Photography Tips: Christmas LIghts

Last year, I shared my Candy Land themed Christmas lights. This year they are back up again and looking great. However, as I was taking photos, it occurred to me that it took more effort to take the pictures than it was to make the lights in the first place. Woe unto thee, O Craft Blogger!

So, with that in mind, this year I thought it would be fun to share a roundup of my favorite tips on how to photograph Christmas lights. I’ll admit I am no expert, but I am getting better and learning more each year. Come join in the fun!

Taking warm and ambient photos of Christmas lights is a tricky skill that even hardcore professional photographers can find challenging. Years ago, no matter the skill level, it was just about impossible to take a decent photo featuring a person and a glowing Christmas tree. Lucky for us, lenses have come a long way in recent years and even those with non-DSL cameras can take some great shots. The camera on my IPhone is better quality than the fanciest point-and-shoot digital camera on the market just five years ago. With that said, whatever your comfort level, you have no excuse to not get out there and take some holiday shots. Get going!

 If you have any tips, feel to chime in the comments!



  1. Abee says

    Great, thank you!

    May I add, lights are such good motifs to play with. Blurring, smearing, rotating, fun.

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