35, I was married. At 39, I was a first time Mother. I now have 2 children and don’t check Mommy credentials before evaluating someone’s opinion. If I had a photo processing business, I would totally sponser you.

    112. Carly Palacios says

      Re-iterating what others have said– My girls are my life but I don’t define myself as only a mom. Definitely go fuck yourself, Tyler. I adore you, Peaches!

    113. Heather Rose Chase says

      I’m a mom of two boys. I follow you because you are AUNT Peaches and because aunts are always the coolest. You are the top of my reading list every day. I don’t really read “mommy blogs” because the last thing I need is to read about the life I’m already living. I read yours because it’s my escape. Thank you.

    114. Heather Herrington says

      My spouse and I neither have nor want kids, but I still consider us a family. I discovered you via Pinterest, and have started following your blog thanks to this post. Hopefully you’ll find that photography sponsor, since I’d love to send out some photo print holiday cards.

    115. Pam says

      You have some really great comments here; congrats on a loyal following. Count me in as one. I’m a mom (probably a tad older than most of your followers), and my daughter, who is not a mom, both enjoy following your witty, creative blog.

    116. Heather says

      I’ve never read your blog before seeing The Mommy Card image on Pinterest. When I read the description of the pin (that you were automatically dismissed because you aren’t a mom) I was shocked and had to come read. And now, because I loved that you called the dude out by name and told him to go fuck himself, among other reasons, this mom will for sure be back to check out what else you have going on here. I am the stay at home mom with two kids who loves to read blogs that this super unprofessional and narrow minded company is targeting. But I don’t feel some weird vagina bond with other women who have also birthed children and only listen to their recommendations. Stupid. And honestly I find many other moms way too uptight and idealistic for my taste so I welcome the non-mommy perspective you could offer.

    117. Hilary says

      I am a mother and have already taken your advice on products.

    118. smallfriendly says

      As a long time reader (and mom) I very much value your opinion, and now I wish I knew who to boycott. I am so sorry this happened. Some people really suck, but not you, you rule!

    119. says

      Mom here who likes reading things from non-moms. My son is my life, but he isn’t MY LIFE. We don’t all want to read about poo, parks, and princesses (and anti-princesses) all day long.

    120. says

      So they don’t like Aunt Peaches? Sad isn’t it? I never came here because I thought you were single or married. I never came here because of gender.You, had great DIY’s and posts that were funny. Full stop.

    121. Vicki O'Dell says

      Well, that sucks! “Non-Moms have valid opinions too.”

      I don’t read your blog because you are a mom I read it because you are a freakin’ creative POWERHOUSE!! In fact, I’ve had it up to my ears with the whole mommy blogger thing. I AVOID mom bloggers. Hear me companies?? Hear me PR reps? Sick of the dang mommy bloggers. So many talented people in the universe and you want to cut them out because they don’t write about potty training!?!?

      Now I’m pissed too. humpf!

    122. Aubrey Tate says

      Oh thank you Vicki for saying that! I too am tired of the mommy blogging. I find it tiresome but it doesn’t help that I’m not a mom and don’t plan to be…well, except to my cats. 🙂

      Project Lovegood

    123. Aubrey Tate says

      Well said Casey!!!

    124. Aubrey Tate says

      Like the other commenters here I couldn’t agree more. The sad thing is this is normal, as some have pointed out, however, it shouldn’t be acceptable. So I commend you for posting about it and making clear that it is unacceptable.

      Project Lovegood

    125. says


      Seriously, your blog is in my top 5 favs. Great post, I totally needed to read that. I hate being made to feel inadequate because I choose not to marry and have kids yet. Not to hate on marriage and children, but if this dude had done any research he may have found out that more and more women are choosing to put off marriage for a while and maybe even put off having children for good. So I proudly stand and say “Non-Moms have valid opinions too.”

      I must admit that a portion of my job did (for a while) require me to go out hunting for “mom blogs”…”mlogs”? I hated it. And you know what? We wound up discovering how much we were limiting our company by doing so.

      Rock on Peaches, rock on.

    126. says

      Mothers are women too… and your a cool ass woman, thats why as a mother I read and love your blog… keep on keepin on 🙂

    127. Ginger says

      I am a mom and I love to read Aunt Peaches!

    128. says

      Screw him! I have been in love with your blog, your writing style, your authenticity, your photos and general content since I discovered you almost 2 years ago. (You’re one of my favorite blogs that I follow!)
      I am a stay at home mom.

