Reindeer Games

Everyone thinks they have a great sense of humor. Just like everyone thinks they have great taste. Just like everyone thinks they are a great driver. Sadly, the fact is that few of us have good taste or make for good drivers, and very, very few people are funny. John Hartzell is one of them. He is funny. He is also my friend and in this case, collaborator.

John is the Author of Middle Age Riot, a running series of comical illustrations. I’m tempted to call it a  comic strip, but that doesn’t really cover it. A comic strip is about laughing at the characters in the comic; Middle Age Riot is more about laughing at yourself. (And your neighbors, your weird relatives, and everyone in between).  If you are not easily offended, I would encourage you to follow him on Facebook, or if you are not on Facebook, check out his blog.
This week John is featuring some Christmas snippets we worked on together. He wrote the content, I matched them to some old fashioned illustrations. It’s like a Sarcastic Christmas mashup.  We hope you will enjoy! These are a few featured already this week, be sure to follow Middle Age Riot to see more between now and Christmas.

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