And You Thought Your Family Was Weird

One of my holiday goals this year was to integrate some new traditions from other cultures. 
Poland – pajaki….check.
Lithuania – himmeli…check
Spain – pooping log ….what the?
A Whole Lotta Poopin Going On. Link
So I should back up. 

Over a year ago I wrote a post about a golden pooping gnome. There was also a golden mooning gnome with his butt in the air, but we are just talking about the pooping one for right now. 

Shortly after that post a lovely reader by the name of Sylvia sent me an email informing me that the aforementioned gnome was actually a Christmas decoration. Because, apparently, pooping things are a Christmas tradition in parts of Spain, Catalonia in particular. “You can buy small statues of little boys and girls squatting and letting out presents. On Christmas eve little children hit the logs with faces until they poop the presents. It is a great tradition!

Tio, is that you? Link
Tradition! Tradition. TRADDDDDITION! (I realize you can’t hear me right now, but I’m singing along to that song from Fiddler on the Roof. You know the one). 

So, for a second there, I just assumed Sylvia was probably nuts. Turns out she is not. Sylvia was speaking the truth. There is indeed a Catalonian Christmas log and it poops presents. Actually, children beat it and sing meany-pants taunting songs, and then it poops presents. His name is Tio de Nadal.

Oh man, and you thought your family was weird.


  1. says

    Thank you for this informative, yet entertaining bit of information. Next year I intend on incorporating this into our family traditions. The family that shits together, sticks together. 🙂

  2. says

    I thought “Festivas” was a little on the quirky side, but this has got to be the greatest celebration since white bread!!! I’m really doing this next Christmas!!!

  3. Tracy Griffith says

    should consider putting a cagoner in a nativity scene 🙂 that’ll really throw ’em off

  4. lucasuk82 says

    Peaches, thank you so much for this laugh and all the others through the year. Merry Christmas! (and a belated Happy Hanukkah)

  5. Brandi Bohay says

    My rabbits leave me lots of gifts every day. I am thrilled with each one.

  6. Jennifer says

    oh my god. i want one so bad.

  7. nutbirds says

    Whaaat? How did I get to be such an advanced age and not know about this? I don’t think I’ll be adopting this tradition.

  8. WendyR says

    lol I am so celebrating this next year!

  9. Ginger Bellerud-Corthell says

    Oh wow, I needed a good laugh like that today. The song about Tio de Nadal that’s posted on Wikipedia is the best. I read the old gnome post, too, and aside from really wanting to be exactly like your old neighbors, I wondered if you’d ever found a vomiting gnome. A quick image search brought up this guy, but alas, no statues you can gold leaf.

  10. WendyR says

    How fun! My boyfriend’s son created the show this rainbow vomiting gnome is on! (Gravity Falls) lol. It is indeed a small world. 🙂

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