    129. Paige says

      Aunt Peaches,
      I am a Mom of 3 and I value your opinion, your wacky outlook on life, your amazing artistic talents, the serious love you have for your cat Lola and the general awesomeness you bring to the world. I would love to have you for a neighbor, friend or sister. Tyler McInerney should do as described above cause hell hath no fury like women who have been dissed by idiotic men. He was wrong. There is nothing else that can be said in defense of the situation.

      Keep bringing us your fabulous self and never doubt your value.


    130. Mrs.T says

      Non-Moms have valid opinions too! Boo to whoever the company that Tyler fuckface represents. I would love to know BTW beside I have shitloads of pictures of my adorable tyrant children to print and don’t want to give them the obscene amounts of money that I’m sure it will cost me. I am feeling mad for you so now I will eat some more kisses in your honour.

    131. PeachesFreund says


      Eat those kisses!!!

    132. Meg says

      I’m not a mom, but I still need/want/use online photo printing services. I’d like to know which one this was, so I make sure not to use them. Because apparently whether you’re a non-mom promoting them or a non-mom buying from them, they don’t think you matter. Go f yourself, indeed. Peaches, keep being awesome.

    133. Heather M. says

      I am a mother of grown kids. I don’t read many blogs that relate to
      ‘mommy’ stuff. I also take pictures. Apparently that company doesn’t
      want to sell to me.

    134. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks Tracy 🙂 I appreciate your kind words and I appreciate you raising your daughters to know that this kind of crap is not OK. Yay for moms!

    135. Heather M. says

      Right on, Tracy! I, too, do not glitter, but love Aunt Peaches for her wit. And I have already raised a daughter (and a son) who think before they buy.

    136. says

      That’s incredible. As a childless woman with all sorts of disposable income I would have absolutely looked at a company you recommended. Every year I take pictures of me and my dog and send out delightfully cheesy holiday cards. Apparently they don’t want my non-mommy money. That’s cool. I’ll give my business to a company with a heart.

    137. Ellequempelle says

      Whoa!!!!!!!!!!! NOT OKAY. I was looking for a printing place to get Christmas Cards made of my cats (who are my NON CHILDREN), and I would have loved if my trusty ole Aunt Peaches came up with something for me. I’m not even kidding either. Being a mother does not make you better than anyone else!!!!!!!! What was the name of this place? I don’t want to accidentally shop there….

    138. Jill Loy says

      I’m a mom and i love your blog more than a lot of mom blogs i read!!!

    139. PeachesFreund says

      Cat Christmas cards rule. Boom.

    140. kati says

      of course non-moms have valid opinions!! i am not a mom either but when i become one, i will still read your blog–duh! fuck that company–they’re morons. you rock!

    141. says

      people are stupid. they say stupid things. they don’t think. they are stupid.

    142. says

      crap… I may have posted twice…. you may delete the second one :;D, I was PISSED!!! it pretty much says the same thing,sorry for my impatience .

    143. erin says

      I love your blog! And I was a non-mom for decades before becoming a mom, I know they are educated and worthy people too. Keep up the good work with their sponsored post!

    144. says

      I am a mother of 2 and I value your opinion on lots more things than image processing. Sorry you got led along.

    145. says

      I’ve been reading (and giggling at/tearing up over) your blog for, like, MONTHS. I’m really sorry I’ve never commented before. I meant to, lots of times, but um, somehow it just never happened – till now. I’m peeved too! I’m a mom and I LOVE you! And I totally take your advice too, and I’ll say that to anyone you like. 🙂

    146. Melissa Schaffner says

      I’m a mom and I LOVE your blog. I am also a photographer and artist and love your ideas and the way you present them. Don’t let the snot-wads get you down. Keep rocking out with your bad self, cause Mom’s love you too 😉

    147. says

      I’m a mom, in the market for photo books of my kids for Christmas, and I read your blog religiously. I totally would have followed a link had you posted a sponsored blog.

    148. says

      You’re damn right! Non-Moms have valid opinions too! How ignorant and small minded can some people/companies be??? Seriously!

