Christmas Just Got Fonty

I decided to make some of my own wrapping paper this year. Now, normally I’m all for paint and glue and glitter, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it clean. Not that I’m not giving up my sparkle tooth anytime soon,  folks. But when it’s the first week of December and I’m knee deep in glitter, sometimes a palate cleanser is required. Typography is a great place to start. By mixing the words from A Visit From Saint Nicholas (aka ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas) with Century Gothic, I got an interesting texture that was fun for all sorts of holiday niftyness.


Just for fun, I did another version with lyrics of old English Christmas Carols done up in a fancy pants old English font.

I made a PDF for both that you are welcome to use at home using any letter sized piece of paper you can fit in your printer. Click here to view the PDF.

I am weird about tape. I dislike the transparent stuff. For wrapping presents, I like to use double-stick to seal from the inside (hems folded, obv), or I like brightly colored tape to accent the presentation, or, I’ll use labels. Address labels are dirt cheap and work great for this purpose. Labels these days are great for so much more than envelopes!

So, I gave you are starting point but that’s no reason why you can’t make your own. If you can work a Word doc you can make these any which way you like. Have fun!


  1. Gol de Glo says


    1) A straw mattress.
    2) A portable platform on which goods can be moved, stacked, and stored, esp. with the aid of a forklift.
    3) The diminutive of the pale, a narrow vertical strip, usually borne in groups of two or three.

  2. miznelliebellie says

    Love the idea of using address labels…especially printed! Brilliant! I keep covering my clear tape with washi tape. Cute labels would be so much more efficient! As usual…you rock!

  3. says

    So simple and so pretty; thank you for the pdf! I confess, I once bought a book of Christmas carol sheet music from a charity shop and photocopied the bejesus out of it to use as gift-wrapping, paper ribbons and handmade Christmas cards. Have I been able to locate it this year? As my Nan used to say: “have I ‘eck as like.”

  4. nutbirds says

    Years ago, JCrew made some cream colored pj bottoms printed in red with The Night Before Christmas. I still have them. Later they made the same thing with New Year’s Resolutions. Still have those. This post is very good looking, Peach.

  5. Kara DeCarlo says

    Nice! I particularly like the stars and text and polka dot ribbon. But I have a thing for stars and polka dots.

  6. nutbirds says

    Nice,…but I can’t work a Word Doc. I’ll get some help. I don’t really understand fonts. I think my favorite is similar to the NYTimes.

  7. michelle l says

    What beautiful examples of the giftwrappy arts! I love that it’s a palate cleanser – love it mixed with other wraps. Lovely post full of great ideas, Peaches!

  8. says

    Hello. I just found your website. Thank you for sharing so much. I too prefer to use double-sided tape for gift wrapping. I love your idea of Christmas just got fonty. As mentioned by above comment from Anonymous, the link to the pdf file is no longer available. Is it possible to get the pdf file emailed to me? Thank you.


  1. […] Aunt Peaches printed Christmas carols and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas onto vellum paper and added a fun typographic element to her gift wrapping. Design Mom provides a full tutorial on how to make these adorable tiny house gift boxes (seriously! handmade!). The now-defunct Aprons and Camera Straps showed us this lovely white-stamped Kraft paper with white string and white berries, a perfect matching of monotone colours! […]

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