Kid Art: Elevated

This past Christmas, my 3-year-old niece Abigail gave me the gift of art.

And by gave, I mean I picked it out.

And by gift, I mean I took it from an empty wine box labeled ABBY ART when her mom wasn’t looking.


A couple years ago I wrote a post about the time when my uncle tricked me into thinking a gallery was interested in selling my oil painting. I was nine at the time. And although it was a rotten trick to play on a little kid, that event made a huge impact on how I perceived myself and my artistic abilities. I have taken kiddo art pretty seriously ever since. Lucky for me, ahem, my niece is exceptionally talented.

No, really. Don’t even think I’m saying because I am her aunt or something. She is THAT TALENTED.

That’s right: ALL CAPS TALENTED.


And yes, SHE IS THREE.


Obviously, paintings of this caliber need to be displayed in something special. So I grabbed a couple of white frames  and had some fun with the mats. Three words: gold Sharpie markers. Love them. 

Initially I was going for some irregular line formations, but I decided the abstract of the painting paired better with a grid. It’s an opposites thing.

I did this once before with my Matte Stephens portrait.

I also did this with a plain old black sharpie and a dingy white mat. One day I would like to get this piece in a real frame, but until that time, she looks pretty snazzy in this temporary on, no?

And while those other pieces might be the work of respected artists, it’s Abby’s art I want to look at the most.

Can you blame me?



  1. says

    Oh, so cute! I’ve been trying for ages to paint something abstract for my dining room, but nothing has worked out so far… Abby makes it look so effortless. I guess I need to find my inner child (and maybe get some finger paints). ;)

  2. PeachesFreund says

    I would normally agree, but considering photos of her are allllll over my house, I think we might keep that wall open ;)

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