    149. Stephanie Smutler says

      I’ve got a little girl and we enjoy looking through your projects together. “Non-mommies” have some of the best ideas, ones that us mommies wouldn’t have been able to come up with due to lack of focus (child). So if they pulled out because they didn’t agree with your lack of children- screw them- at least you don’t have to share your Hershey kisses.
      <3 Stephanie

    150. melissa vessell says

      I am mom but it didn’t occur to me that I needed to be reading only mommy blogs, that I am not able to relate to non-moms. I missed that memo. The fact that this company feels that way makes me wish I knew who it was so that I could STOP using them, if I am using them.

    151. Sonya Lee says

      I wish you would say who the company is so I can be sure to never buy from them ever, ever, ever. I, too, am not a mom and never will be. I am outraged.

    152. says

      i love your blog, even though i am a mother. being a mother has nothing to do with whether or not i like something; i am a person outside of being a mother, with actual likes/dislikes, opinions, etc. sorry to wreck their preconceptions!

    153. says

      i have 3 kids. i dont think that gives me any more of a voice than you. Im new to your blog, and i love it! so screw them.

    154. says

      well the world is full of ignorance one way or another and the thing to do is sit back take a good look at the company and say well you know what a company that is as narrow minded in business as them do not deserve the business and thank them for enlightening you as to there old fashion veiws and you shall no doubt bare this in mind when recomending to other people in your blog companies to deal with hence they may be forced to take another look at their selfs …. the world has changed since victorian times and keep up the good work i love your site xx i am a mum to 4 children

    155. Brenda Morris says

      Non-mom have valid points. you just inspired a blog post 😀 for it irks me that they would waste your time and then pull out (no pun intended-or was there? lol) because they didn’t take the time to review your blog and determine if you kids if that was their “target audience”

    156. Laurie says

      As a mom of five, who just happens to be about 15 years older than you and live in a very rural place (which kinda means I don’t really have much in common with you), I do very much enjoy reading your blogs and have learned quite a bit from them.

      Which means, person whose name might rhyme with Smyler Smackinerni, Peaches does have stuff to say that others find interesting and valuable.

    157. says

      I am a Mom. I am old enough to be your Mom, in fact, I am a Grandmom AND I read every post on this blog and have read through most of the sections on this blog’s menu bar. I’ll admit, not an attractive target audience but a buying audience nonetheless.

    158. Roseanne Winn says

      You have a cat, that’s close enough. Sorry that some idiot ruined your day. And your recommendation definitely means a lot to me!

    159. says

      I’m a mom, and I for one would rather read a post on your blog about sponsored content than any other blog. For realz, the Neil Diamond custom cat portrait?? Award-winning sponsored content as far as I’m concerned.

      I get similar stuff when companies realize I’m a CRAFT blogger (I have seen them throw up a little in their mouths when I said the word “craft”), but I know it’s not the same. Basically, it’s a sign of an un-savvy marketing person when they rely on labels like “mom blog” to make decisions for them.

    160. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks, Heather. That is reassuring for me to hear. I’m sure a lot bloggers deal with this kind of crap in way or another at some point. I’m sure I miss a lot of opportunities that I never know about. And you know I’m okay with that until some putz has the balls to wave around parenthood status like it’s a license to do business. Not okay. That kind of thinking belittles the thankless work that Mothers do everyday, AND it writes off the rest of us. Not cool, yo. Not cool!

    161. a.c. sheridan says

      Why would your opinions be any less valid because you don’t have children? Hell, I only have one child, is my opinion less valid than someone with 3 kids? And what about someone with 5 kids? Or that reality show lady with 19 kids? Are her opinions gospel? I’d rather read the opinion of someone clever and insightful, regardless of whether or not she has experienced the special magic watching “Toy Story” 5 times in a row just to have a little peace.

    162. says

      “Non-Moms have valid opinions too.” Sorry this happened to you…

    163. Casey Williams says

      Don’t they realize that Non-Moms probably have more disposable income to spend on things like photo prints, especially if they have adorable pets? Sincerely, a Non-Mom-To-Humans

    164. Alyson says

      I am a mother and I appreciate all perspectives – from mothers and non-mothers alike. Sorry you were treated poorly.

    165. Liz says

      If it makes you feel any better, I love your blog more because you don’t have kids.

    166. PeachesFreund says

      Thanks Julie. You were the first to respond when I was afraid nobody would. You made my day 🙂

    167. says

      I am a mom. I love your blog. It inspires me to do cool stuff. That company can go f. themselves. Seriously. I actually enjoy your blog, more, in some ways, because it’s not about kids or having kids or any of that. It’s just cool. 🙂 You’re not doing it to prove you are a super mommy, you just do it from the sheer love of creativity, and that’s what inspires me.

    168. says

      I’m a mother. NON MOMS HAVE VALID OPINIONS! And kickass blogs.=) You have my support.

    169. says

      “Non-Moms have valid opinions too.” Being a single mother of two, I approve this message.

    170. Brenda Asam says

      Non-Moms have valid opinions too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    171. J Engelland says

      I’m a stay at home mother of three and I adore your blog (and your FB posts). I’m fairly sure that I would adore and read your blog had I not had any children at all. Everyone has valid opinions. This mother’s opinion is that this photo company and Tyler McInerney should fuck off.

    172. says

      what a load of scheiße. know what i hate? companies thinking they can trick me into buying their crap by pandering me. solidarity, man. <3 you AP.

    173. says

      Non-Moms have valid opinions too

      I avoid “Mommy Blogs” because their nonsense and drama over the competition of who’s a better Mother just makes me so disappointed in women.

      I much prefer blogs like yours where many topics are covered, not just Mom stuff. Pretty soon my last child will be an adult and leaving and my lifestyle is going to be open to changes and adding new activities and adventures.

      Of course I’m reading blogs like yours and NOT Mommy blogs.

      That company is clueless.

    174. Shani says

      Hey there! Long time reader, first-time poster…So sorry you had a bad experience, I hope it doesn’t deter you from continuing with one hell of an awesome blog!! 🙂

    175. nutbirds says

      Why would someone want to segment a market to the part that has the least amount of disposable income? You should write to the company, and tell them about the shifty PR person. I am really sick of mommy posts, especially from homeschoolers, who say they are Christian and “daughters of the the Risen King.” Also, those who get dressed and then post a picture, so the rest of us can be jealous of their fashion savvy. They have too much free time. I feel like a person that no one wants. I am the wrong size and wrong demographic. Most stores in my town don’t even stock my size. The J. Crew doesn’t stock any men’s pants over size 34. They are special order. What’s the point of opening a store if you don’t cater to 85% of the home owners? Crazy.

    176. Tory says

      But you ARE a mommy! What would Lola do without you? (Besides fend perfectly well on her own. Sometimes being a cat mommy is a very pointless/thankless job.)

    177. PeachesFreund says

      Same here Elisabeth, same here.

    178. michelle l says

      Oh no they di-in’t. I’m so happy you posted this! The awesomeness that is your blog can only benefit from such a stupid mistake, because people are gonna flock to your defense. Good for you, spotlighting something asinine for the world to jeer. I admit to feeling the teeniest bit sorry for Tyler, poor clueless sap, for having unwittingly unleashed to fury of a million or so raging Aunt Peaches readers. And I am lamenting the loss of your post, which I’m certain was something cool.

      Note to sponsors: if you want cookie cutter content that panders to any common denominator, look elsewhere, suckas. If you want creative, unique and quirky brilliance, Aunt Peaches is your woman.

    179. Miranda Hahs says

      I am a mom. I read your blog every day. I care what you have to say. And frankly, I think you are a breath of fresh air. Mommy blogs all about being a great mom….well they kinda scare the crap out of me. You, you make me smile, and feel a little less wierd.

    180. says

      🙁 I always thought you were cooler because you weren’t married and a mom.

    181. Melissa P says

      I am a 40 year old married woman who, due to medical reasons, am childless. I also take a boatload of photos of landscapes, birds, my dog etc. I have nothing against “mommy bloggers” but I don’t have much in common with them. It’s kind of like pouring salt in a wound to read about the mommies who are living the life that I never will. But I still take and print photos! So, yeah, your blog is one of the ones I enjoy the most. And I never comment because I don’t talk a lot in ‘real life’ so I don’t comment just to see my words, if that makes sense. Having said that, I’m behind you 100%! Solidarity Sistah! 🙂

    182. Tanya Cunningham says

      Peaches: I am a mom and have been avidly following your blog for over 2 years! I have you on my reader and catch new posts the day they come out. LOVE!! your blog and have tried many crafts and products you’ve featured. So there!

    183. PeachesFreund says

      Meg, I’m trying to avoid telling anyone the name of the service because it wasn’t their employee who pulled this crap on me. I’m thinking about writing a post about my current favorite photo service to date — not sponsored or anything. Stay tuned.

    184. disqus_EKjOMr4myr says

      I am a stay-at-home mom and, believe it or not, like to isten to opinion of more than just other mothers. This is my favorite blog and I value not only your craft savvy and sense of humor but also the products and services that you endorse. Thank you for your posts and laughs!

    185. brittany @ theplaidowl says

      I’m not a mom. I read blogs by moms and non-moms (noms?) alike. If you’re creative and full of good ideas (like you are!), I value your opinion. And I print pictures and send holiday cards. So Eff, this dude. I just hope you didn’t do too much work before he cancelled, because then you should be compensated, whether he uses the posts or not. Because that is just some shady business.

      By the way, aren’t people without kids supposed to have MORE disposable income to spend on things? Seems to me like he is ignoring a pretty sweet market…

    186. says

      As a 34 year old woman with no kids (an no intention of having such), I feel your pain in this department. I cannot count the number of times people have hurt my feelings with insensive comments along these lines. I love your blog, don’t ever change!

    187. Gigi says

      Hi Tyler. Kind of embarrassing now, isn’t it? Maybe expand your horizons, or at least your preconceived ideas, just a bit. All sorts of people read all sorts of blogs. Go for content buddy, go for quality, hell, even just hit count. Just get rid of the narrow labels.

      As for you Peaches, let’s shelve that spinster label until you are about 80 or so. I still don’t think it would fit you then, unless you put a sassy in front of it. Aunt Peaches, The Sassy Spinster. That might work. We can work on that later. For now, let’s not worry about the nouns like mommy or spinster. Let’s look at some adjectives: independent, creative, witty, talented, loving, and so many more. Let’s concentrate on adjectives, not nouns.

    188. Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage says

      Criminy. I DO happen to have kids but the fact that a blogger doesn’t has absolutely ZERO bearing on my opinion of them! For crying out loud, the fact that I follow a blog (in my Google Reader, so I don’t miss any posts) should be evidence enough that I am interested in what that blogger has to say–no matter what their family situation is.

    189. says

      Oh brother. I am a mom and feel insulted that someone thinks I only read mom blogs. Ack. I only read creative funny awesome blogs. Which is why I am here.

    190. Deborah K says

      new reader, married 28 years w 2 boys, 2 grandkids, & 5 cats. LOVE YOU!!!!

      O HAI TYLER!!!
      ditch the mom pants. they make you look like a jerk *:)

    191. Amy Castillo says

      “Non-Moms have valid opinions too.” Indeed! I don’t just follow mommy blogs because I’m also woman and a person and a thinker and a reader. And they don’t all revolve around dealing with teenage mood swings or the best cloth diaper option. Keep up all you do and share. I love it! Especially when you drop the F bomb. 🙂

    192. Amy Groovy says

      What a stupid thing for a company to do. As a mother I read all kinds of blogs not just other mom blogs. Love your blog, don’t change a thing.

    193. Marilize says

      I am reading your blog pre kids and will def do it post kids. Them little minions won’t change my sense of humour or appreciation. Good for you to write this – hope it goes viral.

    194. says

      I’d call that a big FAIL on the company’s part. Non-moms are vital resources for moms too! Shockingly enough, my once occupied uterus does not determine what blogs I read nor the advice I take from them.
      Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s awesome and valuable.
      (I want to know the name of this company so I can refuse to support this kind of silliness, but I understand why you won’t name them.)

    195. Colleen says

      I’m a mom..and…God…I get so tired of hearing other moms babble on..I like coming to your nice…normal…crafty…grown-up…blog and NOT feeling like I’m a crappy ass mom cuz I’m not SUPER WOMAN…and your cat is pretty!!!! Geez…

    196. Tracy Griffith says

      ugh. can we please get over this mother/non-mother divide? whether someone has reproduced or not has no bearing on the validity of their opinions or if their projects are more or less worthwhile. fer cryin’ out loud!

    197. Ellequempelle says

      Samesies, but with my cats, not my dog, as I don’t have a dog. I agree though… I don’t want to shop at this company if this is how they feel about women without children. Am I less valuable as a customer since I don’t have kids? Am I less valuable as a woman??? I just don’t get the company’s message here at all!

    198. Hunter says

      Well said Elisabeth. I completely agree with your statements. I am not one to ever comment on blogs, but this made me so angry that I had to say something! I’m sorry that this PR Firm said/did this to you. They obviously have shit for brains!

    199. SuzyMcQ says

      Okay, AP, I’m getting on this bandwagon a few hours late, but my opinions are just as strong. I’m a mom, but I was never one of those moms. I had a life. Love my kids, they are great, well-adjusted, etc. and I think they are the individuals they have become for one reason only: Because I was never one of those moms. I worked part-time, I had hobbies, married and single, with kids and without kids friends. I kept it real before doing it was fashionable.

      The recent election tried to put us all in a box. It didn’t work, never does. Until advertisers understand that and understand the loyalty that all women, not just married ones, have to each other, they can continue to waste client’s dollars and lose an important demographic.

    200. says

      As a woman, I would like to think that I am more than the fact that someone has sprung from my uterus (in fact, three someones sprang from mine). What a bunch of knuckleheads if they don’t realize that just because you don’t have a child of your own doesn’t mean that you don’t have parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cats, dogs or anyone else you might want pictures of. I hope you gets lots of interest from that company’s competition.

    201. says

      I’m a 24-year-old non-married, childless woman and I love your blog. While I do make note of fun things to make for “the kiddies” one day, that’s not today. And today, I need posts about how to make this old wooden locker thing from a spa into cute storage for all my crafting and sewing stuff – not how to pose my child for a photoshoot. Keep up the good work, and sic your cat on the haters.

    202. Jen says

      I’m a mom and I love your blog! And recommendations! You have a cat, so I like you more.

    203. Christy Gilbert says

      I am a 35-year-old non-mom, for a variety of reasons, and while I understand that most women our age are mothers, it does not mean that our opinions are worth any less. (In fact, savvy PR execs should realize the potential in the extra disposable income of childless adults!) Don’t let some emotionally handicapped asshole control the way you feel about yourself! He’s a heartless, thoughtless, soulless slave to statistics who takes his job WAY too seriously. He seems to have scraped the last of his humanity off on the backs of those he trampled in his haste to scurry up the corporate ladder. Honestly, we should feel sorry for HIM, not you! What you share with your loyal followers shows that you lead a rich, creative, and interesting life filled with joy, wisdom, and fun. We should all be so lucky.

    204. Sheena says

      Non-Moms have valid opinions too. Tyler McInerney screwed up.

    205. Kimberley says

      I love your blog, you have a great sense of humour and whimsy and who cares if you have kids or not? I am a mum and I would be a very bored lady if I only read blogs by mothers. Actually none of the blogs I read are actually about motherhood, I prefer to escape and read about craft, dressmaking, interior design, food, fashion, hair and beauty…… anything to take me away from my reality as a work-from-home-mum for 10 minutes or so! The world would be a very dull place if we were all the same. x

    206. says

      I’m a mom and
      a)I prefer your blog to those of the “hyper perfect moms of doom” who have ruined blogs for me
      b)am quite sure you are way more intelligent than I am, since you’ve chosen to not be tortured by a teenager who once worshiped at my… I mean your feet
      c)think you have the best taste in blogland
      d)will beat up the bad people if you give the word

    207. Pam says

      I am a mommy to be. My opinions three months ago are as important as future thoughts.

      Aunt Peaches rocks. I hold nothing against her due to her current lack of offspring.
      I was her a few years ago minus the awesome website!

    208. Wandalee says

      This may be a zombie post by now, but I still love that said fuck on your blog. I love when someone keeps it real. I use printing services and while I am a mom of two young women, no grand children. I often have printing needs.

    209. Marie-Ange says

      Good morning,
      A bit late, as I discovered your blog only a few weeks ago, but I’m already addicted. I’m a mum, and the fact that a blogger is or is not a parent has no impact on how much I can trust this person. Some people can have a lot of children, and never be a good parent. Some people can be without child, and be wonderful with children.
      Hugs from Belgium 🙂

    210. leisa says

      You are a women of dignity and value, and your value is constant and high. Having biological children doesn’t raise or lower your value one bit.

    211. Alf Traveler says

      Sorry this is late. I read your blog, if sporadically, before I was a mom, and just rediscovered it now (as a mom, unexpectedly). It’s as awesome now as it was then. I just emailed a friend (who, whaddya know, is also a mom!) some ideas from your site for her wedding. Sorry about the dunderhead sponsors!! Much love and thanks.

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